See Why I’m HOOKED on The Bannen Way!

From Crackle: 4: The Proposition

Okay, it is so not fair to compare The Bannen Way to any of the other web series we cover, considering the sleek, sexy serial got a $1 million investment from Sony, but a hella hot story doesn’t cost much, and The Bannen Way definitely has one! Series creators Jesse Warren and Mark Gantt (who also stars as Neal Bannen, the coolest thief since Danny Ocean) definitely have a winner on their hands with this soap for guys about a thief who finds himself between the Mob and a hard place. General Hospital sex bomb Vanessa Marcil as the cunning Madison, certainly doesn’t hurt the situation! Check out episodes 4-9 of The Bannen Way, then for more on the red hot series, visit my new favorite website for original, scripted content,!

From Crackle: 5: The Assassin Trio

From Crackle: 6: The Unpaid Debt

From Crackle: 7: The Prep Day

From Crackle: 8: The Sex Party

From Crackle: 9: The Bait

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  1. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Huge fan of webisodes they have replaced my ABC soaps
    Buppies, Wedlocked, Gotham, to name a few and

    I’m  really enjoying this one, I like the three installments takes the bite
    out of the shortness, great cast, excellent writing for a change
    Gantt is a great writer snappy witty dialog
    it makes all the difference…. interesting mob tale.

    Vanessa is marvelous, Mark Gantt is phenomenal. They have great chemistry/timing…

    Huge Robert Forester fan so I’m glad he’s in  it too…
    Many similarities with GH (including a character named Sonny) eg
    mob, computer geek, but so much better written…very realistic spin
    on the mob.

    Vote (really hard for me because I like so many)  for this webisode or/and your fav in the Streamy Awards as many times as you want until January 15, 2010:

    All you have to do is go to: and//or 

    "Submit People" here:

    Voting Info for Bannen’ Way 
    Go to drop down menu and select
    Title: The Bannen Way

    For all categories Title/URL the same:

    "Best Dramatic Series"
    "Best New Web Series"
    "Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series"
    Person: Jesse Warren

    "Best Directing for a Dramatic Series"
    Person: Jesse Warren
    "Best Writing for a Dramatic Series"
    Person: Jesse Warren & Mark Gantt
    "Best Male Actor for a Dramatic Series"
    Person: Mark Gantt 

    "Best Editing for a Web Series"
    Person: Zack Arnold
    "Best Cinematography for a Web Series"
    Person: Roger Chingirian
    "Best Art Direction for a Web Series"
    Person: George Beckett
     "Best Sound Design for a Web Series"
    Person: Samuel Aronson
    "Best Original Music for a Web Series"
    Person: Joseph Trapanese

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    I see this and I think of Brenda Barrett…her pink satin shirts, silver satin shirts…pink tulips…the breakdown…and all of her talks about how her sister called her "Tubby"…I miss Robin/Jason Sonny/Brenda….Ned/Lois…. :(

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