Vincent Irizarry Comments on Passing of James Mitchell

All My Children star Vincent Irizzarry took to his Facebook page to comment on the passing of his co-star James Mitchell. Irizzary had this to say,

Deeply saddend and sorry to say goodbye to a dear soul, Mr. James Mitchell, who passed away yesterday. AMC has lost one of it’s most precious children, indeed. The man was a true gentleman and wonderful talent. I feel honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to work beside him and to be his friend. Light up the heavens as you did the world you walked upon these many years, beautiful man!

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    Thank you Vincent for that.

    I am very sad about this. Palmer or "PC" as Daisy always called him was a devoted father to Nina (intentions were skewed at times), loving husband to Opal and Daisy (again the intentions were skewed at times), and a worthy opponent to Adam.
    I remember his bantering with Myra and Sloane.

    And we got to watch. Sniff.

    His last appearance earlier this month was full of the piss and vinegar Palmer had when he debuted in 1979.
    "Adam Chandler!? A rattlesnake! Eats his young!"
    Love it.

    Now Mr. Mitchell gets to dance in heaven. RIP.

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