Two Sisters Come Face to Face on OLTL

The secret is out on One Life to Live and Starr (Kristen Alderson) and Danielle (Kelley Missal) come face to face. Watch the promo after the jump. 

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    This is the beat of the "Dani is Todd’s Daughter" story I’ve been waiting for; Starr’s reaction. She’s always been  "Oh Great One" to Todd, and Daddy’s Little Girl. She has brothers but they’re so much younger than she is (forgetting as OLTL wants me to that Jack should be older than Dani, since he was born before Todd and Tea were shipwrecked) that she’s never really had to share the spotlight before.  I’m hoping that they don’t hit it off at first; that there’s some animosity there. It will make for a much more interesting story than if everything is peachy-keen right away.

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    Todd looks bored even there.

    Danielle and Starr are also boring as hell.

    Remember when this family actually had some sort of personality? 

    I guess Tea’s endless shrieking sapped away their life force.

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     Wasnt there a rumor that Kristen Alderson might want to leave OLTL to go to school? Perhaps the introduction of Danielle is in preparation for that eventuality?
    At the very least, it puts Alderson in less of a position of strength at the negotiations table when the time comes.

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