B&B Flashback: Stephanie vs. Brooke

I was trolling YouTube to brush up on my Stephanie (Susan Flannery) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) battles from the The Bold and the Beautiful, but there are way too many classics to choose from. This all-too-short retrospective should whet your appetite for more!  What were your favorite Stephanie/Brooke moments? Catch the video after the jump.

That’s right ladies, show the new girls how it’s done!

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    Those two were the main reason B&B was so good for as long as it was. They’re absolutely the super couple of that show.  
    My favorite scene between them was in the hospital after Stephanie faked her heart-attack. Brooke was the only one who thought it was fake, and she went to drastic lengths to prove it……


    Now, that’s drama for you!  

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    Stephanie and Brooke are my all-time favorite soap rivals. Unlike other B&B staples like Brooke vs. Taylor or Bridge, which I can’t stand anymore, Brooke vs. Stephanie has never gotten old. SF and KKL are pure magic and B&B’s true supercouple. They are the backbone of B&B and the show is just lacking without their interaction. I  really miss their scenes together and wish they’d bring back this classic dynamic to drive the show.

    The ultimate Stephanie/Brooke moment would have to be that infamous scene at the Big Bear cabin when Steph confronted Brooke over her affair with Thorne. It was dramatic and campy at the same time. The most hilarious moment was when Steph punched Brooke right in the face and she fell over the couch to the floor.

    During that same time there was also a funny scene where Brooke arrived on Stephanie’s doorstep with a bouquet of flowers in hand to try to make amends with her and Steph (who was sitting in a wheelchair at the time) kicked the door with her leg and slammed it in her face, leaving the flowers between the door. But Brooke didn’t let that stop her. She opened the door, picked up the flowers and handed them to Stephanie. Then she gave her a pedicure.  

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    SF is so right that it’s been an injustice that Emmy hasn’t really recognized KKL’s efforts. I believe she called her something like her acting partner in crime. So many of SF’s great scene’s were a result of scene with KKL. Thanks for posting that link again.

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    Scott Novick

    And of course, in that mix of scenes is the rare Brooke slaps Stephanie scene (which came right after Brooke decided she gave the Forresters enough second chances to do right by her for BeLieF and went for the jugular by taking 51% of Forrester Creations). Since the norm for the show was for Stephanie to slap Brooke and not the other way around, KKL got a little too emotional when Brooke slapped Steph realllllllllllllllllllllllly hard. After that, Susan Flannery thought they should stick with Stephanie doing the slapping.

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    There are so many,  the telephone wire around her neck when Brooke wanted to turn Ridge over to the cops, then the shot-gun afterwards at big-bear… so many. I am a major Stephanie fan and have loved every single one-liner, every slap and slamming of Brooke and her trashy sister. They are really great together!

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