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WOW, wow, wow… Jonathan Jackson you just won the Emmy! I won’t repeat what Perkie and J. Bernard both said so well already but I could not kick off this blog without giving JJ the kudos he deserves. Amazing performance, incredible performance, I just don’t have enough words.

Hells Bells is coming back and it should spell trouble for Lucky, Elizabeth and Nikolas. Seems to me that these three make enough trouble all on their own but Helena is known for making a bad situation worse and that’s exactly what the psycho granny is SPOILED to be doing.

Valentine’s Day Episode… RUMORED to be a standalone episode and centered around some of the couples on the show. Yes JaSam fans, they are one of the couples featured. RUMORS say Mac and Alexis MAY also get a few scenes. Lulu and Dante are the new break out couple so they will be featured as well and I am hearing Scrubs and Spixie also appear.

Speaking of JaSam… everyone wants to know what their story is post-Franco. SPOILERS haven’t been aplenty for the Bonnie and Clyde duo of Port Charles however; we hear that they do have a story in the works for the pair that is not mob related. Will it have to do with Sam’s Daddy? Not sure. It’s a story that has been teased and rumored for a very long time.

Crossover? Huh? With who? Well a certain ABC Daytime show did just switch coasts. Don’t be surprised if you see that in the works. It appears someone has that idea in their head. Luke Kerr wants to see Adam Chandler and Edward Quartermaine go toe to toe. I say the realistic connection would be Robin and her cousin Aidan Devane. There was some CHATTER that Aiden Turner might be returning to All My Children.

The new Ward ladies… casting is in the works! Is a winner of I Wanna Be A Soap Star up for one of the roles? I have 100% faith in the GH casting department!

The Big Cassadine story… Will Valentin ever hit Port Chuck? RUMOR has it, the story that got delayed for Franco MAY just get derailed completely. Say it isn’t so! Valentin isn’t completely dead in the water surrounding Wyndamere. It’s finding a place to fit him in with the other stories going on that’s the problem.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… I mentioned yesterday (it may have been in the comments) that someone has had a lot of CHATTER lately about their possible exit from the canvas. So far, we hear, that’s not true. Are Jax and Carly heading for divorce court? There is a new Federal Prosecutor heading to town and she will not be charmed by the dimples.

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    Thanks Regan for the spoilers!!!!!

    I would love for Aidan Turner to come to GH, but if he does come back to AMC, I would be okay with that too.

    Sorry to hear about the Valentin storyline being push back again, which is too bad, because I was looking forward to it.

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    You want a spoiler?  Check out the ABC promo about Sonny and Dante that pretty much tells all.  Newsflash ABC promo department, there is a big difference between a promo tease and a spot that sells the whole farm!!!!  WTF

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    It could be great for Adian to come to PC so Robin could have more family.

    I really hope Valetin is still coming.  The actor is still being listed as Valentin and they say he’s still coming.

    I think the whole who is Sam’s daddy storyline is going to play out just like Carly’s daddy storyline.

    Jason is a mob enforcer. There is no way jason could have a storyline that’s not mob related and as long as Sam is with Jason, her storyline will always be mob related.  I am willing to bet that the finding Sam’s father storyline will be over with within 2 weeks just like finding her mother’s storyline was done in 2 weeks.

    I just can’t wait for the Ward sisters to pop up.  I am so excited for them to come.

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    I would love some yummy Aiden. To say that I would be disappointed if the Valentin story is done before it starts would be an understatement.  It is beyond ridiculous that people who make their living writing cannot figure out a way to write a Cassadine back into the canvas.

    Geesh just make him Sam’s Daddy and go from there..geesh freaking louise it’s really not that hard.  It’s not like it’s real or that GH ever really cared about history just make something up.

    My only question about Valentine’s Day will be it real or a fantasy trip. Either way if it involves the dead one and his mistress of lost independence then I will skip

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    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]Regan some want that because they want to make inbred jokes.[/quote]

    And some of us want good old fashioned soapiness for Sam, not her stuck to Jason and becoming nothing more than his "rock" – but I am sure with all that is rumored to be happening, i.e. her stealing evidence, some of us will have more than our fair share to make jokes about.

  6. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Raven if her daddy is Valentin, then mother and father would be half siblings.  Thats disgusting.  Good soapiness is finding her father and the conflict that will bring for JaSam and for Samxis, good soapiness isnt making a lead on the show inbred. This is General Hospital not Passions.

  7. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    The soapy part would Valentin making her think he was her Daddy and being all Cassadine and messing with her and Alexis, but just like one of my all-time favorite couples Renee and Tony on Days they find out it was all a lie.  I mean according to Helena Valentin had no idea he was a Cassadine for a long time, and maybe that is why Mykkos made Alexis give the child up.  Sorry if I see more than just black and white.  It’s a soap why can’t the second coming be a product of something pure and wicked.

  8. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Thanks for the spoilers, Regan!  Sounds like some juicy stuff!

    I really hope the Valentin story isn’t delayed any longer.  It has me very curious and intrigued.

    Ravennite, since when have you ever needed reasons to make jokes about Sam?  Lol!

    I don’t think GH would go as far as making Valentin Sam’s dad.  That’s just not even right.

    Lol EET, Passions definitely would have pulled that one of their (bad) bag of tricks!

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    [quote=Ravennite613][quote=EricasEvilTwin]Regan some want that because they want to make inbred jokes.[/quote]

    And some of us want good old fashioned soapiness for Sam, not her stuck to Jason and becoming nothing more than his "rock" – but I am sure with all that is rumored to be happening, i.e. her stealing evidence, some of us will have more than our fair share to make jokes about.[/quote]

    Didn’t you know Jason Morgan doesn’t have any "rocks" anymore–he’s been neutered thanks to tiic.  He lost all his balls along with the pool table.

  10. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    The only thing in GH I’m remotely interested in is

    The Big Cassadine story I’ve waited for the longest, I still like Dante even with Lew Lew It’ll be interesting to see how the Wards are written or not written as is usually the case with GH and African Americans will they too evolve to wall paper status?

    I hope the Elizabeth Nikolas fiasco of a storyline is over but something tells me I’ll have to suffer through more of the lop sided pro Lucky scripting…I just don’t know if I can bear the Lucky getting all the dialog while I listen to Nik and Elizabeth repeat the same thing for months… I don’t think I can tune in for anything Lucky right now. I never thought I’d see Lucky in the face of Jonathan’s  call Elizabeth names like this but its Guza at his slimiest so what can I say…in usual Guza destructo fashion everyone in PC will take a swing at beating Elizabeth / Nik down and they will not be written with anything to do but stand and take it.  I hope the Cassadine story at least gives Nikolas something else…

    Daddy returns sl?

     already tells me Alexis will minimized so not interested for more of her daughter’s pimping and posturing.  Guza is in destructo mode no telling how Alexis will be written in this one.   Aiden Turner wouldn’t mind him at all on GH.

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    I already know I’m going to FF the Sam who’s my daddy story. Just like the who’s my mama story the writing sucked.  I hate to tell all yall Sam fans they’re never going to write a good storyline for her.  She is and will always be Jason’s shadow.  They will never make her a lead in a story. 

    I’m a little disappionted that they’re pushing back/kiling the Valentin story for I wanted something else other then more mob stories.  There is a lot of way they could have tied him into the cast but the damn writers are just being lazy.  With all the sweet ass history GH has they could very easy write him in. 

    But this is Frons/Guza world so if it can’t be tied into the mob it’s no story at all.

  12. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Ravennite, since when have you ever needed reasons to make jokes about Sam?  Lol!


    Ashlovesgh I was about to go I never make fun of Sam and then I remembered my Avatar pic.   I do love the girl I just love her more away from Jason

  13. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    If Valentin knows he is not really a Cassadine that would be one thing, or if it turns out he knows that Alexis was really fathered by I dont know maybe Jeff Webber had an affair with her mother, but if some how Alexis wasnt a Cassadine then I could be all about that storyline – its not the pure and evil coming together to produce Sam part that I have issue with, its the genetics.

    Badass, Sam was driving story with her pregnancy, the loss of her baby, the loss of her brother and then her breakdown over the disgusting betrayal that was Jiz.  All of that was good meaty story that let KeMo shine.

    As for Sam stealing evidence, let me say this.  Plenty of evidence has been stolen by various people over the years including by Carly, Lizard and Ric. I actually have no problem with her helping Jason to protect Sonny given who Sonny is – Sonny is her sister’s father and the brother in all but biology to her soul mate Jason not to mention their shared history and the fact that she has always been protected of Michael and he def. doesnt need the added stress of his father behind bars right now.  If OFFICER Falconeri has mixed feelings about taking down Sonny for the shooting after only knowing him for a short time, why shouldnt Sam who has all these connections to the man built up over years, not have a desire to see him free. 

  14. Profile photo of season1217

    I think if Valentin was Sam’s father that would be very interesting. Is is disgusting? Yes. But, unfortunately, it happens. Alexis and Sam having to deal with the shame of incest would be Emmy gold for Nancy and Kelly.

  15. Profile photo of RockiDreams

    I’m with Cyberologist – sick to death of Lucky and the whole deal.  TIme to move on.  I read somewhere he sleeps with someone – wonder who.  I am more interested now in the Dante reveal and the fallout from that.  My biggest question from yesterdays show was what color of lipstick did Lulu have on – awesome color. 

  16. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I always have to preface love of an old sl with, I don’t the best memory but, Matt Borlenghi is the only person who made Kelly Ripa’s Hayley tolerable. I really loved his Brian on AMC, so much that he’s one of those actors I am always happy to see working.  I hope this doesn’t mean he’s out.

  17. Profile photo of BigDede

    Seeing as how Valentin is years younger than Alexis and also he wasn’t raised around her, it would be impossible for Valentin to be Sam’s father.

    Alexis had Sam when she was 15.  Valentin is light years younger than Alexis.  He would have been like 11 at the time.

  18. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Anything is possible but I just don’t see Valentin in Maxie’s orbit at least not from a fan’s perspective. IF they’re going to detach Maxie from Spinelli and IF Matt is still aroung, they might as well give it a go. The poor kid has nothing to do and I’m sure there are still some Shelle fans out there that would like to see it. 

    Yes Sane, the is a connection between Adam and Edward… Skye! Luke just wants to see them up against each other in any capacity. It’s my opininon that Robin’s connection is the most realistic in terms of story. 

    I too loved Matt Borlenghi on AMC opposite Ripa so IF this means he’s out, I’m not happy. Remember, it’s not 100% decided. The problem is finding a place where this story fits amongst the other stories they are telling. 

  19. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    Does anybody think that Valentin might be on hold or out because of TC’s lackluster acting as of late?  Or perhaps TC’s not resigning?  That would put a major crimp in the Valentin storyline.

    As for Adam coming to PC, I read that he is retiring from AMC because he doesn’t want to relocate to CA so he’ll be on the wrong coast to come play in PC.

    As for Aidan, I’d rather have Anna and Robert back.  If they bring Aidan over then at least bring Anna back.

    As for KM, I’m sure when she resigned she did so knowing that a promising storyline was coming her way.  Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to it!

  20. Profile photo of troymcclure

    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]Regan some want that because they want to make inbred jokes.[/quote]
    I’m a Sam fan and I want that storyline because I want to see KeMo in a big time storyline where she actually gets to act.
    The Sam daddy mystery should be a big storyline and if someone like Mac is the father then it would just be a snooze: Oh yeah, you’re my daddy" the end!

    Making Sam a product of possible rape and incest is material for KeMo and NLG for YEARS to come. 

  21. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    To clarify, someone said they heard Lucky might hook up soon.  Some while back there were rumors that it might be Maxie and we have seen some Maxie/Lucky interactions.  I said rumor was it might be Maxie but other posts went in between and it looked like I was saying Maxie/val.  Regan said anything is possible but I dont see them in the same circle, so I clarified I meant that statement with respect to the earlier comment.

    No one is saying Val and Maxie.

    Troy I think if they want to go that way they could give Valentin a creepy friend that he hired to rape Alexis so the genetic things arent an issue but you still get the angst. Hell maybe he hired Faison or Mitch Williams or Grant Putnam.

  22. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    Regan…do you know if it’s true on Thursday that when Elizabeth has the "public meltdown" that Jason reiterates the only reason they can’t be together is because of Jake?  That rumor is swirling around out there and I just wondered if there’s any validity to it.

  23. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    Maybe Lucky will hook up with Lisa.  i don’t know if I see him hooking up with Maxie because I would think that Maxie wouldn’t cheat on Spinelli again but hey this is Maxie we are talking about.  I don’t know who else i would see Lucky sleeping wih.  There aren’t any other girls he could sleep with.

  24. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    doodleynoodle- Hmmm that’s interesting.  I think there is a rumor out there that Jason does comfort Liz and that they do have a talk, but I haven’t heard that particular rumor.  I’m sure that would thrill Liason fans, but it’s probably a long shot!    If Jason does say that, I might have to be committed to the loony bin!  Oh wait, I’m already in the loony bin, lol!

  25. Profile photo of cookooclock

    Re: Ward Women Casting

    To my knowledge I thought there was only one Black Female that won Make me a Soap Star and she played "Bitsy" on Buppies. She seems kinda old to be an intern or HS-er.

  26. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Doodley I THINK that rumor originated on Daytime dish.  There is a particular poster over there always logged in as anonymous so its hard to tell if its the same guy each time, but based on writing and that his scoop always is that everyone else is wrong and he is right, but that one guy always posts pro Jiz scoops that never seem to happen. Carol Banks Webber over at Soapzone copies his stuff all the time as fact (and I can always tell its cut and paste)  The rumor is part of his theory that Jiz is the end game and that Guza only wants to blow them to hell so that he can put them together free of anything that those dirty rotten scab writers saddled him with.

    The general consensus over at DD from the other insiders was that for now Scrubs JaSam and Lante are safe.  Two insiders said Lizard will have her meltdown in Jason’s arms and I guess the convo is something about how lost shes been and they discuss that some of the ll2 problems are left over from the jiz fallout. Jason assures her he isnt going to go for custody or something to that effect and then after he leaves he realizes that if Lucky still has strong emotions left over that Sam probably does to, which leads them to some sort of talk, promises and a request for her to move in.

    GHlover reported that, and it was also on dd, that JaSam fans are going to be happy from the vday epi.  I cant see how JaSam fans are going to be happy if he said we are only apart because of safety and then he says Sam will you move in. Personally I would be disgusted with that no matter how romantic.

    My guess – and I am totally guessing here – is that Jason says something along the lines of I left you in January because of the safety issues and nothing has changed.  I still think Jake is safer as Lucky’s son.  He is in a way confirming what we already know – that in January jiz split because of safety, and he still cant come out with the paternity secret.  I could see that because its vintage ambiguous stuff from Jason.  He isnt saying hey if the safety issues were suddenly gone I would be Jakes dad but I love Sam and he isnt saying that if they were resolved he would reunite with her.  And I can see that getting misconstrued by one fanbase or the other.

  27. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    Thank you EET!  It sounded a little too convenient in light of the things we KNOW are going to happen with Jason/Sam coming up.  It would be interesting to see the characters in all the s/l’s be a little more conflicted with their past but because of Fruza’s slash and burn policies and tunnel vision storytelling…that is an impossibility at this point. 

    I appreciate the scoop.  Your version seems a little more plausible.  Thanks for sharing.

  28. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Doodle I am watching todays epi right now and Jason just said to Sam that going for partial custody of Jake is "about my life" and "you are in it".  If he was not with Liz at this point only because of safety and he was thinking about declaring his paternity he wouldnt be talking to Sam about it because he would be thinking about Liz and Jake as a package deal.  It wouldnt make sense for him to be with Jake and then not be with her if the only issue was safety.  I think he broke it off with her in January solely because of the danger, but its been a year now and at least from everything he is saying and doing his romantic feelings have changed. 

  29. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Hey if I can suspend belief and believe that Dante is Olivia’s son, then why couldn’t GH do the same with Valentin and Sam.  While the age difference in real life have no bearing on the show, Matt B is still over 40 (44 or 45 if I am not mistaken) Kelly is suppose to be betw. 27-30 on the show..I will suspend belief for another good soapy story especially if it involved the Cassadines

  30. Profile photo of luckyguy2k9

    I was very much looking forward to the Cassadine storyline because I wanted to see all the Cassadine involved including Sam (without Jason’s help, yeah and Molly. The girl bores me) but if Helena is the only Cassadine for now I’ll take it.

    And here’s to hoping Laura would’ve been back for that storyline too.

    Lucky and Maxie round two?…………….no. I’m liking JJ as Lucky and Maxie with Spinelli.

    The Sonny storyline…………….all I will say about that is don’t draw it out for months because most of us knows how that will end.

    Can someone call GH and tell them they REALLY need a new title sequence. Cast members that been there for years are not on. Like Johnny.

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