Kurt McKinney Heads to As the World Turns

According to Soap Opera Digest, Guiding Light alum Kurt McKinney is set to join As the World Turns for a short term role. McKinney will portray Ellis, a devious business partner of Craig Montgomery, starting in late February.

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    I am glad for Kurt M.   He was undervalued on GL during the last few years on the show.

    As for ATWT….. Wow…  If the idiots in charge won’t bring back fan favorites, then why not write a story for Eileen Fulton’s Lisa ?  

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    I agree with all….I think at this point in time ATWT should be using it’s current cast and wrapping things up in a great way instead of adding to the cast.

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    Great to see some GL actors land in Oakdale but I find it curious that with 5 months left to go with filming there hasen’t been a single hint or spoiler about closing story lines..in fact quite the opposite.  Seems like World Turns is bringing on new younger characters…almost like they are trying to boost their 18-49 demo.  Is it possible they have struck a deal with another network but part of the deal includes refocusing storylines to younger characters (i.e Mick, Casey, Allison, Luke, Noah, Dr. Reid) ?  I know it’s a long shot but if it’s not picked up it’s going to be a rushed finale and I just don’t trust Goutman to wrap up World Turns properly.  :( 

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    It seems everyone but Goutman and Passanante get it that the show is ending soon.
    I have loved Kurt since Ned was banging Wendy Masters on GH but in this case I don’t think any new characters are necessary. Let’s tell story with who you already have. Please.

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    I do not understand ATWT….Someone must get a kickback everytime a new role or actor comes on this show!

    But I look forward to seeing KM again on daytime…And that’s a great idea for KM to go back to GH……I totally forgot he was Ned!

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    Congratulations to Kurt! I’m all for GL actors earning a little extra pocket change.  This sounds like a quickie role.

    However, given the show only has 4 months of shooting left, I’d prefer if ATWT dumped its planned stories and used the remaining time to bring back fan favorites in meaningful storylines. 

    Unfortunately, according to Nelson Branco, Chris Goutman is back to his mischief and pushing storylines worthy of cancellation. 

    Say what you will about Ellen Wheeler, she at least did try to give fans cameos and walk-ons from beloved ex-castmembers. 

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