Arianne Zucker Returns to the DAYS Set!

E.J. (James Scott) better keep a close eye on his daughter Sydney because everyone’s favorite kidnapper Nicole is back to work! Arianne Zucker who portrays Nicole Walker just tweeted,
Top of the morning to ya! Today is my first day back in Salem. Wish me luck. I am a little rusty.

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    Awesome! Now pair the bitch up with Brady and let’s have a juicy Nicole/Brady/Arianna triangle. I’m starving for some Nicole and Arianna fighting scenes. 

  2. Profile photo of bebopblues

    Too soon to be let out on good behavior…. maybe a technicality in the paper work, poor representation by her lawyer…. I don’t care i’m just glad she’ll be back on the screen soon.

  3. Profile photo of soapygirl

    I hope she is not out on good behavior.  She deserves to be in jail for awhile.  At least until Sydney is back with EJ and Sami.   I hope she doesn’t end back up at the DiMera mansion, she should move back in with Victor and Brady or even live above the pub like Arianna does!!!

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