Oprah to Sit Down With Jay Leno for One-on-One

Ready for the low down on the late night battle between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien? The Mighty O is headed for L.A. to interview Leno and let him tell his side of the story. According to the Huffington Post the interview will air on Thursday. Leno returns to his late-night throne on March 1.

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    TV Gord

    It was nice of you to credit the Huffington Post, but it’s unnecessary.  The Leno appearance was promoted on today’s Oprah show.

    Joan76, if you "really" didn’t want to bring the Jay/Conan crap over here, you’ve failed miserably. 

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    I really don’t give a shit about the Jay/Conan crap. They have been really vile on other sites. DC has stayed away from this bullshit. One thing I will say is Letterman has been one major douche bag; this is like a car wreck once this is over there ratings will go back down; Jay just couldn’t take it anymore he had to fight back. My only wish is now Jay beat the shit out of him in the ratings again. Jay is friends with Oprah hates Letterman, she went on his show just to shut the MF up.

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    I agree with Joan, they are all bunch of high school bullies pissing on each other, I haven’t watch talks shows since Johnny, I have HBO, Skinamax and Showtime, I got those when Johnny left. They are all pathetic.

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    TEAM CONAN! Conan has every right to bash NBC. The network is being run incompetently and Dave knows more about what Jay will do to get what he wants more than anybody.

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