Cady McClain Returns to AMC For Short Stint

All My Children continues its string of fan favorite returns. ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting that Cady McClain is returning to AMC. Brian Frons told In Depth  "We just made a deal for Cady to come back for a short run and do a story with Tad." This news comes just six days after word that Julia Barr is returning to Pine Valley for "A Great Story Arc."

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    What a coincidence. I’m WAY behind with ATWT. Trying to catch up so today I watched 5 episodes. The last one was Cady’s last day as Rosanna.

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    Seriously, I find on all the shows when they are bringing back a popular actor/actress to a shows canvas that it is a waste of  time.  If they think people are going to rejoin a soap to see this, they are wrong because if that is the only reason, then once said actor/actress is gone so is that viewer. 

    You also don’t want to invest too much either since you know it is short term.  What ever happened to the 3 year contract deal???

    How many times is Cady going to come back to AMC????

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    Nat Guy

    If she’s just coming back for 2 episodes as a ghost to help Tad move on with his life with Turbo Liza, what’s the point?  They’re just jerking around the fans….as usual.

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     I’ll watch it. I’m going to give it a chance. They put these vets on to see if viewers will follow. If the ratings go up, they’ll offer the vet a contract. So i’ll take the bait and watch AMC again. If it doesn’t pan out – no loss – at least i got to see Brooke and Dixie for 3 months. 

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    Carolyn Hinsey reported on her Facebook page the other day that David Canary would be departing AMC in March 2010. No reason was given. I suspect that maybe DC wants to retire, rest….I don’t see him wanting to move to LA, or live a bi-coastal life. It makes sense. Hinsey also said that the show won’t be killing him off….theres been no official word yet, so maybe it’s not true…but I’m beginning to think it is. Ah, who knows.

    As for Dixie coming back, whatever. A “short stint” screams ghost Dixie to me, and that’s just disappointing! If CM is coming back, just bring her back for good…I hate all of this short-term crap. But I’ll watch anyways, I’ll always love my AMC..and I think the show is getting better, and is working on a resurgence…

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    I am almost certain brooke is back to help Adam exit the canvas.  I would bet money.

    As for Tad and Turbo – I like them.  Sorry, but I do.  Tad and Dixie has been done to death.  If they bring her back, they should put her with someone altogether new.

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    I hate Dixie and don’t want her back in any way, shape or form! How many times does one come back from the dead…alive OR in ghost form? Tad doesn’t need any help moving on, so what’s the point of bringing her back? 

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    This is great news in that TPTB seem to care enough about the show to bring Dixie back. However, I wish it wasn’t a short stint because this probably means another ghost story. While I *loved* the first Ghost Dixie story, I really don’t see what they could do with another one? They need to bring Dixie back alive, I understand that maybe Cady doesn’t want to stay on the show long term with all that shw’s been doing but at least bring her back from the dead. Then ther is at least a posibilty of a return!
    Crustee, no way! Is David Canary really leaving?

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