GH’s Rebecca Herbst Pregnant

ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting General Hospital star Rebecca Herbst and husband Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan) are adding another member to their family. The couple are expecting baby number three. No word on if  Herbst’s pregnancy will be written into the show.


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    Congratulations to Rebecca and Michael!

    I just hope GH is not going to look at this as an opportunity to give us another who’s the daddy storyline.  Liz has already been down that road with Lucky so hopefully they won’t repeat the same storyline all over again!

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    Congatulations and Mazel Tov to Rebecca and Michael!

    That being said, OMG, PLEASE don’t give us another Liz brat with another random baby daddy that Lucky will have to raise.  PLEASE.

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    Congrats to Becky & Michael!

    GH probably will do a WTD storyline and maybe we can get Helena involved in a "Sami Brady" test result switheroo, where she thinks Nik is the father but it’s really Lucky. 
    There is a JJ lovefest happening with TPTB so he can’t be as stupid as the other unLucky actors.

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     Congrats to Rebecca and Michael 
    This is happy news for both 

    TPTB Please Please Please don’t enter Becky’s joy to the show , we don’t need another WTD S/L even though I can’t imagine Lucky sleeping with her anytime soon LOL
    And I don’t want Nick to be a father again , after Spencer ..
    Just sent Liz to a clinic to cure her head ,, she needs it 

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    I have no problem with my beloved Liz having another kid. She works great with the two on the show. But, for the love of all that is holy, can she please have a kid with the whomever she’s married to? Or at least let Jason be the father so at least two of her kids can have the same parent? Preferably the latter. Actually, neither prospect souds all too appealing, so let’s just let this pregancy pass the screen by.

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    All of you who are begging TPTB to do one thing or another need to realize that while some of them do frequent this site, they have known about this for much longer than we have, and the decision has already been made about when and if it should be incorporate it into the show.   An educated guess would tell me we prob are headed toward a WTD storyline as it will further up the stakes in the upcoming Cassadine / Spencer War.  My bet is Lucky’s the father, but Helena Niklaus, & St. Valentine steal the baby to raise it a Cassadine, and Lucky and Luke fight to save their heir.  Again, completely an educated guess.  :)

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    Sounds like a plan to me.  There always has to be a baby in the middle of really sticky gut-hammering stories that GH does with such panache. 

    As a long time viewer, I really don’t want another who’s the daddy with yet another of Liz’s kids.  Enough already.  We did WTD with Psycho Claudia.  We have another paternity story about ready to end — hopefully — with Sonny and yet another son.  Surely one of the writers can come up with something more original.  I’d rather Rebecca’s pregnancy not even be written in to the show.  

    Congrats to Rebecca and Michael. 

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     Oh goodness.  I am happy for Rebecca Herbst but I am not happy for Elizabeth Webber.  I want to erase this Liz/Nik thing from my memory but I don’t see that happening anytime soon now.  If they are going to incorporate it, do it after the blowout of the affair and after they bring Liz and Lucky back together and as a symbol of their love etc…   One of her children needs to be born under happy circumstances.  If not, I only want to see close-ups and big purses in front of Elizabeth for the next 9 months.  

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    In my dreams Jake turns out to be Lucky’s and a new Nik baby comes along.  I could see the battles now – Nik doesnt want Lucky poisoning his son against him and Lucky doesnt want Nik poisoning his son against him.  HMMMMM

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    In my wildest dreams Rebecca’s belly and Liz’s story grow and grow and grow.

    I could care less if she has 100 children with 100 different fathers because that means someone still thinks she is worth a story.  I mean its not like anything on GH hasn’t be done repeatedly ad nauseum

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    Congrats to Rebecca Herbst and her husband, Michael! That’s wonderful news!

    But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t force another Who’s the Daddy storyline onto Liz and certainly not Lucky! (Right now I couldn’t care less how anything affects Nik…) I mean we saw how Lucky reacted this week to Jason about being lied to about Jake’s paternity (I’m still not 100% concinved that Jason is his dad, but I digress…) because he’s so angry about Nik’s feelings for Liz (and the situation with Lulu, but mostly Nik and Liz…) And he doesn’t even know yet that his finacee returns those feelings for his brother… The poor guy deserves better. And we’ve been down this road with Liz before… Please GH, you’ve already rinsed…DON’T REPEAT!

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    congrats becky & michael!

    my 2nd thought after congrats is damn the dark prince is gonna have another baby since the show will never make Lucky a daddy. Oh I hope they don’t write this into the show. Nik already ignores one kid & Liz doesn’t need another kid w/ an absentee father.

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    Maxsmom she might not know that she is preggers….but then again its Lizard, after all this experience with pregnancies one would assume she would know two seconds after conception.

    Bring on the WTDB

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    NO WTD storylines.

    No pregnancy for Liz at all.  RH has been on the show when she was pregnant before.  So it can be done again.

    But GH HATES pregnant women. So I wonder what they will do when it’s time for her maternity leave.  I just hope they have Helena like kidnap her or something or Liz really breakdowns and she gets sent to a mental instituation, like TIIC did with SJB when she was pregnant.

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    Congrats!!!  BH and her husband are both really beautiful.  Their kids must look like models!

    With regard to the lying liar who lies, (thanks to whoever dropped that one, cuz I’ve been using it ever since) let’s just hope she’s not pregnant on the show, cuz if she is, I would NEVER believe it’s Lucky’s!  They had sex once months ago, meanwhile, she’s been row, row, rowing her boat across the harbor every chance she gets to be with Nik.  But, if she has Nik’s baby, they would have to make Jake Lucky’s son, cuz they probably wouldn’t give Liz 4 kids with 4 different fathers, and you KNOW they gotta have an LL2 baby at some point.  Then again, if any woman on this show is the type to have 4 kids with 4 different dads, it’s definitely Liz.  Basically, anything that would make Jake Lucky’s kid would be fine with me!!

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    congrats to becky and michael.  hope they make lucky the father.  this guy really needs his own kid and a spencer grandchild.  remember when liz slept w/ lucky, well maybe nows the chance that lucky can actually be a father biologically.

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    Congrats Becky and Micheal!

    Why do ppl keep ragging on Liz for having 2 kids with 2 different fathers?  Alexis does too.  Carly has 3 kids with 3 different fathers.  It’s not like Liz got wasted, went into a bar, hooked up with a stranger, got pregnant, and then did it again with another stranger.  Yah they were both "accidents" but she had feelings for both men.  They knew eachother well and were friends.  It’s a soap.  Sonny has 4 different children with 4 different women, one he doesn’t even know about, and would have had 5 if Claudia didn’t lose the baby.  Now THAT is messed up.

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    PurpleRocks – It’s not about the fact that she has 2 kids by 2 different fathers.  I would never judge anyone for that.  It’s about the fact that neither of those men were the ones she was actually married to at the time.  And, no, she didn’t get wasted and hook up with strangers, she just sought out 2 mobsters who were wasted and had sex with them even though she knew they both wished she was someone else.  Plus, she lied about the paternity of BOTH kids because she was too much of a selfish coward to tell the truth.

    UGHHHH!!!  Let me stop.  I was actually starting to stomach Liz for a while due to my everlasting, yet futile, LL2 love, but this slutty, trampy Liz that has been all over our TVs for months now is the same Liz who broke up my supercouple.  And she’s following the same pattern yet again… not caring how many people she hurts, just as long as everyone around her feels as worthless as she does.

    Anyone think her husband will come back to GH?  With Brenda maybe coming back, I think it would be a good opportunity to bring back Lily’s son.  Then maybe he can seek revenge or something.  I wasn’t really watching too much at the time, but didn’t he blame Sonny for Lily’s death because he couldn’t stay away from Brenda?

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    Congrats Becky and Michael!

    It takes two to Tango, which means Liz didn’t get pregnant on her own….Zander and Jason are big boys and could have said no to the sex…besides, Jason is the one that grabbed Liz!   Jason has been wanting to tap that *ss since 1999!

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    liason4real… He grabbed her because he was drunk and devastated and she was there.  He probably would have had sex with Robin if she was there instead of Liz, but then again, Robin wouldn’t climb 16 stories in the pitch dark to "talk".  Maybe Jason did want to "tap that" since 1999, but it must have been a let down for him, because they didn’t have sex again for a very long time after that.  And everytime they did, she had to either stalk, beg, or manipulate him into it.  I may be wrong, but didn’t they have sex only a handful of times the whole time they were "together"?  JaSam had more sex in Mexico than Liarson did the whole time they were seeing each other in secret.  Speaking of Mexico, that was ALLLL Jason.  I know Liasonites like to talk about how Jason initiated their ONS, but it wasn’t with even HALF the passion that he initiated things with Sam in Mexico.

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    See I don’t think it’s fair to use the number of times a couple has slept together to define how passionate they are.  It was circumstances that didn’t allow Liz and Jason to sleep together.  Every time it started to go down that road Jason got a phone call or Carly would barge in, and Liz told Jason to go.  Carly even apologized once.  Jason and Liz weren’t stranded together somewhere on the brink of death, waiting to be killed by a psychopath, with no one else to interrupt them.  Jason and Sam were always given heated moments and time together.  Liz and Jason never were.  Jason had to get a frickin safe house to be with Liz.  That’s just ridiculous.  Jason and Liz never really got to be a couple and enjoy life.  That’s all writing and has nothing to do with the characters.

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    Oh and just because Liz got pregnant and decided to keep the babies does not make her any worse than all the woman who have slept with just as many men or more, or had abortions.  Liz is not the leading lady of multiple partners.  The only thing that was wrong was her lying about the paternities, which other women have done as well.  Carly lied about Michael and was ready to lie about Josslyn but lucked out and didn’t have to lie since she turned out to be Jax’s.  Alexis lied about Kristina too.  And at least we know it was the faulty condom’s fault when Jake was conceived.  It’s not like she said, I"m going to get pregnant with Jason’s baby.  The Quartermaine’s should be to blame for Jake’s conception, it was their bad batch of condoms.  And Lulu (a victim of those same condoms) would have Dillon’s baby if she didn’t have an abortion.  A baby that would have come with her seducing Dillon and breaking up Georgie.  That’s worse than turning to a friend when you just found out your husband is sleeping with another woman in your bed.

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    Again, my beef with Liz has nothing to do with the fact that she kept her babies.  I could even forgive her for being such a liar when she found out the paternity, but the really disgusting thing is that she used that baby as leverage to get Jason from the moment she found out he was his.  Yes, I agree that part of the reason she said Jake was Lucky’s was because of the danger and her fear that Lucky would go back on drugs.  But most of it was the fact that Jason didn’t want to be with her and wanted to go back to Sam.  Liz wanted Jason to keep it a secret from Sam so that they would have this secret together and form a bond.  She insisted that Jason was too dangerous to be a father, yet he was the one she always went to with her problems, and she would always talk about the baby with him and send sonogram pictures to him even when he told her to stop.  She totally manipulated him from the beginning and used her kid to do it.  Then, after all the months of meeting in private, it became clear to her that Jason didn’t want to be with her if he couldn’t be with Jake, and suddenly she was fine with them living in his lifestyle and apartment.  Totally transparent.  With regard to the non-sexual relationship they had, my problem with her there is the fact that she once again always used Jake and Emily’s death as a way to get him into bed or lure him to hotel rooms under false pretenses.  And, yes, there is more to a good relationship than sex, but in my opinion it is important, and Liason never had that in any way, shape, or form.  And it wasn’t just the fact that they never had sex, but also that Jason never acted like he wanted to have sex with her.  But at least we both agree that Liason was never really a couple.  It’s hard to get Liz fans to admit to that.

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    I can understand why you would see it that way, but as a Liz fan, I perceive her and Jason’s actions completely differently.  I didn’t see her as manipulating Jason.  For example if she wanted Jason that badly and wanted to use Jake to get him, she wouldn’t have waited until she thought they were both going to die in that elevator to tell him Jake was his.  She would have told him the minute she found out the paternity results.  She would have said the hell with Sam and forced Jason to choose between Sam and Jake.  But she kept it to herself.  I think she genuinely likes Sam and the only time she started to hate her was after Sam put her kids in danger.  And even after that she forgave Sam b/c she knew Sam was important to Lucky.  Anyways, Jason was always lurking around Liz too.  I never saw it as one way love. He came to her house when she was in labor without Liz even needing to call him.  Liz and Jason were always there for eachother.  He proposed and told her he loved her, but then again, he told every woman he was with that.  Liz kept the paternity a secret to save a lot of ppl pain, Lucky, Sam, and Jason.  If Jason really wanted to tell Sam he would have even if Liz asked him not to, but he didn’t want to cause her pain b/c she lost a baby just like Liz didn’t want Lucky to go back to drugs.  The whole situation was messed up.  Especially when they kept having Liz and Jason change their minds over what was best for Jake.   I was a huge Liason fan til the writers made it a mess with all the back and forth, safety issues, other ppl involved, and angst.  I think something happened internally and the writers decided to scrap Liason.  So I dont’ count them as a couple b/c they never got a fair shot and never got to do couple things.  It was all false hope for us Liason fans.  And then when Jason decided not to leave the mob, I didn’t want Jake anywhere near him.  My dreams of Liz, Jason, and the boys being safe and happy with the Q’s is over.  I’m all for LL2 working out their major issues and being a happy family.  I really hope they give Lucky his own kid now with RH pregnant.  And I hope it’s a girl. 

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    Hey, I do not envy you Liason fans, that’s for sure.  I was so upset about the whole JaSam breakup and TPTB throwing Sam under the bus that I couldn’t even watch for a while.  Later on I had to catch up on youtube just to see how things evolved over the next couple of months.  I know that if I was watching the JaSam reunion right now and they kept going back and forth and yes and no only to end up scrapping them after months and months, I’d be totally irate and frustrated too.  Hopefully they will let Liason rest in peace so as not to mess with their fan base again.  Then we can all hold hands around the camp fire happy that JaSam and LL2 are back together and happy.  BTW… totally agree with you about how Liz hasn’t really had a good relationship since she was a kid with Lucky.  I actually think that’s pretty realistic, considering she was raped at such a young age.  Hopefully Liz will finally have a breakdown and get some mental help.  I never really thought she actually loved Jason.  I never thought she really KNEW him, which is why she could be so delusional about him in the first place.  I feel like she has this side of her that wants to be dangerous, but it’s not who she really is and she sabatoges her own life.  They could really do a lot with that and the effects of the rape if they write this properly.

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    Purple why even bother you know you just make yourself blue (or purple) in the face.

    I mean you know its just us Liz fans who don’t admit to things (insert massive sarcasm)

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    I honestly would love to see Rebecca see some Much needed TIME OFF.. take notes from AMC.. give the girl some PREGNANCY LEAVE… WITHOUT it being storyline dictated..

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    Lizard knew what she was getting with Rick. If she was so unhappy with him, maybe she should have given more consideration to the fact that Rick had led Carly to believe she had raped her (which LizzieBorden knew before she married him) and then he held Carly in the panic room (didnt she take him back AGAIN after that.)

    Ravennite, with all due respect what is it that you would like me to admit to about Sam.

    She slept with Ric after finding out that her mother blackmailed Jason into staying away from her.

    She didnt stop Maureen from kidnapping Jake – although to be fair, if Sam hadnt been there at all the kidnapping still would have happened because Lizard wasnt looking.

    She hired fake gunman to accost Lizard and the boys in the park in the hopes that seeing first hand what life could be like for her with Jason she would change her mind.

    She was a con artist for years growing up because her abusive parents used her in their cons.

    She was a con artist as a young woman 18-21 because she didnt know any other way to live after her abusive child, particularly since she had murder charges hanging over her head when she took the wrap for her disabled brother.

    She slept with Sonny and Jax on the same day because she still had feelings for Jax and he dumped her over some stupid superstitious cards because he believed that not having the cards killed his dad.

    What other bad thing is there??  She doesnt snark out every woman she meets.  She doesnt plot to break up happy couples.  She never used a lead pipe to club someone she was involved with just to get her way.  She never lied about the paternity of a child.  If you look at the list, most of her transgressions evolve from stupid decisions in the spur of the moment.  She doesnt lie for months on end to suit her own purposes.

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    No Sam only shot and killed her husband who was furious at her b/c he found out she was conning him out of his money just like she conned other men out of theirs.  Sam wasn’t trying to kill the guy and just like Liz wasn’t trying to kill Zander.  Both women were in the situations b/c they put themselves there.

    Sam slept with Sonny b/c she was distraught about Jax just like Liz slept with Zander b/c she was distraught.

    Liz didn’t get pregnant on purpose with Jason’s baby and when she did she wanted to keep Jake and Lucky safe which is why she lied.  She didn’t go up to Jason’s to have sex with him, she went up there b/c he was a friend and she felt everything in her life falling apart b/c she just found out her druggie husband was sleeping with skanky maxie for drugs in her own bed.  Jason scooped her right up and they had sex.  Liz and Jason were distraught just like Sam was when she slept with her mother’s husband.  Both Liz and Sam do stupid things when they are emotionally upset.

    Sleeping with Nikolas is completely out of character b/c she would never have an ongoing affair with Lucky’s bro, just like hurting children was out of character for Sam.

    I love how Sam’s con artist ways can be excused b/c she didn’t know better b/c that’s how she was raised by her parents.  But being neglected as a child by parents that were never there and always being second best to your older sibling and then going through a traumatized rape and not being able to be in a stable relationship with a decent man b/c you have emotional issues is not excusable.

    Everything Liz does is just as bad as what Sam does and vice versa.  Just like neither women set out to purposely hurt those they care about.  It just happens.  If one can be excused for their actions, so can the other.  The unexcusable actions (sleeping with Nik and hurting children) are completely out of character for both women.  But hey, it’s every fan’s perception as to why a character does what and how it’s worse than another character’s actions.

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    Oh boy…add a Cassadine to the Skittles pack….the sexy one, the killer and the snob…Thanksgiving should be fun when they are older…and they all can date Carly and Jax’s kid….

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    Bill Monroe vs. Zander.  Both women were doing wrong things when the confrontations occurred.  Sam was conning Bill and Skankasaurus Rex was trying to cut Zander out of their child’s life.  The difference is Bill was trying to kill Sam and she defended herself.  Zander was arguing back but he was not physically aggressive when she clocked him and then left him to burn. Defense of life is not murder – hitting someone with a pipe to get your way is attempted murder.

    Sam did not sleep with Jax because she was distraught.  Jax broke up with her and she was hurting over that when she started a casual relationship with Sonny.  Sonny had no claims on Sam when Sam and Jax got caught up in the fire.  She made love to Jax because she still had feelings for him and believed that the were going to die.  The difference is that while Sam didnt want Sonny to know, the reality was that she knew he would not be destroyed by her actions the way Lizard knows what she is doing to Lucky will hurt him.  Sam wasnt breaking promises, Lizard is.

    She also admited that she went up to the Penthouse the night of the black out to hook up.  And she went there with that intend BEFORE she found out about Sic.  She didnt care that Sam loved Jason and Jason loved Sam.  Plus, dont forget that for weeks she was stalking Jason, so much so that both Sam and Carly called her on it. 

    As for the backgrounds being an excuse, here is the difference….if Eliesalot was raped and started acting out that would be understandable because it just happened.  If she found out her attacker was getting released from prison and it brought it all up again, I would understand that.  Her parents not being around and her brutal rape are things that happened more than a decade ago and in between she had a stable and loving home enviroment with Steve and Audrey as well as the love of a good man (Lucky) and a great bff.  She hasnt mentioned sibling rivalry with Sarah since Sarah left town some 7-8 years ago and she certainly was never second with Steve, Audrey or SLW.  Its not emotional issues that keep Lizard from happiness, but rather her indecisiveness, cheating and lying.  And I wholeheartedly disagree with the purposeful issue…Sam didnt go to the park to watch Maureen steal Jake.  She didnt hurt Jason when she defended him at his murder trial.   Trampabeth knew what she was doing was hurtful when she launched herself out to Wyndemere and she knows every time she goes to see Nik that she is being hurtful to lucky.  She doesnt WANT to hurt him but certainly she knows she is.

    Sam being a con artist was directly a result of her parents abuse – abuse that led to Danny being imprisoned in the basement and then setting fire to the house.  If Sam does something terrible tomorrow – lets say she used her relationship with Jason to get close to Edward and steal ELQ for no reason – then no her PAST would not be an excuse, but saying that she WAS a con artist has to be taken into context of what was happening AT THE TIME OF THE TRANSGRESSION.

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    Thank you, EET!!  I agree with everything you said.  It looks like the Lizho will be getting hers in the near future.  FINALLY!!!!  I am so sick of watching that tramp skate by no matter what she does or who she hurts.  And, yes, she admitted to Nik that she went to Jason’s PH to have sex with him the night of the blackout.  She didn’t even mind that Jason was in love with Sam and that she was just being used for revenge against Sic.  Just like she admitted that she went to see Nik the night Lucky proposed just to have sex with him – while her child was in the hospital, by the way.  What a great mother, that Elizabeth.

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    Congrats on the pregnancy. Michael and Rebecca make beautiful kids. Her cast has such praise for Becky’s mothering skills and personality. My congrats to her growing family.

    As for the story..lets just .hope it goes in Liz’s favour –but we all know Guza writes womens’ maternity storylines dreadfully.

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    I understand your need to defend Liz. But she truly is indefensible. The difference, the most important difference between Liz and Sam and Liz and Carly and Liz and any other female character on GH that does stupid, slutty things is Liz paints herself as a SAINT. Its Saint Liz, right? She is so holier than thou and self righteous and judgmental. She proved that the other day by going postal on that poor woman in the hospital. You’re right, Liz is NO better than anyone else. But she surely is worse because she is a fakey fake skank who comes off like she is so much  better than anyone else when in all reality she can connive and manipulate and stir drama with the best of them, all while hiding behind a mask of superiority. The actress who plays her may be a nice person but I have NEVER liked this character. Congrats to the actress on the new addition to her family. But I am having a blast watching the character get raked over the coals and exposed for the phony little ho that she is!

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