Are You In For B&B's Next Generation?

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There is more than one battle in the war being played out on The Bold and the Beautiful. The Forresters are downright desperate to regain control of their birthright from the evil clutches of Bill Spencer and the pesky Logan sisters. On a smaller scale however, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) declared herself her grandmother's granddaughter when she found out another Logan joined the fashion house hijinx. The aging of Brooke Logan's (Katherine Kelly Lang) daughter Hope (Kimberly Matula) brought her in the fold as a new intern. Steffy is having a hard time with Hope's presence and it's clear what is setting up. The torch is being passed down to the next generation. Stephanie (Susan Flannery) versus Brooke has a new twist. The question is,

Are you looking forward to the fights of the next generation of Forrester vs. Logan?