First Impressions: Stephen Nichols as Y&R’s Tucker McCall

What are your first impressions of Stephen Nichols as The Young and the Restless’ Tucker McCall?

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    Perfect casting. Stephen Nichols can be paired with so many women on that show. He looks good with Jill but he would look just as good with Niki, Phyllis, Sharon or Ashley. He just works really well on that show.  

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     It’s kinda distracting to see how short he is compared to everyone else they film him with.  I didn’t like him when I saw him today, all I could see was Stefan Cassadine, with no possibility of any sort of warmth or humor.  William Russ had more of a twinkle in his eye, IMHO.  then again, it’s only one day.  I’ll keep watching, and hopefully I’ll see more dimensions to his portrayal of Tucker.

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    Just watched!!

    Got a chuckle outta The Christian Le Blanc (SHIRTLESS SCENE TODAY!) voiceover saying "The Role of Tucker McCall is now being played by…STEPHEN NICOLS!!!!!"

    Hoping for the day we hear him announce: "The Role of MacKenzie Browning is now being played by a Mop"…………"The Role of Victoria Newman is now being played by Tamara Braun" and "The Role of Daisy is being played by no one since we put our viewers out if their misery"

    I like S.N. But I hope he’s more "Patch Johnson" than "Stephan Cassedine"…… meaning, not so gruff, serious, and loathsome. ‘The other guy’ played Tucker with an air of …nonchalance? I liked that about the character…..

    Cane looked Hot Today.

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    I freaking loved WR because he had an air of mischief and showed vulnerability.  You really couldn’t hate him because he was so nonchalant and honest and charming.  I like SN, too, though.  He can act his butt off.  They’re definitely playing a more sinister, cold schemer angle with SN. 

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    "First order of business, all of you are fired. Just kidding."

    An actor with the ability to scare a room full of people sh!tless and then laugh in the same scene…….AWESOME!. Love him!

    WR continued to be overshawdowed in scenes with the heavy hitters, such as EB, PB and even JW.

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    Sorry Grim. The Robe stayed on.

    But he probably had the best outfit today. Jana’s Sweater? Ugh. Ash? OMG -WHAT are they DOING TO HER! The Hair! Today’s Frock! horrible!

    But nothing riles me up more than seeing (The sudden Angry, Shrill, Stupid and Moronic) Lauren dressed to the nines to Hobble around her Tiny Apartment being bullied by a Mouth & Teeth surrounded by a face…..

    She was mean to Michael today. And I’m not happy!

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    Count me as one of the fans who enjoyed William Russ in the role and am not sure the change in character was necessary. As mentioned, WR has chemistry with Jess Walton and during the confrontation with Katherine, and played the scenes as if he didn’t care, juxtaposed with Katherine’s histrionics.

    SN is so indelibly linked with other soap characters that it will be hard to take accept him as a recast on this show. He will be compared, as noted above, as either "too Patch like" or "too Stefan like." I know WR wasn’t on the show for very long, but his version of Tucker was the antithesis of Jack, Victor, Neil (aka stuffy, uptight, etc.), but he had just the right amount of gravitas to give his scenes weight and believability that he wouldn’t be pushed around by the Genoa City stalwarts.

    It is nice to have a business story on this show again, but WR wasn’t the issue. This was an unnecessary recast.

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    I think he’s more Stefan than Patch, which I guess is good. Hope Y&R treats him better than Days did, but I have a funny feeling Tucker won’t be around in one year’s time.

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    It is funny you should say that he will not be around in a years time because I was thinking the same thing. The show already has Victor and Jack, do they need a third millionaire/billionaire in the mix? How long can they write a story about him destroying Katherine? He took her company, so what else can he do. I really think he was there to take Eric Braden’s place. Now that Eric is back, I do not know if there is a need to keep him on for a long period of time.

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     I think he is a great actor…but I think he plays the role differently than WR did. As some have said, WR played the role more vulnerable. With WR, even though he talked big, you can see the hurt behind the bravado.  Today, I didn’t see any pain, just ruthlessness, like he didn’t even care.

    I make note of this because this was the same type of change that MM brought to the role of Adam. With CE, Adam was vulnerable, and with MM, he seems laugh while bringing people pain. And we all know what direction Adam is going in right now.

    I just hope that SN doesn’t turn into yet another cartoon character. I don’t understand why Y&R seems to be unable to write characters with layers anymore.

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    Maybe its not Nichols that will be gone in a years time Maybe this is why the NETWORK Wanted a Recast with Stephen.  I was Called Crazy when I talk about Hogestyn&Hall being let go cause there was nothing left for then to do on that show.I fill the same way About Eric Bradan now whats left for him to do on Y&R. There comes a point in time when the show has to move on

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    [quote=season1217]The thought of Stephen Nichols and Peter Bergman in a scenes together makes me tingly in all the right places.[/quote]
    Me too…..Hehe!

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    All I could see was Stefan Cassadine and I was so happy.  I love that character so much and I’m sure that’s why the TIIC wanted him to play Tucker.  Stefan was a great character.  I love this actor and I put Y&R back on my DVR just because he’s on.  Loves him.  Everything about him is sexy.

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    I think NuTucker and Jill look like brother and sister.

    He’s not bad–he’s just not William Russ. He’s so different. Russ played a lovable puppy dog who’s claws were only *just* coming out when he left. (loved his last scene with Jeanne Cooper when Brock dragged him to the house. "Don’t you have ANYTHING to say to me?" like a hurt little boy). I don’t see Stephen Nichols pulling off a scene like that, but it’s only day one. I haven’t seen his work on other soaps so I don’t know.

    He’s also waaaaaay sleazier looking. No way in a million years would Katherine had sold 25% of her company to THIS guy!

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    Personally I think the recast was perfect. WR is a fine actor and did a good job as Tucker but I like the direction they’re taking it now with the son that was given away wanting to get back at his birth mother. I truly believe that there’s a lot more underneath about Tucker that we haven’t found out about yet and that makes this more exciting for me. WR’s Tucker seemed too much like a good ole boy type person, not the tycoon businessman. But that’s just my personal opinion.

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    I haven’t yet watched, so I can’t comment on Stephen Nichols just yet.  I found the comments really interesting though… I honestly thought I was the only one who REALLY liked Russ and his portrayal of Tucker.  I thoroughly agree with what many of the others wrote about him and the twinkle in his eye.

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    I think Stephen brings to Tucker layers that Russ didn’t.  Stephen has always been able to add so much to characters by body language and eyes.  He did it with Patch and he did it with Stefan.  He will do it with Tucker too.  I never bought WR’s good ole boy Tucker.  He just didn’t come across as being able to pull off this coup.  This new Tucker is very capable, dangerous and a little vulnerable as we saw today as Katherine left the room.  nuTucker was smokin’ hot the moment he walked into that room with Jill.  SN has made Tucker not only intelligent but sexy.  I have nothing against WR.  I think he’s a good actor but I just didn’t like him in this role.  He looked more like Katherine’s brother than son.  My only fear is that they will let Victor win like they always did with Luke on GH.  It got old really fast and it never made sense.  I’m hoping the writers will write a balanced story that can be believed and that Stephen and Tucker stay for a long time.  Haven’t watched Y&R in over 20 years but Stephen has brought me running back.

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    donna mcmurry

    I love Stephen as Tucker. he brings it to the table in many ways. The look, the body language and he is dripping with sexy, oh and let’s not forget those eyes. I think SN just brought Tucker McCall to a whole new playing field. Rock on Stephen, you got this Darlin.

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    Loved the old Tucker,new guy is too wooden, without feeling. I felt the chemistry between Jill and WR and felt  they could become a team. New guy leaves me feeling like Jill got played.

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    WR was good in this role, and I think he could have worked, but I really love Stephen Nichols as Tucker.  I think he is easily passable as Kay’s son, and he’s got strongly enigmatic down.  So far he’s neither one of his other big characters, he’s this blank slate building on what we already know about Tucker.  He’s got a sense of humor, he’s got ruthlessness, he’s got warmth.  I do hope we see some spark of devious fun, and I think we will.  But so far, I’m a pretty happy camper, here. 

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    Nichols brings out the darker side of the character & plays on that much better than Russ did. Russ was too nice & didn’t really sell himself as a vengeful son to me. Nichols brought a lot more to the playing field today & i can’t wait to see what else he does. Plus he looked smokin in that robe

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    I like the first Tucker, but since I no the Patch character I see him making Tucker his own, I heard a spoiler that he will have some young broad and try and shew Jill away, my thing is why all the older men get the young women don’t care for the Old man younger women steez all the time we watch that with Jack & Sharon, let Tucker character keep it in range.

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    I agree with those that says William Russ’s Tucker had more of a twinkle/spark to him.

    Stephen Nicols just played him like Stefan Casssadine 2.0

    YES it was only one day but that was my impression.

    hopefully he grows out of that because he won’t be around for too long if he doesn’t.

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    To me, WR played the role as if he wanted Kay to feel bad for abandoning him all those years ago and he played Tucker as the antithesis of businessmen like Jack and Victor, which was the appeal that Jill showed in him. Although it was the first day, SN was way to smarmy, way too vengeful, and it was jarring to see the character do a complete 180 in a day. I don’t see any layers that SN added to the character; in fact, he turned the character into a one-note "moustache twirler" instead of the wronged, abandoned child seeking revenge/acceptance by his mother as played by WR. It seems a lot of the posters are relying on SN’s past to support the fact that he can play this character, but Tucker’s short history has already been rewritten. With the destruction of the Adam character in 2009 and now this, I’m not as hopeful with the Y&R writers as many posters above.

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    William Russ brought a depth to the role that NewTucker can’t.  WR is one of the few actors that could operate on the same level as EB. Their first meeting was a delight to watch, a scene I will watch over and over.

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    Isn’t it a bit too early to say he is a moustache twirller? He has only been in the role for one day. Lets give him a chance to grow in the role. 

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    I’m a fan of both actors Russ primeTime and Stephen thus far even though its way too early for me but  my first impression besides not being able to figure out why the character was switched out is…

    I liked Russ better he was different far more intriguing and ambigous I was floored at how he could appear so laid back then lower these unexpected booms…his scene coming to Katherine w/Brock was layered and he flipped from wanting her acceptance to f. you.  I guess its politics and Nichols has a huge daytime fanbase that will follow him….

    I applaud Nichols keeping the laid back billionnaire persona going but Russ isTucker to me.  I liked SN said darlin’ but Russ said it better.

    Still I like Nichols and will always be his fan from Stefan Cassidine days so I’ll roll with it. But thus far just for the sake of the prompt, besides liking his hair I prefer Russ in the role until I see more.

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    I think Stephen is perfect casting for the role. He’s fabulous at taking characters and giving them depth. Never been a Y&R fan, but a chance to see him again will make me watch the show.

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    I like Stephen in this role. He’s got a good hard edge that the character badly needed, a sleaze factor Willam Russ wasn’t able to provide, but I agree with the other posters, there isn’t the chemistry between Stephen and Jess that there was between Willam and Jess.

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    Stephen NIchols rocked the role just like I knew he would. Evil, sexy and irristable! William Russ is a good actor but he was too much "good ole boy"  Can’t wait for more. This storyline has soo much potential.

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    I just do not care for the Tucker McCall replacement.  If it had to be done,  then they should have given him a bath, a shampoo and a shave and colored his hair.  They are only 4 months apart in age and I would have tried to make them look similar and if he wanted the dirty look he could have let it happen over a couple months.  I do not see him being anywhere nearly as good as William Russ for the part.  Think it was a poor recasting and that Maria Bell should have stayed out of it. He just is not right for the part. JMO.

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