Sonny Shoots His Son on GH

Sonny (Maurice Benard) has shot a wife, so it isn’t surprising that he’d end up shooting a son at some point. Watch the General Hospital promo after the jump.

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    Awesome promo!  Two amazing actors head to head!

    And as a Sonny fan I call shennigans.  He shot Carly accidentally.  He truly believed Lorenzo the Stalker was hurting her.  He would never intentionally hurt his soul mate.  CarSon FF.

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    J Bernard Jones

    I’m quite impressed with the tag line "Daytime Emmy Winner Maurice Benard and newcomer Dominic Zamprogna…"

    That’s the real take-away in this promo: ABC Daytime promoting its STARS. When was that last time that happened?

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    [quote=GossipGirl]Yay! Dominic got a haircut![/quote]
    I think that was an old clip.

    I got chills watching that promo especially Dante telling Sonny cooly if he wants to add cop killer to his list.  GO DANTE!!!!

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    From everything I’ve seen and read I think it’s true.  WOW is my first reaction to this promo!  I had to watch it more than once!

    Did you catch the look on Lulu’s face? 

    I really do think in the months ahead will be seeing some riveting scenes on GH!!! 

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    I really like how they are promoting MB  and DZ.  I really do hope Sonny shoots him and it’s not someone else (not that I want someone shot – LOL).  It makes the most sense with Soony finding out Dominic is a cop.  I hope they do this right!!!

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    Luke Kerr

    What I can’t wait to see is Michael’s reaction when he learns that he is no longer the older brother and that his birthright (as he was talking about today) isn’t really his birthright.  Michael hating his older "brother" could be a really good s/l, especially since Morgan likes Dante/Dominic so much.

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    AHHHHHH!!!  I can’t wait!!  Did you see how haggard Sonny looked when he walked into Dante’s hospital room?  Oh, I’m soooo looking forward to some inner Sonny turmoil!!

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    Two questions:

    1) In Dante’s eyes, hasn’t Sonny already added "cop killer" to the list with his childhood mentor?

    2) Simonstuart…how is this a wash, rinse, repeat?  Did he already shoot one of his other children?

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    This promo makes me incredibly excited to watch next week.  If only to find out how Sonny is not in freaking prison and is able to visit Dante in the hospital after seemingly shooting him point blank.  I hate that GH has become the Sonny hour, but this story has a great deal of potential, and has created probably my favorite couple on daytime presently in Lante.

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    Samrocks, if Sonny shoots Dante, Sonny already shoot Carly when pregnant trying to shoot Alazacar and Dante will not put Sonny in jail where he belongs, LOL.  I just feel that Guza needs new ideas or Frons needs a new headwriter for GH.

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    Aaahhh, I get it.  I was afraid that I had missed something because, to be honest, I’m really surprised Sonny has only shot ONE loved one by accident.  Seriously.

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    I saw this as the tagline of my ABC Hotsheet email and I thought "it was bound to happen".  He shot his wife, so he may as well shoot a kid, too.  Although frankly, I’m surprised he didn’t have Jason do it for him. He has Jason do all his other dirty work.

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    [quote=season1217][quote=Jamey Giddens]AJ was a pathetic weakling. I would have put him on that meat hook too![/quote]

    And Brenda is the most overrated character in soap history!


    AJ was destroyed on the altar of the mob=SaSon. 

    And Brenda was so great that GH has tried and failed miserably to replace her since she left.

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    They have to try and replace Brenda because Sam and Carly cant carry the show alone and none of the other females in that age range are interesting.  Boobzilla and the Stairmaster arent fit to lick the bottom of Brenda’s shoes.

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    Speaking of getting excited for no good reason, I caution everyone about getting their hopes up based on a promo department.  By now we should know that the talent/creativity in the promo department far exceeds that of the writing team.

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    I can’t front. Brenda was my girl back in the day. I just couldn’t let Jamey talk about AJ that way. Interestingly, I only started to take an interest in AJ long after he died.

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    Wow, good promo.

    I just gotta say that Sonny sucks… I hate that the fact that Dominante took a car to the kidneys for his son Morgan just doesn’t mean that much to him.  Plus he saved Sonny’s life as well.  Sonny should give him the chance to run… but then that would require Sonny being a decent human being & that ain’t happened since 1996.

    And if Olivia still goes around looking all doe-eyed & wanting to screw Sonny after he JUST BLASTED HER SON (I am assuming that is what occurs), I will, well, I will hate her more than I already do!

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    [quote=GH LOVER] This Promo looks So Good …
    GH is becoming to be my greek tragedy show ….
    the Mob is the Greek tragedy in GH [/quote]

    I wonder if the GH writer’s room contains a collection of greek tragedies.  Love it or hate it, this is the type of material that allows Maurice Bernard to shine. 
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    Come on, Miry… What mob boss would let an undercover cop who penetrated his organization have a chance to run away?  Especially when he already has enough evidence that could send him to prison?  That would be totally unbelievable.

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    [quote=mayjadjor]Come on, Miry… What mob boss would let an undercover cop who penetrated his organization have a chance to run away?  Especially when he already has enough evidence that could send him to prison?  That would be totally unbelievable.[/quote]

    He never shot Hannah. And what IDIOT shoots a cop in his own home?! Anybody and everybody knows you shoot a cop and that’s your ASS!

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    [quote=siomonstuart2003]First, Carly and Dante, who will be it next, Jason?
    [/quote] Jason

    Jason is the  one character that i would  pay money to see Sonny shoot! I HATE HIM!!!!!
    I wish they would kill Jason off the show for good because ,really, there is NO NEED for him anymore!!!!!

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    Liz predates Brenda, so she wouldn’t be an attempt to replace her but who did follow and get paired with both of Brenda’s lovers? but didn’t work with either

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    Liz predates Brenda, so she wouldn’t be an attempt to replace her but who did follow and get paired with both of Brenda’s lovers? but didn’t work with either

    Maxsmom…(Cute new pic, by the way).  This Brenda-bot crap pisses me off EVERY time.  Umm…that would be Sam, Carly, AND Kate.  But since Sam is the only BRUNETTE of the bunch, then it must ONLY be her that’s the recast attempt, right?  And wait, Brenda was torn between two totally different men, so anyone ELSE who was torn between two totally different too must ALSO be a Brenda-bot.  Sorry nuEmily (NL), Rebecca, nuLoo (JMB), nuMaxie (KS), nuKrissy (LA), Olivia, and Claudia – you’re all Brenda-bots, too.  Good grief!  It would appear that only DIANE is safe from this claim.

    Sorry, but Sonny and Jax are two STARS of the show, which is why they get first dibs at any new character.  Jason is, too, but TPTB would NEVER pit the two against each other for the same woman, which is why they’ve fought primarily over each other’s SIBLINGS.  (Oh wait, since Sam went from Sonny to Jason, and Carly went from Jason to Sonny, is Sam a Brenda-bot or a CARLY-bot?)  It’s the same with Carly and Loo for the new male characters.

    I think one of the main reasons that VM has been able to remain so esteemed in Brenda fans’ minds is BECAUSE she left, but RiH and SJB have shown us just how LOW Guza can take a potentially awesome character (and great actor) when he chooses. 

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    Because Disco, Brenda is a convenient way to bash Sam.  Brenda was a great character, so is Sam, and they only similiarities are the hair color and the love interest.  Sonny and jax are two of the leads.  You bring in a top caliber actress you want to put them with leads.  The had Alexis faux married to Jax and she had a child with Sonny.  Carly has been with both men.  Kate was with both men.  They toyed with the idea of Skye and Sonny, but apparently the actors dont like each other in real life. Even Olivia has been tied in to both men.  Its a silly comparison.

    My point is that the show needs another shake it up character.  Brenda stirs things up when she is around and PC could use that because many hate the waffle queens boobzilla and Lizard "aw shucks I didnt mean to boink your brother" Webber.

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    The thing that has always bugged me about this entire SL is that the clues that Sonny and Dante are father and Son have been dropped in the lap of both of these two and they have yet to even question the possibility. neither one of these two are stupid and yet when hint after hint after hint is placed in front of the characters,neither one has even looked at what is right in front of them. Dante appears to be very sharp and intuitive,why would he not wonder after seeing Sonny and Olivia together,especially after the Christmas Dinner and hearing the stories about their past,that maybe Sonny is his father? Even Johnny,after finding out about Dante being a cop and being Olivia’s Son,should have connected the dots. It really makes the characters look really stupid that NO ONE has made the connection. Upon hearing the news that Sonny is his dad,i GUARANTEE you’ll her the line “Why didn’t i see it,it was so obvious” standard cliche writing 101

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    mayjadjor:  As opposed to all the SUPER believable stuff that already does on on this soap?  I am just saying that Dominante has done a lot for Sonny, cop or not, & that should have earned him something… but then again we know all the sacrifice that Jason has made for Sonny & he still gets treated like dirt esp. when he doesn’t agree with Sonny.  Plus, I am sure that Sonny knows that Dominante isn’t working on his own, & so he has probably given that evidence to others… so Sonny shooting him in his living room just makes him even MORE guilty.

    season:  Exactly.  And wasn’t Reese FBI?, but he knew that about her so I guess it was okay. 
    All I know is that if I was Dominante I would NOT CARE if Sonny was my father, if he was not actually responsible for my father-figure’s death, his kids are my siblings, my mother is still in love with him, blah, blah, blah… dude SHOT ME.  He would be in jail or dead.  Those would be his choices.  We wouldn’t be able to bond over Italian food & Yankees some time in the future.  No thanks, Dad, You. Shot. Me.

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