East Enders: E:20 Shows Peeps How to Make Your Own Online Drama

Have you ever wondered how web dramas like Martha Byrne's Gotham, or Crystal Chappell's Venice are created? Well the people behind EastEnders special 25th anniversary web spinoff EastEnders E20 are showing you how it's done in this informative online special "Eastenders E20: How to Make Your Own Online Drama".

In this documentary the creators of E20 discuss how the project began with the idea of using new talent, not only in front of the camera, but  behind-the-scenes. Other items discussed include: the length of a web soap, how the Internet and PDAs have changed content viewing, and many other interesting tidbits.

Follow the jump to see more videos in this "How to" series along with a preview of the finished product.

And now a preview of the final product!



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Thanks for posting this John!!! Can't wait to check it out!

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22 April 2008
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Thanks for this.  The behind-the-scenes was interesting.  It made me want to watch the series (which, I soon realized, is blocked in the USA).

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4 January 2010
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Actually you can watch it on youtube.com. Just type in Eastenders E20 and you can watch the show. It's pretty good stuff.

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Youtube is amazing :) lol.

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Thanks for posting this. As a Broadcasting major I like to see stuff like this.