Rebecca Budig & Bob Guiney Split

Rebecca Budig and former Bachelor star, Bob Guiney, have called it quits. According to People,

Lately it’s become clear that nothing is going to save this, a friend of Budig says. They’ve just grown apart and are no longer the people they were when they got married.

The couple met when Budig hosted a re-runs of The Bachelor on ABC Family. When spotted yesterday at the Television Critics Association event for All My Children in Pasadena without her wedding ring, Budig responded,
I was late and ran out the door and just forgot to put it on.


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  1. Profile photo of Christine_in_Wisconsin

    Bob must be a regular DC listener and just was getting too jealous of Luke’s affection for his wife.

    Hopefully this is all a silly rumor though – maybe they are trying to get a reality show like Juliana and Bill Rancic and this is just to drum up interest in them or something? Maybe the reporters got info on AMC storyline and got the notes mixed up?

    If it’s not on TMZ it’s not true.. and let’s see… Lohan, Tila Tequila, Conan, some burglar bunch chick (she has 2 headlines), another Coldplay lawsuit, Speidi.. yep nothing on Greenlee and Guiney.. so it can’t be true.

  2. Profile photo of Clarissa

    He’ll never find better than Rebecca, and yes he’s a tool.

    Rylee’s make up sex scenes are going to look like porn in 2010.

    Too bad Cameron is happily married, I would so ship Cameron/Rebecca. Keep your heads up Rebecca you can only upgrade after him.

  3. Profile photo of AWfanforever

    I’m actually shocked!  I’ve never watched the Bachelor just because I find it so ridiculous that a bunch of women would go on a reality show to find true love.  I remember watching The View one time and Bob was on and in the background Rebecca was watching him and it was obvious how much in love she was with him.  I’m sad for her because it’s obvious she tried to make this marriage work by giving up her job because they were based in LA. 

    I just hope she’ll be able to move on from this fairly easily and find someone who will be better to her.

  4. Profile photo of goyankees

    I echo Doodleynoodle’s sentiments exactly. I liked him on the Bachelor (Yes, sadly I admit I watch that) but I think he got so obnoxious in recent years. Taking tthose same hopped up "LOOK AT MEEEEEE!!" pills that CM must take……

    And I blame ABC and their ‘Real Greenpea" PR Disaster (and their crappy writing) for my Not So Warm and Fuzzy thoughts on RB…..

    That said, breakups SUCK. I’ve never been through a divorce, but a long term relationship of mine ended last summer and knocked me on my butt. I wish both of ‘em well moving forward….

  5. Profile photo of sallyv

    It’s always sad when a marriage ends, but I never could see what she saw in him. Thankfully there are no children involved. Good luck Rebecca…you’ll do better next time.

  6. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Now’s your chance, Luke!
    I’m not really surprised, Rebecca is such a wonderful and I never really thought they were a good match. I do hope, that marriage ends amicablly however.

  7. Profile photo of KayleeT

    I lost all respect for her when she came on and they got rid of Sabine…they should have created Sabine and Aidan on another soap…they were hot…watching Greenlee and Ryan is like watching leather on old chapped leather…it is just processed gross….they both rub the Mystic Tans all over the other one…and as far as the marriage…funny she joined quickly then gave it up…now joined and there are marriage chaos rumours…maybe he could not take being with an actress…who knows….worst storyline ever…

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