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I’m still loving everything Lante. I loved that Lulu was so upset at Dante’s rejection yesterday that she was crying herself to sleep and that he overheard her telling Maxie and felt bad about it. I loved that he wanted to make her feel better by telling her those bad pick up lines. I loved that she confided in Maxie and he confided in Johnny how they really feel about each other. Now, here’s hoping the fallout from the Sonny stuff doesn’t ruin them before they get started. 


I hated that Spixie are back to the same old, same old about sleeping with a celebrity. I’m glad to see Diane shut that down for Spinelli.
I loved the Lulu/Carly scene. I found it odd that when Jax suggested Lucky, Carly was totally against it, as if Lucky is a stranger. Yet, she went out and asked his sister. It was a sweet scene though.
Someone should remind wardrobe that Port Charles is in upstate New York. It’s mid-January and Maxie shouldn’t be walking around in a spaghetti strap dress.
I loved Diane’s reaction to Jason’s new apartment. I was glad that Jason finally confided in Diane, although I felt it’s too little too late. I was surprised that Carly didn’t mention the apartment as well, when she first walked in.
I loved seeing Sam out of Jason’s apartment and interacting with her sister. I thought hair and makeup did a bang up job on Kristina because she looked radiant today.
I hated everything Patrick and Lisa and this competition they’re setting up between them.
I loved seeing the Q’s, complete with the bickering. I also like that new blood is coming to town. Question though, how old are the Ward girls supposed to be?

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    J Bernard Jones

    I have to say the competition aspect between Lisa & Patrick is welcome, as far as I am concerned. Even if it carries with it the whiff of being based on romantic rejection (I’d rather it been purely professional rivalry), competition between surgeons in a hospital environment is not the worst potential story line for a show called General Hospital.

    And it has the added bonus of setting up my theory that Lisa is a red herring in terms of coming between Robin & Patrick romantically (I like the idea that it would happen professionally), thus setting up the real potential threat/triangle of Patrick/Robin/Steven.

    Alan/Monica/Rick 2.0?

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    I loved Dante’s corny yet cute pick up lines.  Why is it that they’re cute when he says them but when I hear someone else say them they’re corny?  He’s the best.  And I liked Lulu’s reaction to them.

    I hated how Carly lost all good judgement and asked Jason to be Josslyn’s godfather.  I mean after everything that has happened with Franco, and Michael, and the mob world, she throws Josslyn into it before the baby can even speak.  Yah, publicly declaring Jason Josslyn’s godfather in front of all of Port Charles won’t catch Jason’s enemies’ attention at all.  Good job Carly.  I hoped that she would have put her new baby’s safety before her feelings for Jason.  It’s too late for Michael and Morgan but she could have at least tried to keep Jossyln out of the mob world.  Jason could still have been there for Josslyn without having to declare him her godfather publicly.  And what was up with Jax being OK with that?  Is it b/c he knows he’s going to be in deep doo doo when Carly finds out he helped frame Sonny in Claudia’s murder and that he knew about Dante? 

    Sam picked up on how something was off with Krissy and Keifer, but I hope she realizes how bad it really is before it’s too late.

    Morgan’s a smart kid.  I wonder if he’ll put two and two together when Sonny’s arrested.

    Loved seeing the Q’s.  But did they explain who’s kids the Ward sisters are? They’re Edwards great grandkids but who are their parents?  Justus was Edwards grandson right? Did he have kids?

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    Perkie…All these apparent wardrobe bloopers are SO lost on me, LOL.  I’m in SoCal, and we wear flip-flops 330 days out of the year, so spaghetti straps aren’t out of the ordinary for me.  GH is filmed here in LA, right?  Well, we already know the writers can’t be bothered to do even the most BASIC research…

    ETA: I feel foolish that a total of 5 minutes’ worth of Lante scenes makes my heart melt.  Always happy to see some Davis women interaction, so it was great to see them discussing real issues today.  Lisa & Patrick scenes: Well – I don’t actually know what happened because I used that time to count the tiles on my kitchen floor.  I thought it would be a better use of my time, LOL.

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    I totally agree with you PurpleRocks…..with all the drama that’s been going on with Michael and with Jason, Sonny, and Carly finally agreeing that they brought all this trouble on themselves, you’d think that Carly would know better that to add another child to the mix.  With Jax as the father, Joss is pretty well removed from the mob threats.  Also, why would Jason accept it? The writers should remember that Jason gave up his own kid (which I still think was a smart move).  And with the pity party that Jason has been heaping on himself lately, why would he subject another child to his life? I’m all for Carly’s loyalty to Jason which is steeped in history and makes sense, but making Joss involved is irresponsible at best.

    However, to be fair, I can’t blame the characters as the writers seem to be making it up as they go along.

    Oh, I didn’t mind Lulu’s shirt but I am completely in love with Liz’s cardigan from the last few days – even if I do wish Liz a horrible, painful, prolonged death :). That way Lucky can become a single-father, and all will be right with the world.

    I wonder if we should start preemptive campaign to Guza to not have a "Who’s the Daddy?" s/l.  I’d like to think that not even HE would be that stupid, but you never know.

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    I always love when Diane is on.  I wish she was on more.  I loved her interaction with Spinelli, and I also like when she has scenes with Jason because of how different they are.  I heard some chatter a while back about Diane maybe being Spinelli’s mother.  I’d like that a lot.

    Loved seeing my girl, Sam, with her sister.  Sam’s been in her share of really bad relationships, and if anyone knows a no-good man, it’s her.  Hopefully she’s reading between the lines.  I wish they would have shown a scene with Sam and Krissy back when Keifer busted her lip.  If Sam saw that, she’d have figured out the problem during today’s conversation.

    Love Dante and Lulu.  Depending on how this plays out, I may like them even more than Scrubs, and that’s saying a lot.  Right now Scrubs and Lante are neck and neck in the race to becoming my 2nd favorite GH couple.  :)  I usually like Lulu’s style a lot, but I gotta agree with PurpleRocks… hated the top.  Poofy sleves are usually a don’t, in my opinion.

    I just want Spixie to go back to normal.  I love Maxie, but I wish Spinelli would grow a pair and tell her to shut the eff up about cheating already.  I gotta say, it would probably make her ravage him right there on Kate’s desk.

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    I hate that the writers have Carly more loyal to Jason than her  or her children’s well being.  It’s absurbed that she would chose Jason to be her daughters godfather. He’s already Morgan’s.

    A godparent is suppose to be the one to take care of your kids if something happens to you, so why chose a mob enforcers who already had one crazy guy go after him.  This makes Carly look stupid.  At least she chose her little Mini-Me to be her daughter’s godmother although I’m pissed that Alexis wasn’t chosen.

    Today’s scenes really make me want Johnny and Olivia to break up. Johnny and Dante would be awesome as best friends.  I can see Johnny/Dante/Lucky all kicking it drinking  and just shooting the breeze.  Johnny needs to get rid of Olivia.

    Like that Lulu told Maxie how she feels.  It’s moments like these that I wish Lulu would just stay in one storyline. In the Lante storyline, she easy, breezy and likable. But I know she will start yelling and carrying on once she knows about Niz. She has the right to but she’s annoying when she’s yelling.

    Sick of Jason.  Just plain sick of him. Good to see Jason let Sam out of the house.

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    Hey Purple Rocks, they never mentioned whose kid Maya Ward is, but it must be Justus since Maya and Zoe share a mom not a dad. And Zoe can’t be related to any Quartermaines so she can hook up with Michael.

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    It’s my understanding that Maya is Faith Ward’s kid and Zoe is her half-sister (so she’s not related to the Q’s). Edward said that Maya was in her last year of med school so that would place her age at 25-26, and Zoe’s in high school so she’s a teen.

    Since Zoe’s mother (Maya’s step-mom) died, Maya now has legal custody of her, and that’s why they’re a package deal. They didn’t mention anything about their dad, I guess we’ll have to wait for more detail in their backstory when they hit the canvas.

    I’m excited for their arrival…I hope casting does as well with these sisters as they have with the new teens.

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    The new Ward women are going to be Black, right?  Boy do I cringe at the mere *thought* of Guza attempting to write for people of color – although I am happy to know that I will get some characters I can identify with (at least in terms of appearance) without having to rely solely on OLTL (I don’t watch Y&R).

    I’m praying that Guza doesn’t screw it up, but I realize that’s as futile as praying he doesn’t make Sonny the hero and Dante the bad guy with respect to the paternity reveal…

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    I’m with you on the incoming Black people, I wasn’t watching GH during the 90s when there were a bunch on. I’m a little nervous that we’ve used up all our good casting mojo on the actors/actresses that play Michael, Morgan, Kristina, and Molly…but we’ll see. I happen to watch Y&R and trust me the storylines for the black people aren’t that great, at least it looks like they will be intergrating them in storylines better unlike Y&R’s black-only scenes….lol…ah well there’s always Buppies!!

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    Perkie, Edward mentioned that Maya wants to be a doctor and was looking for a place to do her internship.  He mentioned she’s in her last year of medical school so I’m guessing she’s in her mid 20’s.  He said Zoe is her younger half sister so I’m guessing she’s high school or college age.  If Maya is Edward’s great grand daughter she has to be related to Justus and since he’s dead and the mother is dead they have no parents now.  Edward said both girls shared the same mother so Zoe is no blood relation to any of the Q’s.  And he said Maya has custody of Zoe so it’a a package deal.  I hope GH does as good a job picking these two girls as they did with Molly, Kristina, Morgan and Michael!

    Absolutely LOVING LANTE!  I hope GH does this right because they are one adorable couple with sizzling chemistry and major family ties.  I  loved Dante trying to make Lulu smile after he heard her telling Maxie that she cried all night and I loved that he told Johnny that he loves her and she told Maxie that she loves him.  I thought Lulu looked pretty today.  I didn’t mind the sleeves at all and I loved the color on her.  Are we knit picking when we talk about sleeves?  It has to mean that no one has anything bad to say about Lulu or Dante who I think are on their way to becoming a super couple!

    samrocks – "All these apparent wardrobe bloopers are SO lost on me, LOL.  I’m in SoCal, and we wear flip-flops 330 days out of the year, so spaghetti straps aren’t out of the ordinary for me.  GH is filmed here in LA, right?  Well, we already know the writers can’t be bothered to do even the most BASIC research…"

    – But don’t you notice the "snow" in every outdoor scene and that the other characters are wearing heavy coats and gloves?

    I do think that Maxie is nuts dressing that way in the middle of winter!  The GH wardrobe department seems to forget it’s winter in Port Charles and the outside sets have SNOW on them and that everyone else is wearing coats, scarves and gloves.  Who wears a little number like that in the middle of winter?  No office is ever that warm.  I guess Maxie would rather be cold then give up style even though designers do design for fall and winter as well.  I did like that Maxie surprised Lulu with opera tickets for her and Dante.  It showed that Maxie can be thoughtful and caring if she wants to be.  I loved her response to Spinelli when she asked if Jason liked her decorating.  But I am horrifed that she’s still harping on Spinelli to sleep with someone else to "fix her karma".  I’m so glad that Diane set Spinelli straight!

    I love Diane!  She brings it to every scene and she’s a hoot.  Wish we had her on a little more.  I loved how she handled Jason.  Too bad it’s too late for her great advice because I’m sure Sonny is going to be needing her services all too soon.

    I enjoyed the Carly/Lulu scene.  They have a very sisterly or mother/daughter relationship and it’s nice to see.  I still don’t understand asking Jason to be Joclynn’s godfather after every thing that’s gone down recently but it is Carly after all and I’m not sure what other man she would ask.  I definitely understand why she wouldn’t want Alexis as they don’t like each other and they don’t like each other’s parenting styles.  But Jason?

    I wonder how soon Morgan will figure out that Jax lied to him about the message he read on his cell phone?  He’s a smart boy!

    Patrick and Lisa….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    I loved that Kristina called Sam for dating advice.  I think she picked up on the seriousness of the Keifer problem.  That should be coming to a head soon enough.

    Thank goodness no Liz or Niz today!


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    Love, love, love Lante!   Now the big test for this couple will be how they hold together after the reveal.

    I also enjoyed the Carly/Lulu scene but the only thing I could think during it is that they probably won’t be talking much after this when it comes out Lulu knew Dante was a cop trying to take Sonny down.  I think a lot of people may turn on Lulu.  Nice to see Maxie actually being a friend to Lulu for once though and not make it about herself.

    Patrick and Lisa are boring.  Can Robin please come back now?

    As for Carly and Jason:  Carly Jason is a hitman, no matter how much I love him.  He is just as dangerous as Sonny.  Picking him as your daughter’s godfather is not a good choice.  One of his enemies just broke into your infant daughter’s room and spray painted her nursery.  I think your brains are mush.

    Nice Sam and Kristina scene.  I have a feeling Kristina is really going to need her big sis coming up.

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    [quote=rebecca]I hope Maxi sticks up for Lulu when this all comes out.

    I hope so too, but Spinelli is basically in the mob because of Jason so maybe she will turn on Lulu too.

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    I have to say the competition aspect between Lisa & Patrick is welcome, as far as I am concerned.

    My biggest problem with it is that they don’t seem to care about the patient, it’s all about which one of them is the better surgeon and that bothers me.  That, and the fact that I hate Lisa!!

    GH is filmed here in LA, right

    Yes, but it’s supposed to be upstate New York.  And as someone who’s in Toronto, not that far from NY, I can tell you, I’m not walking around my house half naked!!!  Even if it is a mild winter.

    I agree with everyone who says Carly shouldnt’ have picked Jason to be godfather because of the danger.  But who else could they have picked.  The writers have isolated Jax so he has no male friends (remember NEd?) and Carly’s only male friends are dangerous.  Although they could have just had Lulu by herself.  Or with Bobbie.

    Wasn’t Justus too young to have a daughter in med school?  Wouldn’t this Maya girl be his sister and not his daughter, which would make her Edward’s grand child, but the half sister wouldn’t be.

    Why do I feel like all this niceness that Carly and Maxie are bestowing on Lulu, will disapear the instant they find out the truth about Dante, and that all the niceness is foreshadowing to that.

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    Brian Frons should show some integrity and issue the true statement:
    ABC has decided to cancel all its daytime dramas effective immediately, rather than pursue the previous strategy of turning off all viewers of those show prior to cancellation.

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    kaharman, that’s true, why would Jason agree to be Joss’s godfather? Is he that much of a pansy when it comes to saying NO to Carly.  He blames himself for what is happening with Franco and Michael.  So can we look forward to him blaming himself when Joss get’s pulled into the mob world and gets kidnapped or something.  I’m sick of hearing "I should have protected her.  It’s my fault".  It’s all Carly’s fault for bringing those kids into the mob in the first place.  I’m starting to hate her again. And I really hope we don’t have a WTD storyline again.  How many times can they go that route.  I know you hate Liz, but I love her, and still want her to pay for what she’s doing to Lucky.  I just hope they can all live happily ever after with their new baby when it all blows over :).

    cookooclock, I was thinking they might be Justus’s kids too but I’m not sture. 

    chiknpotpie, I don’t remember who Faith Ward was.

    So if everyone (Sonny, Jason, Sam, Maxie, Carly, Spinelli, Michael, Morgan, etc)  turns on Lulu for keeping the Dante secret, and Lulu turns on Liz and Nik for their betrayal, then who’s left for Lulu, I guess just Lucky, Dante, Mac, Jax, and Ethan.  Still not a bad group to have in your corner.  Although Jax will have issues of his own at that point.

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    …I can tell you, I’m not walking around my house half naked!!!

    I suspect you Norttherners would be *shocked* to know what I wear around the house.  My standard uniform is running shorts and a tank top, but that’s because my apartment is 71 with the heater on and 68 with it off, LOL.  If anyone wants to come down here to get a break from winter dreariness, you’re welcome to bunk with me.  ;)

    I agree with everyone who says Carly shouldnt’ have picked Jason to be godfather because of the danger.  But who else could they have picked.

    Duh!  Jerry Jacks, of course.  To be fair, even though I *hate* Alexis, I think she should get to be Joss’ godmother because she IS Jax‘s dearest friend.  If that means she has two godmothers instead of one of each – who cares!?!?!  If (heaven forbid) something were to happen to Carly and Jax, I *know* that Alexis would step up.  Would I agree with the way Alexis would raise her?  No, but it’s more a matter of personal taste than fear that Alexis is wholly incompetent as a mother.

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    curacaoman, you are right, I am watching for an actor, JJ, rather than any characters or sls right now, and while OLTL is a bit better, Frons needs to go and take the EPs and HWs with him, let’s get some new blood with fresh outlooks and new energy and save our soaps

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    Thanks chiknpotpie!

    samrocks, I agree.  Alexis would have been a better choice than Jason.  But what about Bobbi.  I know she’s never on, but technically, she’s the safest choice having no mob ties and being a nurse.

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    I agree that Alexis should have been god mother.  She was maid of honor at their wedding and Carly is Kristina’s god mother. 

    Part of me thinks having Lulu makes some sense since she and Carly are close, but the other part of me thinks it’s just one more thing that will make Carly mad when she finds out the truth about Dante.

    Can someone tell me what exactly is the Ward family tree.  I missed some of the Ward storylines the first time around.  Now, correct me if I’m wrong…..

    Edward had an affair with Mary Mae Ward.  That got him a son right?  Who’s name was?  That son had Justus, which made him Edwar’ds grandson. .  Did that son also have any other children that would also be Edward’s grand kids.  Is this Maya the child of one of Justus’ siblings?

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    [quote=Perkie]Can someone tell me what exactly is the Ward family tree.  I missed some of the Ward storylines the first time around.  Now, correct me if I’m wrong…..
    Edward had an affair with Mary Mae Ward.  That got him a son right?  Who’s name was?  That son had Justus, which made him Edwar’ds grandson. .  Did that son also have any other children that would also be Edward’s grand kids.  Is this Maya the child of one of Justus’ siblings?[/quote]

    Edward and Mary Mae’s son was named Bradley. Bradley had two children. Justus and Faith. Although, on Wikipedia is reads that there is another sister who is unnamed. I don’t know how correct that is. So Maya could be Faith’s daughter. Which would mean that her last name shouldn’t be Ward unless Faith raised her as a single mother or married a man who’s last name is also Ward.

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    Ok Perkie I looked it up since I wasn’t watching back then. But, apparently the son that Edward had with Mary Mae Ward was named Bradley Ward. During his murder trial, it came out that Edward was his biological dad. Bradley had 2 kids( Faith and Justus) On a side note, Keisha Ward (Jason Q’s GF) was Justus’ cousin. Chiknpotpie says that Maya was Faith’s daughter so she and Zoe must share a dad.

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    cookooclock – If all that is true then Maya and Zoe are Edward’s great grand children via Faith, who was his grand daughter via Bradley his son.  If Faith is dead are the girls fathers both deceased too?  Is that why Maya has custody of Zoe?  The Q’s have quite the family tree!

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    So from what I gather, in order for it to work Zoe’s mom is not Faith Ward, they share a dad. It was Zoe’s mom that died and I guess their dad isn’t around. Yeah it’s confusing, but I don’t think Zoe is a Ward at all, just Maya

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    So I think this is the tree:

                                             Edward —- Mary Mae Ward
                                                                Bradley Ward
    Zoe’s Mom—-some Black Guy—Faith  and  Justus
                           |                           |           
                         Zoe                  Maya


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    Hmmm…that’s a good question sassysdreams, no one mentioned Faith Ward’s death. Maybe that’s how it works, since Faith Ward isn’t a blood relative of Zoe’s that’s why she was placed in Maya’s custody. Their father could just be a deadbeat dad who’s not in the picture

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    PLEASE someone explain the Edward/Mya/Zoe Relation!
    I have been watching FOREVER, but don’t remember the mention of Jutsis’ (Daughter’s, nieces?).

    EET- Can you help?  I’m completely BLANK! 

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    FaisonFan, as far as I remember those girls were never mentioned before until now. I haven’t been watching the show for the past few days so I don’t know how exactly Zoe and Maya are or are not related to the Q’s but unless Justus had an illegitimate kid the only way they could be related to the Q’s is through Faith. Also, could one of them be David’s daughter? He was Mary Mae’s other son.

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    I am a little lost too but I agree with Season, they werent part of a Justus storyline.  But what I wouldnt give for Justus to really be alive and off somewhere raising babies with an also still living Faith.

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    EET…I doubt it was faked since Faith had NO allies by the end.  I’m pretty sure Justus was the last to go.  At least Mitch Lawrence has followers, LOL.

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    Yeah, FaisonFan, I changed my avatar. I L-O-V-E Michael C. Hall. So happy he won the Golden Globe. Since, I don’t know who those babies belong to I’m just as confused as you are. lol. Also, I never put it together before. Justus dated a woman with the same name as his sister. 

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    Season…That would make sense to me if I had a brother with a very unique name (e.g., Season, Faison, or Alistair).  But if his name was John, Jason, Eric, etc., then I’m not willing to exclude approximately 20% (or whatever) of the population from the competition to be my future ex-husband, LOL.

    Of course, since my brother’s name is Bear (no joke), I guess I don’t really have anything to worry about.  :) 

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    Bear. I like it but it must have been hell growing up. I’m all for unique names but the Season jokes as a child got old real quick. I vowed to be careful what I named my children. The brother I’m closest to is named Ahmane so I think that leaves the field pretty wide open. lol.

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    He’s still a child, but as an 8-year-old that weighs 130lbs, I definitely fear for his middle school years.  (We’re 21 years apart – DON’T ask, LOL.)

    But kids are cruel REGARDLESS of what your name is.  Name, appearance, family income/socioeconomic status – it doesn’t matter, they will always find SOMETHING.  I’m happy that I grew up in the 80s since it seems kids really have it rough: girls ganging up on each other, teens setting each other ON FIRE, it’s reeediculous, IMO.

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