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I’m all caught up on GH and ready to dish! First, welcome back Jonathan Jackson! I know he’s been back for a bit now and I know most GH fans are happy the original recipe Lucky Spencer returned to his Port Chuck roots but for me, there has been something lacking. The topic was discussed on a recent ABC Podcast and I just have to say that the Lucky who is all cracked out after seeing Elizabeth and Nikolas together is the JJ I’ve been waiting for. My roomie and I were discussing this very topic last night and some of you may remember that she is a HUGE Greg Vaughan fan but even she admitted after those scenes, she would have liked to see Jackson take on Lucky’s addiction the first go around.

Look for Lucky to not hide his addiction this go around. He’s telling Lulu that he’s fallen off the wagon today. RUMORS have Lulu and Dominic trying to pick him up and dust him off. Can they? Nikolas and Elizabeth will get a piece of his mind but will it be a clear head or a cloudy drunken mess? Can Lucky continue to play Daddy in his current state? SPOILERS say Elizabeth is melting down at work but I’m not sure Liz fans should get their panties in a bunch just yet. The nurse MAY break but she shouldn’t be headed to Shadybrook.

Everyone’s a fan of Lante and I must admit whenever Lulu’s newly paired up, I’m usually on board. This time around though, I think they finally found something. It’s going to be push and pull for these two as we’ve already seen a little of this week. Lulu admitted she loves Dominic to Maxie will Dominic tell Lulu he loves her too? Dominic’s sitting on a HUGE secret and Lulu is right smack in the middle of it all not to mention her own family drama. Is there just too much going on for this new couple to pull through it all? Will tragedy pull them apart or bring them closer?

What tragedy? Michael knows Dominic is an undercover cop and with Sweeps upon us, Dominic’s true identity is set to be revealed. What better way to say “Sonny it’s a boy” then to have Sonny shoot his own flesh and blood. Does Sonny ever do his own dirty work? One RUMOR has Sonny putting a hit out on the undercover cop. At first Sonny doesn’t believe Michael, Dominic’s been a loyal soldier to the organization. Jason digs deep into Dominic’s background (Shouldn’t that have been done already? Is the amateur mob hour?) which leads to Sonny confronting Dominic. Twenty bucks says the word betrayal is in that script. I’ve got another twenty that Dante needs blood or something from a biological relative that reveals his true parentage. Too typical? How would you like to see it all unfold? Let’s think out of the soap box here people!

Does Carly tell Jason to go after Jake? Will Jason actually mention his son? RUMOR has it that Jason worries Jake will grow up to hate him one day. Uh, you did kind of abandon him. With Lucky not living up to his end of the deal, you know the part where he was supposed to stay clean, what is Jason supposed to do now? It looks like Jason still wants Lucky to raise Jake as his own. Will Lucky feel the same way?

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Another Kiefer abusive explosion? Robin and Steven are on Team Liz while Patrick and Lisa are not happy with the nurse. Just how far are they taking Elizabeth “over the edge?” Like I said, I wouldn’t plan any visits to Shadybrook but this COULD be a way to make LL2 work. Lucky MAY be the one holding her hand in the end. Let’s not forget about the Ward’s that were mentioned yesterday. One of the Ward girls MAY be tested with Lucky. One is RUMORED to be for Michael (obviously the one that isn’t related to him). What has Olivia done now? Does Agent Rayner have something to do with it? It has Johnny saying bye bye. Robin offers Nikolas some friendly advice, stay clear of Elizabeth. Nikolas wants to make things with Liz happen. Dr. Lisa performs surgery on Mike? Loan Sharks are tough dudes Mike Corbin. An arrest warrant for Sonny Corinthos is issued. Dominic is shot before it can be executed. It doesn’t take long before the pieces of the puzzle start to fit together. Will Olivia be ready for the fallout from her son and his father?

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    Elizabeth Webber / Lucky Spencer   I wish with all my Jonathan and Becky loving heart I could root for them but I abhor how Elizabeth is written with Lucky she becomes a vapid Stepford wife chanting his name in nearly every sentence of dialog…and with them writing "for" Jonathan I think again she will be watered down more (if this is even possible) to just a Lucky appendange as most women are on this show.  It breaks my soap heart how she’s written.  In the same storyline is bad enough but the "same way" is sheer laziness of the writers..gone is the strong resourceful Elizabeth Webber who can take care of herself now she is insecure, with low self-esteem.

    I like both characters (love me some JJ as I did GV) but Elizabeth and Lucky were done for me two weddings and a fire ago…after he banged her sister was it for me by the time he turned to pain meds and his verbal and slight physicial abuse then knocked boots with another woman in their marriage bed then his behavior when Jake was kidnapped having Lainey there to give her a checkup

    …now with them writing her to bang Nik..there will never be any bouncing back for me to root for these two which I think is exactly what the writers had in mind with this terribly executed storyline, not to be able to root for the super-couple of old…its sad

    Hoped for some happy for them with these actors before the cah-cah started…but I’ve no desire to see them ever reunite now after this story. Elizabeth will be written to grovel for years.

    I hope Guza has diminished Elizabeth enough for Jonathan’s Lucky  to get his emmy reel (for #4) and then he can move on.

    As for Jason and Jake I fear this is just more of the pimping of Jason and will not be a good story.  I already know that with Carly telling him to do something he should have done years ago.  Even Sam told him to have a relationship with Jake and he refused so now?  I want him to stay away its self-serving and I’m not interested because the writing will be slanted to favor Jason being a hero to save the day.

    Dominic and Lesley Lou

    Dante/Dominic I adore so I hope LewLew doesn’t screw him up for me as she’s done every character I’ve liked then she hooks up with them and something happens on the way to the forum  I haven’t been quite able to figure out what yet.  I really want to like her but I just never have when Laura came on it added another layer for me she wasn’t so smug and arrogant.

    I really don’t care about Lisa enough to care about her opinion so it will be probably of course be more destruction of Elizabeth Webber screwing up at the hospital so?

    Pour it on club me to death….I just hope she gets years of redemption via whitewashing but somehow I doubt it. Glad they at least write somebody to help her through this mess. I hope this will soon be over…I kind of can figure out what will happen with Sonny/Dominic/Michael situation.

    Olivia I just never cared much about.

     The Wards I really am surprised and wonder how long they will be written for I don’t have any hopes though Lainey, Toussaint, Kiko’s Stan all came to much fanfare then ~crickets. so they have a big habit of talking the talk but not walking the walk.  

    They won’t even write for Dr. Kelly Lee and she’s been on how long now?  Same with Dr. Matt Hunter.  I mean character after character marches in,  a revolving door but basically the same old story. 

    The Drakes  I don’t care as long as they are in story I’m good.  I think the writing is positively focused and committed to making them work so whatever…I can see Robin on the screen its cool..

    I guess I just wish they would write good story and not divert attention away from sloppy storytelling with more new characters.

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    Wow Cyberologist – I think you just summed up my feelings on pretty much everything. 

    I will add just one small thing in regards to the sides being drawn..So Patrick is going to be on Team Lucky, really!?!?!?  I mean was it Lucky or Liz who helped you out when you wife was putting a baby in a tree (I swear that never gets old )

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    Regan Cellura

    Excellent points… They are bringing in the Wards because they know the Q connection hooks in the fans. I say its good but I also say how about you just figure out a way to bring back some Quartermaines. OR you shouldn’t have gotten rid of the one’s you did. We’ll see how it all works out. IF they hook Zoe up with Michael, she SHOULD get a fair amount of screentime considering he’s on a decent amount.

    The Drakes… I am bored to tears with Dr. Lisa. Whatsherface was a much better thorn in Robin and Patrick’s relationship and I can’t even remember her name. The writers need to concentrate on developing good story that is driven by the hospital, not the characters that work there, but the actual hospital. And I’m not talking about toxic balls or monkey viruses (which in hindsight wasn’t all that bad) but an actual storyline that puts General Hospital front and center. Here’s one example: When Steven Lars came in as Chief of Staff, they should have had a battle for the position between him and Monica. The staff would have been forced to choose sides, Monica would have actually been on screen and maybe we would have gotten to see Edward yelling his way through GH just like the good old days. Would it have been a long drawn out storyline? No. But it sure would have been better than Steven walking up to the desk and saying ‘Hi, I’m the new Chief of Staff. Oh, and Monica is cool with it.’ As for the actual Drakes, Robin and Patrick need something, they are a strong pairing that shouldn’t be tested but they do need something. And for all that is holy, please use Jason Cook or cut the poor boy loose.

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    Regan Cellura

    I’m not refusing to give anything. There wasn’t anything out there from the last time I posted. The only thing I’ve seen about JaSam and Sweeps is that Sam ‘supports Jason when the Dante reveal comes out.’ If Guza gave some dish to a mag, I don’t get the mags so feel free to share.

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    There aren’t any Jasam spoilers, don’t blame Regan for that.

    Team Lisa and Patrick…at least when it comes to bad nurse Liz and her medical screw ups.

    Sonny is gonna feel real stupid when he finds out about Dante. 

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    The Drakes… I am bored to tears with Dr. Lisa. Whatsherface was a much better thorn in Robin and Patrick’s relationship and I can’t even remember her name.

    Wasn’t her name Layla?  She died during the "toxic balls" story, right?  Dr Lisa can go anytime….and yes, please use Jason Cook.  Matt has great potential-use him!  Instead of Ethan and Kristina flirting, how about the next time Keifer knocks "K" around, Dr Matt attends to her and figures out what is going on and makes it his mission to protect her?  Sorry Nathan Parsons, I would much rather see Jason Cook on my screen.

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    Reagn the Lisa  S/L is BORING …
    I wished they would have given Scrubs a story about mystery and Not ex girlfriend …

    About Jake I really think they should make the story right and that is to Have Jason have some connection  with Jake  the all story of him walking away was stupid ..
    the all town knows he is Jake’s father , only Franco didn’t and that  was stupid 

    I understand them wanting to have more Q but they  could do it by Jason , have Jason with them, have Edward with Monica spending time with Jake and than deal with Alan’s will …

     Don’t worry Regan I know that of there will be big news about JaSam story coming you will tell us 
    Welcome back 

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    Regan Cellura

    I love when the stars Tweet about who they worked with…

    teenystweeting (aka Kirsten Storms)

    @BrandonBarash Will do! Had fun working w/ you yesterday. I’m still diggin’ that pink tie :)

    I always like these two in scenes together! Scott Reeves tweeted that he was on his way to work in the rain.

    On GH tomorrow: Jason gets Maxie to lie to the PCPD by convincing her it’s whats best for Michael. Sonny’s not sure Maxie can pull off lying to dear old dad. Luke returns and Lucky apologizes! Say what? I think Lucky deserves the apology, at least Greg Vaughan does.

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    Regan Cellura

    @ Raven… not so much on Team Lucky just not really understanding of his friend Liz and her plight. If I remember correctly Patrick, Elizabeth was your go to babysitter when your wife had the baby blues. Can the writers be anymore obvious? Apparently Patrick siding with Lisa and Robin agreeing with Steven is supposed to be subtle.

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    I have seen some spoilers about Sam playing a big role in the Kristina storyline.  That K is going to blame Ethan for the abusive with Lisa’s encouragement.  That will pit Sonny/Alexis againsts Luke/Tracy for a bit (I am assuming that makes it less of an issue between Luke and Lulu when the Dante secret comes out)  As everyone takes sides and gets in on the Ethan is guilty/innocent drama, its Sam that reaches out to Kristina and finally gets her to admit Kiefer was the one who hurt her.  Jason will support Sam as she tried to help her sister and Kiefer will get increasingly obsessive even after a restraining order.

    Regan, is that story still a go?  Any changes or adds??

    And what are you hearing about the story for Sam regarding her father??  Will that play in to Valentin.

    When does Valentin first show up in PC.

    And is BB definately done??  Any hope for a reprieve??  I really love him.  I sort of see him like GV – he was great when he had story but he doesnt really get enough to stand out.

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    Welcome back Regan!  Thanks for the spoilers.

    Cyberologist – "gone is the strong resourceful Elizabeth Webber who can take care of herself now she is insecure, with low self-esteem."

    In what fantasy was Liz EVER  a strong, resourceful woman who wasn’t insecure with low self-esteem?

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    [quote=FaisonFanInTexas]GV is no JJ!

    I loved the Lucky/Lulu talk today and I am ever so happy that Luke’s back to help Lucky.  Those scenes were so riviting.[/quote]

    I totally agree!!!

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    I am actually not surprised about Patrick.  He takes his work very seriously and in spite of some trying times he never brought any of it in to the OR.  This wouldnt be her first mistake and I believe Steve said Patrick came to her defense the last time.   IMHO work is work, friendship is friendship.  You can love your FRIEND very much and be greatful for their past support, but still be upset that your COWORKER is messing up and endangering LIVES.    I could see where he might feel that she should be treated the way any other employee would be treated and not held in a special category .because she is the sister of the COS.  Remember he has never cut his bro or his dad slack in the work environment, so if he doesnt do that for his own family, he isnt going to do it for someone elses.

    Dont get me wrong – I still hate Lisa, just siding with Patrick.

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    EET: Are you talking about the line in Regan’s spoilers about Johnny saying "bye"? I think she meant in regards to Olivia as the mags have also spoiled that he walks out on her next week.

  15. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I hope thats it.  And I know BB tested with the older ward girl so maybe it will be Lucky/Ward/Johnny.  If the gal is a good actress that could work and would move Johnny away from mob life even further.  I do fear BB doesnt have long if Olivia and sonny become a couple.

    What about Olivia fainting?  Any truth to the rumors about a pregnanc??

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    Regan Cellura

    I haven’t seen anything like you described in regards to the Kristina / Kiefer story. From what I understand, Kiefer wasn’t suppose to stick around this long. They tested the waters with the abuse storyline and decided to give it the full push. Now you throw in Ethan who was sort of hanging in limbo since Geary was on vacay and they somehow clicked. I can’t stand Ethan and I can even admit there’s something there. Sort of reminds me of Lucky / Maxie pre – pills, affairs and fake pregnancies. When Robyn Richards played her and had the pre-teen crush on the guitar player.

    So here we are with Geary on his way back to town, Ethan on the edge of the Kristina and Kiefer’s story, Sam sliding in giving her sister advice and the cusp of a Cassadine story that SHOULD re-ignite the Spencer-Cassadine feud. I think there is plenty without throwing Lisa into the mix, I think the writers are still fine tuning where the abuse storyline is going, how to fit the Valentin story in without delaying it any longer than they already have and don’t forget that Helena checks back in as well. 

    Sam’s father has been talked about for years. There are always rumors that they are going to write it and I am sure the story has been tossed around quite a few writer’s meetings. So far it hasn’t happened. It’s starting to become one of those "I’m not going to hold my breath" things for me. I’d actually love to see this story, simply to see how in the hell they’d write it. Back to Kristina’s storyline, I would assume she will still play a role in it to some capacity. There was talk that Alexis would mistake Ethan for hurting Kristina or that Ethan would try to warn Alexis about Kiefer and Alexis will not believe him. 

    Back to Valentin… he was supposed to be here already, got delayed for Franco, RUMOR has it will see him by Spring-ish. Maybe sooner. Was that vague enough? LOL. I think they’re trying to fit it back in and Helena is coming back in February. 

    Brandon testing with the older Ward… I’m seeing the writing on the wall for JOlivia fans, at least the angst is being written. Is anyone a fan of Sonny and Olivia? They’re going to be spending a lot of time together. Remember, it’s a boy! I will say, I would not be against Johnny and Lucky being in a triangle together. 

    Olivia being knocked up…. There are some RUMORS that will ALWAYS float around at any given time. Someone is going to be fired, someone is returning and someone is pregnant. Would the timing be soapy? Yeah. Do I want her knocked up? No. Can I see a fainting spell be written in to toy with us? Absolutely! 

    Patrick… I get his perfect work attitude. I get that he rarely, if ever, cuts his own flesh and blood some slack BUT he went through a very rough time not too long ago. I would think he’d cut the friend who stuck by him and helped him out a little slack. Patrick, as a character, has developed beyond the ass he once was , at least I thought he did. 

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    Regan, the abuse storyline where Kristina blames Ethan, etc has been on several of the spoiler websites recently and was even mentioned in a national soap magazine so it seems like it might have legs.  It’s supposedly being written to start a feud between Sonny/Alexis and Luke/Tracy & Spencers.

    And Sam’s father storyline has also been mentioned on most of the spoilers sites and in several of the national soap magazines as well.  So hopefully we’ll get Sam in a major storyline soon!     

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    … not so much on Team Lucky just not really understanding of his friend Liz and her plight. If I remember correctly Patrick, Elizabeth was your go to babysitter when your wife had the baby blues.

    Regan…I think you may have been knocking the writers’ lack of creativity/subtlety  more than defending your girl here, but when I saw "Liz and her plight" I laughed so hard that my eyes started to water.  For example,  Loo is being stretched thin dealing with the stress of keeping Dom’s secret, and trying to be there for her two brothers that are just spiraling out of control, and I’m supposed to feel sympathy for Liz "I-can’t-function-unless-I’m-in-a-secret-relationship-so-that-I-can-meet-my-unplanned-pregnancy-quota-for-the-year" Webber!?! 

    That is as laughable as Britney "woe-is-me" Spears whining about how she can no longer do "ordinary things like go grocery shopping" because she’s too famous and the paparazzi constantly hounds her.  If Liz is the victim in this, then Nik should be too, LOL. 

    Stupid Lucky and his love and support – this is all his fault! 

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    I gotta take up for my man Patrick.  Lives are on the line.  He stood up for Lizard last time she made a mistake.  I dont think it makes him an ass if he takes the position that people who cant keep their personal lives from coming into conflict with patient care shouldnt be on duty.  All during Robin’s PPD storyline and all through Noah’s drinking Patrick continued to provide the best of care to his patients.  If I was hospitalized, I would much rather Patrick "the ass" be in charge of my care than the chick who hands out the wrong meds every time she thinks about her love life.  I also am annoyed by the idea that being a Q, a Hardy, a Webber or a Drake should get you a different set of standards than anyone else. If Patrick expected Steve to be HARDER on his sister than he would be on others, then he would be in the wrong, but expecting her to be treated the same way that Bobbie, Pif or Nadine would have been treated isnt unreasonable. 

    Lets put it this way, Maxie is speeding down the road doing 55 in a 15 mile per hour school zone and Lucky arrests her for restless driving..  Lucky’s partner says AWW Mac dont be hard on Maxie, she is your daughter and besides she was contemplating whether she should run off and boink Franco the serial killer again or whether she should stay with loving and loyal Spin.  Mac decides that he is going to let Maxie go with a warning, even though the rules are clear.  Lucky complains and says hey, I like Maxie, I consider her a friend, but she almost hit a little 8 year old girl in the crosswalk and she shouldnt be allowed to skate just because she is your daughter.  Would you call him an "ass" for taking that position.

    As for Sam I would also be holding my breath except that Alexis mentioned that she hates Sam’s dad and Sam meantioned her father.  I thought that was an indication that maybe we were finally getting the story

    I truly think that Ethan is going to get fingered.  As I understood it Lisa isnt a huge part of the story, she is just the doc on duty when K gets brought in to the hospital.  She says she has seen Ethan with Kristina and wants to know if he did this to her.  K feels pressed to give Lisa an answer and basically tells her what she wants to hear.  And it makes sense given how many times Lulu has now discussed how her dad will react to Dante taking Sonny down.  I thought it was interesting that they through Luke into the Johnny Limbo shootout storyline, having him being a buddy of Limbo and having a hand in setting up a meeting.  If Sonny thinks Ethan hurt Kristina and Lulu was in on trying to bring him down, he is going to have some serious issues with Luke and obviously if Sonny loses his cool and even remotely threatens Ethan and Lulu, Luke is going to have some serious issues with Sonny on top of already feeling betrayed by Limbo’s death.

  20. Profile photo of SoapiSofia

    Cyber–wow, well said,

    I had an aHA moment reading your words! Yes, part of me was done two weddings ago (but I had written it off as casting).  There is an argument that says Liz and Lucky are not good for each other, each have grown up and need to move on to be their best adult self with other people.  Under that philosophy, I would love for Nik and Liz to become my fairy tale.  I would love to live their fantasy story with Liz as my dream self.  They could travel and raise babies, lay on the beach in Greece and do humanitarian work in third world countries, in between psychotic family members and breakdowns during sweeps.

    They could be a real super couple. I would love for the actors to get some yummy story lines they could sink their teeth into.

    Thank you Cyber, you helped me get very clear on my point of view!

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    Regan Cellura

    Like I said, it’s not in what I’ve seen or heard. I don’t read the mags. I don’t go to every single spoiler site out on the internet. A lot of them are clouded with fanfic. A lot of them take a legit spoiler and stretch it or team it up with an old rumor or a spoiler that is attached to another character or storyline. Things change all the time. Stories are reworked all the time. Kiefer was not supposed to be here this long and I’m sorry from a fan’s perspective, I’d rather see a Cassadine – Spencer feud like we used to see in the past than Luke and Alexis being on the opposite sides of a he said – she said.

    Liz’s plight was probably not the best use of terminology. It was a long day for me. I was trying to address the question of Patrick being on Team Lucky. I’m not a fan of Liz’s current storyline despite being a fan of the character. Not even the return of Jonathan Jackson had been holding my interest. My point was that despite the work environment, Robin herself was coming into GH with a less then clear head during her PPD, Patrick was worried about her and if memory serves, Elizabeth was a shoulder for him to lean on in and out of the hospital walls. Did Patrick give her a pass once already? Yes. I seem to remember Elizabeth taking on a lot of Robin’s anger during that time all in the name of friendship for both Robin and Patrick. Considering that these writers rarely take the legitimacy of the hospital to heart on this show, I’m just giving the same pass in this instance.

    Do not get me wrong… I would love for Sam to get her Daddy storyline. It just has been rumored and teased too many times for me to hold my breath. Things get mentioned and dropped all the time. I may not be a JaSam fan and I may not be a huge Sam fan but I have always said she needs a storyline on her own, one that she drives and this would be the perfect fit.

    Fans like to see Sonny and Luke in scenes together. They have always liked that dynamic. TPTB know that. Working him into those Johnny Limbo scenes filled what I like to call the Sonny-Luke quota for 2009. Not saying the Kristina-Kiefer stuff isn’t happening, just it’s not what I have seen.

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    Regan: I think it’s Joey Limbo, not Johnny Limbo.

    Word from ABC SID’s Twitter is that we might get news about Maya & Zoe’s casting next week…crossing fingers that they’re good ones.

  23. Profile photo of samrocks

    Regan…I thought part of the reason there was so much Liz in the PPD storyline was partly because they were chem-testing Liz and Patrick in the event that KMc left to pursue her dream of directing.

    In any event, I don’t care HOW supportive one of our friends was during our crisis, I fully expect my husband to be more sympathetic to MY plight than to hers.  I’m not saying he NEEDS to judge her at all, but if ANYBODY is getting any "passes" it had better be me, LOL.  But I guess if the choice isn’t "judge v. don’t judge" but only "team faithful (Lucky) v. team unfaithful (Niz)" then I’d be more than a little skeeved out if my husband was on "team unfaithful," LOL.

    I’ll wait to see how it plays out and hope that it makes more sense, but if it does turn out to just be a contrived plot point to line up the potential new couples then it will be the first time in a LONG time that I’ll be wearing out my FF button over Scrubs scenes.      Hell, I stuck it out during the "Emma in a tree" days, but even THIS fan has her limits.

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