General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

I was disappointed in Lulu today. Her smackdown of Nikolas was not as great as I was expecting it to be. She got a couple of verbal shots in there, but no physical ones. She put all the blame on Liz’s shoulders, where it should have been only half the blame.

Lulu’s smackdown of Liz also bothered me. Now, I have no problem with the smackdown itself. What bothered me is that it was done at Liz’s workplace. Having Liz humiliated in front of her co-workers might be the wet dream of all the Liz haters, but it almost takes away from the beauty of Lucky’s smackdown yesterday, like the Airplane movie where the gag is the line of people wanting to smack a hysterical passenger. The first time it’s funny, after the 20th time, not so much.

Also, Epiphany has torn a strip off of people for merely looking at each other cross eyed at her nurse’s desk, but she let Lulu scream at her employee without batting an eye. Robin stood by and watched her friend get blasted as well.

For me, having it done that way took the fun out of the smackdown itself.

I loved that Lulu went to Dante at the end and they expressed their love. I just wish when he sent her away, she hadn’t gone. I wanted her to realize that he was pushing her away for her own good and that she would have fought to stay with him.

I loved the Sonny and Michael scene. Michael was all cocky and smirky because he thinks he’s got the goods on Dominic. Sonny, his usual self, was not believing what someone was telling him.

I hated everything Olivia, although it was nice to see Agent Raynor again.

I loved that Michael went to Kristina and that she suggested he go to Jax. Michael went to Jax, who went along by trying to help Sonny out of trouble. All of that will turn into a big soapy mess when the truth comes out.

I find it interesting that Jason, the brain damaged killer, seems to be the only one realizing that he should not be Jake’s parent for safety reasons. Also, don’t both Carly and Sam realize that taking Jake away from Lucky right now might make matters even worse?

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    HA, you used my line,;"every Liz hater’s wet dream"
    Meh, it would’ve been a proper wet dream if Lulu had smacked Liz in front of her colleagues.

    Anyways, Dante and Lulu rule and I love them endlessly.

    Lulu (JMB) was on fire.

    I hated Ethan being nice to Liz.  She doesn’t deserve and secondly, do we really need yet another guy feeling sorry for poor poor Liz, the angel? *roll eyes*
    I would’ve preferred Robin stepping in and offering to drive Liz home.

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    I havent watched yet but I swear if someone ever tells Sonny something and he accepts it first go around with no drama I am going to fall down.  I wonder when he goes out to a restaurant and the waiter tells him the specials does he ask for the chef.

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    I was super disgusted with ShrewLu today.  She was acting like a Rabid Raving Lunatic.  I understand that she was upset.  I have no problem with that…but she was immaturely cruel.  THEN…she has to go over to Dominic’s and make me NOT hate her.  I think it’s him I don’t hate…he is so adorable with his sad, puppy dog eyes.  And the admission…so sweet.  Then…they can’ be together in 2 seconds flat because of his life?!?  Are they the new Liason? 

    Ethan’s growing on me.  Michael needs his ass whooped period.  Olivia has opened herself a can of worms that she’s going to regret.  Jax is gonna get tangled up in that devious web he’s been weaving.  Carly…you shouldn’t have been quite so giddy about someone’s else’s crash and burn when you’re a passenger on the same plane sister.  You’re going down.

    Jason & Sam scenes were nice today.  Their romantic chemistry is embarrassing but their friendship chemistry has always been something I wish TIIC wouldn’t have ruined to redeem the character of Sam a few years ago.  Sam is sex…Jason is romance…they don’t mix very well.  I’d like to see her with a more volatile partner but we get what we get as GH fans.  Lame as it is 1/2 the time.  I’m glad they’re finally writing her as more believable.

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    i get that lulu and maybe carly need to blame elizabeth and vent their anger, but neither has been a paragon of virtue, as lulu so eloquenly put it. both have been third parties in a love triangle. both have been the other woman (lulu with dillon; carly with tony). don’t throw stones, hos.

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    I can’t stand Olivia. Sometimes I think I can’t hate the character any more than I do, then she pulls a stunt like she did today and I realize that I actually can hate her more. I hope after everything is revealed we get good scenes of Olivia getting the smackdown, like the way Liz is getting it right now.

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    Favorite line from today’s episode-Lulu says to Nik "Elizabeth trotted herself practically up to the roof to sleep with you, just like she ran up 15 flights of stairs in the dark to seduce Jason."  LMAO.  Then she goes to Nik "You couldn’t help yourselves.  Who the hell are you anyway?"  Lol, I’m offically a LuluFF.

    Second fav line: Lulu says to Liz "I still have one brother who hasn’t been poisoned by you. (to Ethan) Better watch out, she might start crying on your shoulder and make it 3 for 3."  Gahhh, too funny.

    Okay, okay, I’m sorry.  I’m done with all the Liz hate.

    Lante’s I love you’s were so adorable.  And then he goes and tells her to leave, again.  Damn Dante!  And poor Lulu!  He better change his mind!

    Finally, all that is left to say is…JaSam is love.


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    I loved Lucky’s smackdown yesterday on Liz/Nik but today’s was bad. My husband couldn’t stop laughing and made me rewind when Lucky said that line to Carly abou them not being able to go to the christening.  I am a Liz fan, so I am biased, but it was harsh to be done at her workplace. They could have gone anywhere else to do this. Lulu should know that there are kids involved and yelling at their mom in public at her workplace probably wasn’t the best idea. Especially because it is usually important to keep good relations through breakups with families, it will help the the kids more than anything. I don’t think calling their mom a slut in public is in their best interest.

     I was trying to think of similar situations and how it was handled. Right now on OLTL there is the Bo/Clint/Nora storyline, that had a public beating, but I found that one hilarious. I’m trying to remember when it came out that Sam slept with Ric. Was it as public and brutal as this one? I can’t really remember. Two different situations though in both of those examples….

    Overall, I can’t wait for the Dante/Sonny reveal and I’m really liking GH now. I guess it’s giving Lucky some good acting material but I have a hard time watching Liz be beat down that bad (given its bad, but I hate this storyline all together). They are making me like Ethan more by him actually being a decent guy to both Kristina and Liz.

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    This whole reveal is just too over dramatic.  Way too over dramatic. That hospital scene was too much. Yesterday was excellent today, yuck.

    When Piffy just stood her behind there and let Lulu yell at Liz like that, I lost any love I ever had for her.  When Scrubs are just looking at each she yells at them.  She let Lulu punk her. I remember when Maxie came up to Liz during her affair with Lucky and she kept throwing it in Liz face. Liz kept trying to take their argument outside but Maxie kept on that’s when Liz slapped her.  Lulu just looked like a fool. She could have went to Liz’s house.  Why hasn’t she checked in on her brother? She’s so worried about him.  Lulu’s shreiking took away from Lante’s ILY. I like Lante but my ShrewLu hate is too much.

    Also Lulu saying Nik is excused because he’s "dark and moody". WHAT!  I guess in Guza’s world only the woman is too blame.

    Also what in the world is wrong with Sam?  Jason asked her what she thought of the Jake situation.  Why didn’t the writers have Sam tell Jason the truth, straight out.  Heck Sam knows Jake a lot more than Jason does.  Jake would even recongize(?) Sam since she was around him a lot his first year.  Sam knows that Lucky and Liz were not together for the first 2 years of Jake’s life. They didn’t get back together until August of last year.  So she knows they can raise Jake.  Sam of all people also know that just because someone had an affair doesn’t make them a bad mother.  She also knows Lucky is a good man and he will get sober.  She has seen Jake’s family life.  So for her to even say Jason would be a different father than Sonny and that he should even think about it was just the writer’s pimping Jason and making Sam look stupid.  Sam should have said, we just had a pyscho stalker Franco harassing us and he’s still out there.  He had me locked in a box and had a bomb on Lulu.  She should have said it’s too dangerous for you to have a child in your life.  I wish sometimes the writers have Sam like she was when she moved in with Jason back when she was pregnant. I loved her. I remember she use to tell Jason not to just blindly follow Sonny’s orders and to have his own life.  That Sam would have told Jason the truth.  Instead Jason had to "remind" her that his life is too dangerous and Jake is better off with Liz/Lucky.

    Carly was super annoying.  She wants Jason to just take Jake away because Liz had an affair. Jake doesn’t even know Jason. You know how scared that little boy would be.  She doesn’t care.

    I hate Olivia. Plain and simple. Hate her. She is just a See You Next Tuesday.

    Poor Mykill, got this info and no one believes him.

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    Yeah because Liz is such a good mother she wakes her kids to go for a bootycall. Please I would feel sorry for Liz if this wasn’t her pattern she takes Lust and calls it love she did. What she feels for Nic is lust plain and simple. Liz always runs to a man she has never stood on her own. She never owns her crap.  Just can’t feel sorry that people are truly seeing her for who she is not some soft voice heroine but a trampy manipulative girl. Liz has never been a woman.

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    LOVED LULU TODAY!!!  She was magnificent!  I have absolutely no problem with where she called Liz out.  She didn’t go looking for her.  Liz wasn’t even there when Lulu got to the hospital.  Then Liz appears out of the blue and Lulu was already steaming from having given it to Nik so BOOM.  Spontaneous so not a problem for me at all!  Too bad for Liz that her co-workers learned what a lying, cheating, skanky ho she really is!  It’s about damn time!!! 

    I don’t think Epiphany stopped Lulu because she was in shock as were Patrick and Sonny and Robin just looked guilty.  But what’s with Ethan?  He hates Nik and he’s supposedly building a relationship with Lucky.  Now he’s defending Liz the ho who just stabbed his brother in the back?  Give me a break!  Next I guess we’ll see her screwing Ethan.  Two brothers down, why not the third!  Wonder if Luke has any more sons lurking around that Liz can have sex with!?!

    Did anyone see when did Liz hurt her hand?

    I do wish Lulu had pushed Nik into the water!  Both Nik and TC really needed that!!!

    Loved the Lulu and Dante scenes!  Loved that they told each how they feel.  It stinks that Agent Raynor’s timing is so darn bad.  I get that Dante just wants to protect Lulu from any possible fallout but it was so difficult to watch him pushing her away for her own good and how sad and rejected she looked.  Brought tears to my eyes.  BRAVO to both DZ and JMB!!!

    The Sonny/Michael scene was very well done.  DG is really bringing it but with Sonny, Michael is like the little boy who called wolf at this point.  Clearly it bugged him enough that he left his father in surgery and went to Jason to have it checked out.   

    Jax is digging his grave bigger and bigger by the hour and Carly won’t have to push very hard for him to fall head first into it.  Stupid man if he thinks Carly, Michael or Morgan will ever forgive him for this! 

    And Olivia might soon be joining Jax in that hole!

    I’m glad Jason realizes that his lifestyle is still unsafe for Jake even if Liz and Lucky are broken up.  Sam never suggested Jason should take his child away from Liz.  She only said she’d stand by him whatever his decision.

    Good episode today!

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    Scooter Smith

    I am a new viewer, within the last year. I found the smackdown of Liz disturbing yet deserved. I know that Lucky is no saint, but she was wrong on a number of levels, and Lulu let her know it. I hope that this isn’t the end of Nik and Liz getting earfuls. I hope that her brother make it all ok. I hope he tells her that he tried to tell her.

    I like Olivia, and I understand what she is doing, but a streetsmart girl from brooklyn should know that the cops won’t wait. She should have told Dante the truth, and got him to take himself off the case. Oh well, ball’s in motion. Can’t wait til next week, after Friday’s reveal (per commercials).

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    Yesterday, Liz deserved the smackdown she got from Lucky.  Today was ridiculous.  Lulu calling Liz out at her place of work was immature, cruel, and she did come off as self righteous.  She has truly become Carly 2.0.  Dante made her likeable, but I hate her again.  And I can’t believe that everyone let her go on and on and on in a hospital lobby where there are patients and ppl that don’t need to be hearing that kind of drama.  In real life, Lulu would have been escorted out by security.  And where was Epiphany’s usual attitude.  She should have shut Lulu up the minute she started harrassing a member of her staff.  And Robin just stood there and let her friend get called out.  Ethan of all ppl had to tell Lulu to stop.  And Liz just stood there and took it.  I’m starting to get sick of her having to stand there and just take other ppl’s sh1t.  She deserved it from Lucky, but not Lulu.  When was the last time someone else got destroyed in public like that.  I don’t think a Liz hater can ever say that Liz has never paid for her sins.  This is enough payment for a lifetime.  The writer’s have humiliated her in front of the entire town.  There’s not one person in PC that doesn’t know what she did and most of them witnessed the smackdown. The only other character that I can remember that was verbally attacked like that in public was Claudia.  I don’t remember Carly, Sam, Maxie, or anyone else getting called out like that for their sins in public like that.  Even when Jason threatened to kill Sam and went off on her for endangering Liz and the kids he did it in private.  Oh and of course, again, Nik gets a slap on the wrist from Lulu and is excused because he’s dark and moody.  It takes two to tango.  And he’s Lucky’s brother.  When’s his public smackdown coming.

    I don’t know how Liz is supposed to come back from this.  She might as well pack up her kids and leave town.  I know that would make Liz haters very happy.  But seriously, how can you look anyone in the face after someone chewed you out like that and aired your dirty laundry for all to see.  Maybe she should take Lulu up on her offer and bang Ethan too on her way out.  He was the only decent one to actually feel bad for her and offer to take her home.  Might as well make it 3 for 3 since the writer’s couldn’t make it any worse for her.

    And whhhhhhyyyyy after all that has happened with Franco would Sam tell Jason things would be different with Jake with Jason as a father.  No it wouldn’t.  Jake would still be in danger and may grow up to one day be like Jason and want the mob lifestyle.  I know ppl say Michael got shot b/c Sonny called off the guards, but weren’t Michael and Kristina kidnapped before, where were the guards then?  And what about when Brenda was in the shower minding her own business when Sonny’s place got shot up and she almost go killed, where were the guards then?  You can have a 100 guards around and still get hurt when you’re in the mob.  Why would Sam want Jason to risk Jake’s safety like that? Why would you want to take a child away from the only parents he knows.  Imagine growing up with a father you know kills ppl for a living.  That’s real healthy.   Lucky and Liz were raising Jake and Cam fine while they were seperated, but now all of a sudden b/c Liz had an affair Jason should claim Jake.  Doesn’t make sense.

    Olivia is so stupid.  And why did the ABC promo of Dante’s reveal have to show everything that will happen.  It’s not even suspenseful anymore.  We know how Sonny shoots him and how Olivia tells Sonny that Dante is his son. Way to leave something to the imagination.

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    Oh and isn’t it convenient that Liz’s brother was nowhere to be found when usually he’s at the hospital.  She could have really used him today.  I don’t care how wrong my brother or sister was, I wouldn’t stand there and let someone berate him or her like that.  He could’ve stopped Lulu from yapping to the world and had them go into a private room or something.

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    I loved the Liz smackdown today….I thought the fact that it was in the hospitasl was awesome as well…in fact I kind of wanted the Lucky tirade to be in public as well (though it turned out great!!) I don’t even hate Liz I just think the storyline is really soapy which is why I like it….public reveals are always the best…..

    I also found it irritating that the writers forget that Sam has spent way more time with Jake than Jason and that she has seen Lucky with him…its a beat of the story that the writers miss and it takes me out of the show…I really haven’t been happy with Sam lately though…she really needs a story…..

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    As ugly as the confrontation was, I wished Lainie was in the background when Liz got her smackdown at the nurses desk today. She sure needs Lainie’s help. Is Lainie (and Kelly for that matter) even on the canvas any more? I’m sure the writers figured it’s way more soapy and dramatic to have her free fall into a breakdown.

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    I laughed my ass off today at the fact that all those people let the smackdown go on and on and on.  I really have to wonder why Robin didnt stop it.  I know why Pif let it happen – she likes Lucky and she is probably thinking Lizard is getting what she deserves.  Nurse Lizzie mouths off to Pif all the time and maybe she has finally had enough.   I am guessing Patrick was waiting for Robin to act??  My mind is still reeling that none of them cared enough about a woman that they have known for a decade was getting chewed up and spit out. Geez even Sonny – I thought maybe he would care about Jason’s baby mama but nope he didnt lift a finger.  My mind rules

    If Lulu had gone to find her at work, I might have a different opinion, but she just happened to be there.  You know she was going to go off on her whereever there first encounter happened to be.  And sure she is going to go further with Lizard because Nik is her brother and no matter how angry she is at him he is still blood and eventually they will have to make up.  Plus Lizard duped her once into covering up and I think this reaction has a lot to do with guilt – I am NOT going to cover up again and you are not going to trick me into thinking its Lucky’s fault or that you love Lucky.

    I loved the 3-3 stuff and the stuff about running up to the roof like she ran up to the Penthouse.

    Loved the romance of Lante.

    Adored the trust and love between JaSam.  And for the record, Sam never tells Jason do this or do that.  She gives him "food for thought"  what do you all think she was leading him toward when she asked him "who would give him the best chance at a normal happy life"  It was not a lie that Jason would be a much more careful, attentive father than Sonny. I also have to imagine that the entire convo was difficult for Sam on so many levels.  On the one hand its sort of like Monica taking in Jason – it cant be easy to have a child living under your roof that symbolizes your partners dishonesty.  Then, theres also the issue of Sam’s feelings for Lucky and the time she spent with Lucky and Jake.  We dont know how much she misses spending time with the boys given that she cant have kids of her own.

    Skipped much of the Olivia stuff.  Hate her lying to Johnny.  Hate her going behind Dante’s back when she COULD have pulled that move right from the jump.  I agree she deserves a smack down too.

    Starting to hate Jax.  Felt badly for Michael.  Poor Grandpa Mike.

    Other smackdowns??  Well Sam got fired from a very public job.  Maxie ended up on the internet naked.  And I am pretty sure that everyone knows that Carly went to Shadybrooke after shooting Tony in open court.

    Smackdowns I want to see – Olivia esp. by Dante, Nik esp. by Luke, and Jax esp. by MORGAN (yeah I want him to scream at him how he trusted him and treated him in some cases with even more love and attention than he gave his own father.)
     What I take from todays epi is that in general I think the show needs MORE smackdowns not less.

    And props to my favorite new couple.  E squared….nothing says love like making it 3 for 3.  Wonder if Pops will want some too – make it a true family affair.

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    [quote=doodleynoodle]Sam is sex…Jason is romance…they don’t mix very well.  I’d like to see her with a more volatile partner but we get what we get as GH fans.  Lame as it is 1/2 the time.  I’m glad they’re finally writing her as more believable.[/quote]

    Doodleynoodle, I don’t like Jason and Sam together either, but I don’t agree that the reason they don’t work because Sam is sex and Jason is romance. Sam wants the romance. She deserves the romance. I just don’t see it with Jason. Their scenes are more uncomfortable than hot. I’d like to see her with Johnny maybe. Am I the only one who thinks that might be cool (or hot?)?

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    The best part about today for me was that it cemented everything I ever thought about the Liason relationship.  Liason was about Jake.  Always has been, always will be.  Today proved it because even when Jason actually considered claiming Jake, he never gave a single thought to wanting Elizabeth or to be a family with her and her kids.  Jason turned to Elizabeth after he saw Sam with Ric and again after he and Sam broke up the 2nd time and he was so pissed off at Sam that he could barely look at her.  His anger toward Sam and love for his son fueled his "relationship" with Liz and it basically went nowhere.  Now that he and Sam have made up and forgiven each other he’s not even thinking about Liz.  Today also showed that Jason and Sam both knew about the Niz affair and kept it a secret between them.  It was not something Jason was worrying about on his own, but something he and Sam talked about and knew would come out eventually.  It also proves that he was never jealous or upset when he found out about LL2 getting engaged again.  I’ve seen people say he was all broken hearted about that, but I’ve always thought he was just confused as to why she’d get engaged to Lucky while she was messing with Nik.  Today proved that too.

    Loved the Liz smackdown, but I’d be just fine with that public one being the last one.  I just wanted to look at her face and actually believe she was sorry for once.  I think she showed a whole lot of sorrow and humiliation today.

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    AshlovesGH- that was also my favorite line.  I mean its what I’ve been thinking in my head and for Lulu to say it was great.

    I also agree with EET about Lulu going off on Liz at her job.  I mean she didn’t go to the hospital looking for Liz.  She just happened to be there and Liz showed up.  She was angry…what else was she going to do.

    I loved the Lante scenes.  So glad they said their ILY’s but was sad when he made Lulu leave.

    Can’t stand Olivia…can’t wait for the fallout when everybody finds out that Dante is Sonny’s son.

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    Mayjador wrote:

    I think she showed a whole lot of sorrow and humiliation today.

    I actually agree with that – I thought her performance today was much better than yesterdays.

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     I Think that Jason should claim his son !
    Jake will be in  bad  shape now I don’t think Lucky wants to see him I don’t think Liz is in any shape ..
    I hate that Liz so entered  to Jason’s head that he can’t raise him own son I hate her ..
    By the way Sam always thought that Jason should raise his son , Jason will be better than Sonny , she always said it and she always believed it …….
    I also loved the look Jason gave when Sam was coming in to the PH , he knows it is hard on her and he doesn’t want to hurt her ……
    JaSam are so great , I loved how respect they have  for each other , she didn’t tell him what to do , she told him what she thought , but she gave him the final decision, and Jason wanted to hear her opinion because she is in his life …
    That was romantic and beautiful …..

    I felt bad for both Lulu and Liz, Lulu family is falling apart , she love her two brothers and now they are apart , when she came to GH she didn’t came in the thought of confront she came to look for her phone , Liz was there because she needed bandage…..
    And were was Robin ?were was pif? what about Patrick ?? couldn’t they stop Lulu , yes Robin is amazing friend???
    I loved Ethan there  I hate Liz but I loved that Ethan was there and that he came to see Liz…..
    I hate Liz But I did felt bad for her a bit… it will change ..

    Olivia is she stupid or what she tells the Fed that Sonny his Dante’s father but not Dante ???

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    The worst thing about Liz is that she has been lying to Lucky all this time. He did ask her MANY times what was bothering her. But, noooooo. She wants the stability for her kids, damn the torpedoes! If she wanted Nik so bad, why not be honest about it? Then again, does she even know what that is?
    People keep referring to Lucky’s behavior when he was addicted. I repeat for the upteenth time: given her background in health care, Liz should have figured out the addiction LONG before she did. I guess she was too busy climbing those 16 steps in the dark!

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    IA, Perkie – I found it a bit hard to believe that neither E nor Robin did anything to stop the public humiliation of Liz.  That being said – I’m glad that LuLu gave Liz the what for.

    I’m even more glad that my-gal Liz stood there and took it.  Love Liz/RH but I found this Niz affair to be horrid and Liz deserves almost anything coming her way.  Like I said – so glad she stood there with her eyes downcast taking LuLu’s tirad.

    I’m also glad that Ethan showed some compassion – warranted or not.

    I was a bit disappointed that Lante said the ILY’s this soon.  I can see Dante saying it, but LuLu’s admission seemed to soon considering her outlook on love and relationships.


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     Did any one notice that Jason still defends Liz ??
    Carly called her nymphomaniac and Jason yelled at her to stop it and when Carly said you still defend  her her and Jason says Yes ..
    Jason needs a wake up call Nowwwwwww

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    GH Lover… You know Jason will always defend Liz.  They did not part on bad terms and Jason feels obligated to take care of her and defend her because she’s the mother of his son.  Plus, Carly has a big mouth and she can take things overboard sometimes.  I happen to love her and agree with everything she said but Jason’s not much for gossip and he’s not gonna just listen while Carly calls her a bunch of horrible names.  In my opinion it also shows that Jason pretty much felt this way about Liz all along.  He felt obligated and guilty, he was mad as hell at Sam, and Liz threw herself at him on a daily basis while also holding their son out as bait.  Jason fell for it because of his need to be honerable and because, as Rebecca said, not many guys will turn down an easy piece.  But what he had with Liz was not some romantic love story, and that’s evident now that he’s not giving a life with her a second thought because he’s back with the love of his life.

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    I actually forgave all the crap the writers want me to digest about Liz that spewed from LooLoo, the minute Jason defended Liz to Carly I remembered why I will always have a soft spot in my heart for him.  The moment he remembered his life right now is still too dangerous to raise Jake I was head over heels in love with him again.  Won’t even bother on the waste of space that is Sam, I am still shaking my head over her "food for thought"  HA!

    I have seen so many people mention how this is LuLu’s right because those are her brothers, but maybe I was raised different because as much as I would defend my brothers and sisters (and I have 10) I would never interfere in their relationships because in the end if they ever got back together you come out as the bad guy.  My mother has seen me through difficult times through my marriage but never once took sides.  LuLu is not a hurt party here…her brothers are and while it might bother you it really is none of her business.  Do what Luke does best. 

    My other huge problem was that she took family business to the streets, and I could care less if she was looking for Liz, that was not the time nor the place to not only air Liz’ business but Lucky’s and Nik who some seem to have forgotten is a Member of the hospital board.  Way to go Loo

    I am with a few who mentioned that I cannot stand Loo but it must be something in Dante that makes me tolerate her.  Even my husband said he would have smacked her.  I understand Liz’ need to take all the blame and stay shut, but enoughs enough.

    My husband welcomed me over to his Carly Hate Club yesterday because that woman is so delusional its ridiculous. 

    And sorry EET but respectfully disagree that nobody can DUPE anyone into doing something they don’t want to do.  Loo was a big girl she made the choice to lie and keep that lie.  I don’t care what someone else tells me to do, if I choose to keep it a secret it falls on me.

    I cannot believe that I am about to say this but are we sure Ethan’s not really Laura’s child because he showed a compassion that amazed me.  I commend him for being the one to have the sense to stop Loo and still be kind enough to offer Liz a ride home.

  27. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I see it as Jason being Jason, a man dealing with the family he can’t have and the woman he once loved and having the woman who can deal with the danger and being content with that.

    The writers can cut and paste it all they want but no one will ever make me think that Jason did not love Liz as a life partner.  The same way no one will ever make me think that Jason suddenly did not mean those hurtful things he said to Sam.  The thing is that right now JaSam is getting the big time pimp-out and this Liason fan is fine with that because Jason has never disrespected Liz in any way, shape or form.

    The writers don’t even want JaSam to discuss the past and some Sam fans on other boards are so afraid of Liz and Jason even talking.  I mean really that is beyond stupid.  They share a child.

    I am with the poster who said that JaSam are best as friends and work partners than lovers, there is nothing to them this go around.  No Chemistry, No Romance and the saddest of it all Miss Indepenent will be gone.

  28. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    It’s funny when Liason fans say JaSam has no passion when their couple had sex maybe 3 times during 2 years.  Liz ran around town begging Jason for sex and he never wanted to be with her.  They were never in his house or in his bed together.  I’m sorry, but that’s not a relationship to me.  It’s definitely not passion.  I think Jason meant the things he said to Sam in ’07 when he said them.  Sam had betrayed him and used his child to hurt him.  But I, along with many other JaSam fans, have always believed Liason was about Jake and that Jason’s "love" for her was just misplaced love for Jake.  If there was any time that Jason could be with Elizabeth as her husband, it’s now.  Someone on another board pointed out that right now Jason is questioning his life and his business.  He already doesn’t want to be a hitman anymore.  Liz has cheated on Lucky again and he’s probably gone for good, and she’s falling apart.  If Jason wanted to be with Liz, he would be thinking of a way to do so, but instead he’s talking to Sam about what makes sense for them in their life together.  I’m not saying Jason never loved Liz.  I’m saying his love for her is and was about Jake.  Because, Elizabeth as an individual, is not what Jason wants, and he’s made that perfectly clear many times.

  29. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I think that Guza and Frons hate Liz and Frons don’t think that Becky is hot so this is the way to ruin the character of Liz by making her look very bad from the viewers that we can’t stand the sight of her, LOL.  Guza’s writing is still flat and again the same old from him and the show needs something different to substain the ratings.

  30. Profile photo of diallo41
    Liz ran around town begging Jason for sex and he never wanted to be with her.

    mayjadjor you and I will get along just fine because I think deep down you too see the power of Liz.  She not only can throw "coffee tables" across the room.  She can turn a sometime mob boss and first class killer into a witless nonthinking tool by begging him to sleep with her not once but several times. 

    They were never in his house or in his bed together.  I’m sorry, but that’s not a relationship to me.  It’s definitely not passion.

    So you’re not couning the secret love den he created for them. Technically the Penthouse is his house. 

       I’m not saying Jason never loved Liz.  I’m saying his love for her is and was about Jake.  Because, Elizabeth as an individual, is not what Jason wants, and he’s made that perfectly clear many times.

    Hmm…I am glad you are clear. Jason has also said he loved her several times.  So I am not sure what is clear.   He has also said he wanted her.  I remember hearing that as well. 

  31. Profile photo of GH LOVER

     Ok Jason loved Liz a bit but Liz didn’t love Jason at all , if she did she would be his wife the danger factor don’t count , because when you love someone you will be with him and you will believe him …
    She said that she believed that Jason will save and protect them she didn’t want it  because she needed to have her Lucky the lap dog ……
    Liz can’t love someone fully , she doesn’t  know how  ??

    Sam and Jason love each other fully I think Jason loves Sam more than Liz ,he believes in her completely and he respect her more than anyone ….
    The fact that Jason is truthful with her and tells her all , and ask her about his son because she is a big part in her life shows how  he loves her ….

    About Jake , I think Jason is stupid for not asking to be involved with his  own Son , his son’s world is falling apart I don’t know if Lucky can be his father , I don’t know if Liz can get her life straight …
    Liz twisted Jason’s head in thinking he is not good to be a father makes me hate  he more..
    Sam and Carly are right Jason is not Sonny , he will not do the same mistakes Sonny did with Michael , I don’t believe that Jake growing up with Jason will make him want to be a killer NO WAY !!
    Jason would protect Jake , he would be in a safe home and protected , Carly house didn’t had guards around her,also life is not safe there are many dangers outside ..  Also Jason has  lots  offer to Jake, Jake can spend time with his grandmother ,  who is a doc or with Edward  who is a BIz man and Carly all this elements  in Jason’s life are not mob , and can bring Jake the normal life 

  32. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    It’s no different than JaSm fans who say that there was no chemistry between Liason.  It will always be apples and oranges.  i for one loved JaSam the first go around because of all that made them fall in love, this time around I see nothing, maybe it has to do with Frons mandating them to put back together, or maybe its because I, as a person with two eyes and clear hearing, saw and heard all the crap that spewed from Jason’s mouth during the beat-down of Sam.

  33. Profile photo of Perkie

    troymclure said:  I hated Ethan being nice to Liz. 

    I think it had more to do with redeeming Ethan than anything else.  Ethan came on as a douchebag that all fans hated.  Now they’ve softened him.  Making him come to Kristina’s defence.  Building a relationship with Lulu and Lucky.  And now being the only one to come to Liz’ defence. 

  34. Profile photo of john2124


  35. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    [quote=GH LOVER] Ravennite I wonder what you will say after Lucky and Liz will get back together ??
    what Lucky said to Liz is in the same level as Jason ……..


    GH LOVER, you can’t be serious.  I mean Lucky had every right to say what he did to Liz (though I would have been happy if he didn’t fall into the tramp/slut trap) but no way in hell is that even similar to what Jason said to Sam. 

    Jason threatened to kill her, sorry but that falls into its own crazy ass category and its still something I haven’t forgiven Jason for.  Was Sam wrong in what she did..yes.  Did she deserve to be yelled at…yes   Did she, after all she and Jason been thru, deserve to have her life threatened…NO

  36. Profile photo of GH LOVER

     Ravennite what Jason said was out of hurt and anger , I don’t think he really meant it , the fact is that he didn’t repeat it .
    I think it something that he later regret it …..
    If you look closely Jason and Sam fought a lot about what happened but he took the blame on himself and he didn’t say anything about the threat , they didn’t talk about it ..
    they both were mad and upset about  what happened ….
    And more Jason and Sam forgave each other , after michael shooting Sam came to GH and tried to give Jason listening heat , they both decide to let the past be in the past ,,,
    Jason and Sam gone trough a really long road to get back together , She forgave him and he forgave her ….
    Jason I think regret what he said that night and if they will talk about it he will say he should have never have said that ……
    Sam don’t talk about it because she don’t need to , She knows that it was in the past and that Jason never meant it …

    I think if Liz and lucky will get back  at each other people will say the same things they say about JaSam 

  37. Profile photo of rebecca

    I LOVED the "verbal smackdown’ Lulu gave that LOSER aka LIZZARD aka LIZ.
    AND i am GLAD it happened publicly at work not in private. That B*tch deserved EVERY bit of it! I just wish Lulu had taken it to a even more childish level and had grabbed "LIZZARD the LOSER" by the roots of her hair and dragged her around the hospital with it! That would have been FUN to watch!!!!!

  38. Profile photo of PurpleRocks

    I"m suprised at how cruel ppl really are and are OK with the way Liz was treated by Lulu and think that she deserved worse.  I get that you all hate Liz, but no one deserves to be humiliated like that in public.  Not even Claudia deserved what Sonny did to her.  I would never EVER go off on someone like that in public.  It would make me look like the bitch or the crazy person like Lulu ended up looking like.  I would take them into a private room and then go off.  I don’t care if Lulu just happened to see Liz and went off because she was so angry.  People criticize Liz for not having self control but where was Lulu’s self control there.  It was super cruel.  She couldn’t have grabbed Liz by the arm and dragged her into another room and then went off. Did Alexis scream to all of Port Charles that her own daughter slept with her husband? No.  Did Jason publicize Sam sleeping with his biggest enemy and endagnering his child and the woman he loved at the time? No.  Maxie was the only one totally humiliated by the naked pictures.  But I don’t remember Liz screaming at her in front of all her co-workers, her boss, and her friends about her sleeping with Lucky and supplying him with drugs.  In fact, Maxie came to boast about it to Liz and instigated.  It was too long ago but I don’t remember how Bobbi handled Carly sleeping with her husband.  Was there a huge public berating for that?  Not sure.  Did Jax go off on Carly for sleepign Sonny again in front of all her employees and friends?  Point is, I can’t believe they gave Liz the same public humiliation that was bestowed upon Claudia.  It’s almost worst for Liz because her friends and family were there and did nothing about it, while most of the ppl at Claudia’s bday hated her anyway.  Unlike Carly, Sam, and Lulu, and Maxie, Liz never slept with anyone out of revenge or to purposely screw up someone else’s relationship.  All she did is screw up her own life.  She’s not this horrible person that goes out of her way to hurt others like some characters do, she just makes stupid careless choices that end up hurting herself and others.  Does that make it right, heck no.  But at least it wasn’t out of revenge.  So for her to get this kind of verbal smackdown is ridiculous.  And I agree that Fronz/Guza must hate her.  She got slapped by Carly over Jake being Jason’s and Carly marched over to Liz’s house to do so.  Why would someone get slapped for that?  And then the line about "any bitch in heat can have a child" was ridiculous cuz at that moment, Carly herself was having trouble conceiving a child so why would she say that.  Would she have said that if Sam was standing there knowing that she can’t have kids.  Sometimes I don’t understand where the writers get their lines from.  Point is, I don’t understand why it had to be so public of a humiliation when other characters that did something just as bad didn’t have to go through that.

    And I believe Jason defended Liz not just because she is Jake’s mother, but b/c he’s always had a soft spot for her.  Ever since that first dance in the diner.  I believe he did love her when they were "together" but he’s also loved plenty of other woman, Robin, Sam, Courtney, …  His love at the moment is Sam.  Which would change the minute Guza/Fronz snapped their fingers. 

  39. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Bravo Purple!

    I just hated that LooLoo forgot that her announcing what Liz had done in the hospital affects her brother Nik, as a member of the hospital board.  I think watching both epis again with hubby and listening to his reaction was an eye-opener.    .

  40. Profile photo of Perkie

    Ashlovesgh said: Favorite line from today’s episode-Lulu says to Nik "Elizabeth trotted herself practically up to the roof to sleep with you, just like she ran up 15 flights of stairs in the dark to seduce Jason

    See, that took me completely out of the moment.  There is no way that Lulu would know that Liz climbed the stairs to the penthouse that night.  We know, because we saw it.  But she wouldn’t have that knowledge because who would tell her? 

    That was clearly a line that the writers stole from message boards, since it’s the viewers who say it all the time.

    And just like EET said she felt taken out of the Lucky smackdown scene because she felt she was watching RH playing LIz rather than being Liz, I got taken out of that scene. 

    It is not something that Lulu would know, much less say.  It was Julie saying what the viewers want to hear and it was stupid.

    Also, if Lulu wants to rag at Nik and Liz about this affair because they’ve destroyed Lucky, than have at it.  But Lulu cannot bring up any other affair since she herself is guilty of the same crime.

    Soemone correct me if I’m wrong, but while Lucky was bagging Maxie, and Sic sex was happening and Liz climbed the stairs to Jason, wasn’t Lulu shagging Dillon on the floor of the boat house, AT THE SAME TIME????  Wasn’t Dilu’s baby conceived in and around the same time that Jake was? 

    Lulu should not be talking about other people’s transgressions that happened at the same time that she herself was trangressing.  If she wants to freak out at Niz about Niz, than go for it, but anything makes her a hypocrite.

  41. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    [quote=rebecca]I LOVED the "verbal smackdown’ Lulu gave that LOSER aka LIZZARD aka LIZ.
    AND i am GLAD it happened publicly at work not in private. That B*tch deserved EVERY bit of it! I just wish Lulu had taken it to a even more childish level and had grabbed "LIZZARD the LOSER" by the roots of her hair and dragged her around the hospital with it! That would have been FUN to watch!!!!!

    See if one of my sister-n-laws every came to my place of work or ran into me there and decided that this was the place to air private family stuff, they would still be looking for all of their body parts.  It is nobody’s business who Liz sleeps with, and the fact that LooLoo found this the best way to speak her mind proves to me she will always be that child that I have hated since day one.

  42. Profile photo of cheryl85

    Lulu truly disappointed me as well.  She put all of Liz’s dirty laudry out in public.  I was truly disgusted and livid.  I understand Lucky is her brother, but at the same time Lucky did quite well fighting his own battles by himself. 

  43. Profile photo of Perkie

    EET said:   Plus Lizard duped her once into covering up

    Maybe I’m getting old, but my memory of that time is this:  Lulu was a Spin/Jason/mob apologist at the time.  They told her to keep quiet about the paternity, so she did.  In fact, Liz didn’t know Lulu knew until much farther along.  And Lulu kept the secret, WILLINGLY, because she wanted to be in good graces with Spinelli and Jason and she didn’t want Lucky to lose it.  So blaming Liz for Lulu keeping her mouth shut is too much.

    Also, Lulu can spin it how she wants, it was her choice at the time to keep her mouth shut.

  44. Profile photo of JaSamLover

     I am having no problems with the Liz smack down. It definitely is a dream come true. it’s glorious, simply glorious. [Although, i have heard the words ‘bitch’, ‘tramp’, ‘whore’, and ‘slut’ enough in the past two days to fill my quota for a while, but still – glorious:)]

    It genuinely scares me how Lulu is now my favorite part of GH. It goes against everything i know and hold to be true for me to be loving her so much. JMB was on point yesterday. And her and Dominic are just amazing. DomLu= LOVE.

    I am ready for this JaSam reunion to get re-focused. I don’t need Sam’s only screentime to be when she is placating Jason. Though, it was nice for their conversation to not be about Franco for once. And on the topic of Jason, I loved Carly and her gloating. oh Carly <3

    I am ready for Jax’s sneaking around to come out. Me is excited.

    I hate Olivia. Also, I noticed something yesterday. She kind of acts the same way around Dominic that she does around Johnny. I mean physical mannerisms and such. They need to end. Johnny needs a new love. Preferably someone i like so I can enjoy Johnny time again, lol.

  45. Profile photo of Mobb Ish
    Mobb Ish

    What I don’t get is that you all want Scrubs/Epiphany to defend ELizabitch, but that’s exactly what LuLu is doing for her brother! I loved that she put her on blast in front of everyone she knows, because it’s about time her sh1t came to light…It’s not that I don’t like Liz, I just hate self righteous people because they’re usually more fake & untrustworthy than those that don’t hide it…

    Whether Jason thinks what he’s doing for his son is right or not, when Jake grows up and finds out who his father is, he’s going to resent him for abandoning him, that’s a fact! No matter what the circumstances are, he’s gonna have to deal with a teenage Jake who will probably become even more rebellious than Michael because he was abandoned by his real dad!

    I think the only time I have a problem with Sonny is when he doesn’t listen when Michael or Jason is telling him something.  I know it’s hard to fathom that he let his guard down enough to be infiltrated, but I also loved how he went to Jason and told him what  Michael said…Shows that as much as he might think Mike is doing it for selfish reasons, he realized what exactly do they really know about this Dominik guy!

    I can’t wait for Jax lying @$$ to get thrown out by Carly! In what orbit or world did he ever think that sending the father of his wife’s kids to jail would be beneficial to them! Now if Sonny was some kind of rapist or child molester I could see how it would benefit them, but come on Jax…

    Question to DC? How was it so easy for Olivia to tell Agent Raynor who Dante’s father is, yet she couldn’t tell his own superiors when she was trying to get him thrown off the case in the beginning!

  46. Profile photo of Mardou

    Perkie said:  And Lulu kept the secret, WILLINGLY, because she wanted to be in good graces with Spinelli and Jason and she didn’t want Lucky to lose it.

    That’s how I remember it as well.

    As far as the rest of the episode, IA that while Lulu is justifiably angry at what Liz did, to put her on blast at work was immature. Reminded me of all of the reasons why I continue not to like her very much, in spite of the sweetness of Lante.

    And as far as Lante goes, I wish I didn’t feel like the show was about to ruin them by turning them into the Greatest Love that Ever Loved so quickly. It was too soon for them to be declaring love, IMHO, and it bothers me because it’s obviously a clunky way to raise the stakes for when Dante gets shot, etc. They could have had the power of Lulu’s pain after he gets shot (since they ARE very into each other) and saved the ILY for when it was REALLY built up.

  47. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Perkie, I felt the same way when Lulu uttered that line and yes LuLu’s pregnancy was a result of the same faulty condoms that resulted in Jake. I also felt removed when she released Nik by stating that he lived his life without regard for the opinion or feeling of others, those others now include Lucky and that’s okay? I don’t have a problem with the place she chose to explode because it was spontaneus but agree that not only did noone stop it but stopping their respective conversations and eavesdropping was a bit much. I also wish JMB had showed more passion in her performance which would have made her need to lash out so violently clear. After JJ on Monday, her performance was a letdown.
    Add Carly’s ridiculous, Jason should take Jake, this is the woman who felt she needed revenge against the teenage prositute who thought that her child would have a better life almost anywhere but with her, and it’s obvious the fix is in.

    P.S. Raven, I don’t know where you get the strength but I am glad you have it.

  48. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    [quote=Perkie]Ashlovesgh said: Favorite line from today’s episode-Lulu says to Nik "Elizabeth trotted herself practically up to the roof to sleep with you, just like she ran up 15 flights of stairs in the dark to seduce Jason

    See, that took me completely out of the moment.  There is no way that Lulu would know that Liz climbed the stairs to the penthouse that night.  We know, because we saw it.  But she wouldn’t have that knowledge because who would tell her? 

    That was clearly a line that the writers stole from message boards, since it’s the viewers who say it all the time.

    And just like EET said she felt taken out of the Lucky smackdown scene because she felt she was watching RH playing LIz rather than being Liz, I got taken out of that scene. 

    It is not something that Lulu would know, much less say.  It was Julie saying what the viewers want to hear and it was stupid.   [/quote]
    Preach it Perkie, because that is the point I lost Loo, well that and when it was ok for Nik because he was all moody and dark.   Really?!?!?!

  49. Profile photo of Beth

    The reason I’ve got no trouble with Liz being publicly humiliated is this: Liz has thrived on being a self righteous, holier-than-thou know-it-all for quite a long time.  She has no trouble knocking people down off their pedestals when they do wrong, and she likes to do it in a condescending manner (personally, I find that to be an acting tic of BH’s). 

    She slept with two brothers – so what?  That’s a mainstay of many soaps.  I don’t have a problem with that.  It’s just that after having two children by two babydaddies from two one-night stands and lying about the paternity of both kids, I think her attitude needs to ease up a bit.  It’s pretty hard to lecture someone on their bad behavior when your track record isn’t exactly squeaky clean.  Stop presenting yourself as a paragon of virtue while you’re sneaking around doing things you know to be morally wrong.  And beating yourself up over them, then turning around to go back for more lovin’ isn’t exactly what I’d call penance.

    In short, if you don’t want to be publicly called out as a hypocrite in front of your friends and colleagues, then don’t act like one.

  50. Profile photo of Perkie

    Mobb Ish said:  What I don’t get is that you all want Scrubs/Epiphany to defend ELizabitch

    It’s not that I wanted them to defend Liz’ actions, but rather to stop Lulu’s very public tirade.  Grabbing both of them by the arm and hauling them into a private room where the rest of the staff or patients can’t hear them.

    I think the only time I have a problem with Sonny is when he doesn’t listen when Michael or Jason is telling him something

    I thought it was hilarious how Sonny kept trying to find out how much Johnny was involved and Micheal kept trying to steer things from Johnny onto Dominic.

    Sonny: "Yes, but what did JOhnny say?"
    Micheal: "Uh, that doesn’t matter.  Dominic is a traitor"
    Sonny: "Yes, but what did Johnny say?"
    Micheal: "Something about stabbing you in the heart.  But Dominic is the traitor.  He’s the traitor dad"
    Sonny: "Yes, but what did Johnny say?"

    Question to DC? How was it so easy for Olivia to tell Agent Raynor who Dante’s father is, yet she couldn’t tell his own superiors when she was trying to get him thrown off the case in the beginning!

    Answer:  the writers are stupid?!!  And often write stories as they’re going along.

  51. Profile photo of Perkie

    Beth said:  She has no trouble knocking people down off their pedestals when they do wrong,

    Ok, someone has to give me an example of that, because I don’t remember anyone being on a pedestal for her to knock off.

    Isn’t that the argument all Liz haters have?  That she’s always placed on a pedestal and no one else is?

    In short, if you don’t want to be publicly called out as a hypocrite in front of your friends and colleagues, then don’t act like one

    Well then, everyone in that town (except Molly and MOrgan) should trot down to the town square for their public flogging.

  52. Profile photo of maxsmom
    maxsmom has a list of the 5 most misogynistic shows and GH is number 3, after Dollhouse and Bad Girls Club, I could find countless examples of this but how about this, the first person to call Liz a slut for sleeping with Nik, was Liz.  She doesn’t put herself on a pedestal.

  53. Profile photo of jasamfan98


    She’s not this horrible person that goes out of her way to hurt others like some characters do,  


    I think carrying jason’s child and lying to Lucky and telling him that he’s the dad is going out of their way to hurt Lucky.  I also think sleeping with Nik over and over while telling Lucky that she wants to marry him is going out of her way to hurt Lucky.  She’s not in love with Lucky but she lied to him so he wouldn’t leave her.

    As for Lulu bringing up the issue with Jake while she was boinking Dillon i feel is right.  Lulu is not claiming she’s an angel.  She’s bringing up the ways Liz has hurt her brother. 

  54. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I wanted Sonny to handle Michael much differently.  Son I am only going to ask you once.  This is importance because lives are at stake.  If you change your story, I will understand but you need to tell me the truth because I will investigate what you tell me.  Michael would have been insistant and Sonny could have then told him I will get to the bottom of this.  Thank you for telling me this as my son, but be clear that your love and loyalty as a son doesnt translate into you becoming mob.  I really also wish when the whole junk about Dante taking over came out that Sonny had said to Michael that he wants to retire so that he has more time to spend with Michael and Morgan and that he has a plan for that.  Sonny had 3 million or whatever to throw away on that junky painting for Kate that looked like pasta.  I really think he could scrounge up say 20 mil and open a real non mob business for Michael and Morgan away from the mob. Good lord he still holds stock in ELQ, he could try and buy up more and work with Edward to put M&M into ELQ.  A good father would see that his son isnt demanding mob he is demanding time and respect and love from dad.  I really need Sonny to get is ISH together for Michael because his love for his kids is about his only redeeming quality these days.

    Public tirade – actually I forgot a major one and its one I have mentioned many a time.  It was the day I went from being okay with Liz to Hating the Lizard.  Carly had informed her that she had been drugged and Ric had raped her.  Lizard went OFF at KELLYS that Carly was a liar and dressed her down for all her past lies and mistakes. She NEVER apologized even though she later found out that yes, Carly was drugged, yes Ric knew she was drugged and he let her believe he had sex with her.  The difference – Carly was trying to protect Lizard when she told her about Ric and Lizard was out to satisfy her itch and her selfishness has hurt lulu.  And what Lulu said was all true and current – the Liz/Carly smackdown not so much.

    As for Lulu – I thought there was a big to do at the second LL wedding when Lizard asked her to be a bridesmaid.  Yes JaSpin asked her to keep the secret, but she was still on the fence. When Lizard asked her to be in the wedding, didnt lulu go off – I thought there was a big thing about how if she told she would destroy lucky and his sobriety.  Its not all Lizard – she got the full court press from Jason too, but I dont think that as a whole the GROUP gave her much choice and she has to feel stupid in retrospect how she got played.

    I have to also ask – am I the only one who considers the age of the characters when it comes to these things.  I guess I hold a young barely adult person (ie: lulu/dillion, Carly/AJ) to a different standard than a 30 something professional.

  55. Profile photo of PurpleRocks

    What I mean by going out the way is, "This person hurt me or someone that I love, so I’m going to make sure they pay for it."  Carly: Slept with her mother’s husband to get back at her.  Sam: Bought a hot tub to seduce Lucky to get back at Liz and Jason and called Jason over to tell him her plan.  She also said she wanted to ruin the perfect littel family that Jason wanted for Jake.  I’m not counting Ric b/c I’m not sure if she slept with him to get back at Alexis or if she was just that weak and upset and wasn’t thinking.  Lulu:  Broke up Dillon and Georgie b/c she felt she deserved Dillon, not Georgie.  Maxie: Where do I even start? One example is how she slept with Logan to get back at Lulu for sleeping with Dillon.   Now these are my thoughts and perceptions, but I don’t think Liz started doing something wrong for the pure sake of trying to get revenge on someone.  I"m not saying that what Liz did was not wrong because of her intentions, I’m just saying to me personally it’s more wrong when your initial intent is to hurt someone.  She didn’t say "I’m doing this to hurt Lucky", her actions ended up hurting him, but that was never her inital intent. She didn’t sleep with Nik to hurt Lucky, she did it b/c she was weak and has issues.

    When Liz went off on Carly in public, it’s b/c Carly brought it up and Liz thought Carly was purposely spreading lies.  I wouldn’t have believed a thing out of Carly’s mouth either at that time.  Liz knew Carly hated her and she knew Carly hated Ric and she knew Carly lies a lot.  I agree it was messed up to not apologize to Carly later, but at the time she was yellign at Carly b/c she thought Carly was spreading false rumors.  And when was the last time Carly apologized to anyone.  She didn’t even apologize to Kate after her son shot her and left her for dead.  Actually, the last time Carly apologized was when Michael got shot and I started to like her for it.  But now she’s back to the same old Carly…

    And I know Liz can be snooty to ppl she doesn’t like, but I don’t see her putting herself on a pedastal like Liz haters do.  I think other characters put her on a pedastal.  But I don’t recall her ever asking for that.  I’ve always admired that she gave up her dreams of being an artist to get a real job and raise her kids.  But I don’t think that’s putting her on a pedastal.

    As far as age goes, yeah the younger you are, the more excusable your actions are, but that doesn’t mean your past actions don’t matter or can be forgotten.  I doubt Lulu even thought of how she did the same thing a couple years ago.  She probably forgot all about it.  But it did happen, and like Perkie said, it happened at the same time as Liason, so she should have thought about that before going off on Liz.

  56. Profile photo of Perkie

    EET said: 
    I  really need Sonny to get is ISH together for Michael because his love for his kids is about his only redeeming quality these days.

    The problem is that the writers continue to tell us that Sonny is this great father, but so far, I haven’t seen it.  Jax goes to karate with Morgan.  Jax takes the family on a ski trip.  Sonny on the other hand pretty much ignores Kristina and to a lesser extent, MOrgan.  And doesn’t give Micheal the verbal smackdown needed for the boy to realize that he’s not going to go into the organization. 

    Sonny is all about his kids, only when it’s inconvenient, like when he wanted the boys to stay with him rather than go to Australia with CarJax to get away from Franco.


  57. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Perkie I think that issue has been more of late, we had the year of him not being able to see them and it just hasnt been the same since.  I prefer when the write Sonny as a decent father his mob ties not withstanding.

    Let me amend Beth’s statement (if I may be so bold)

    In short, if you don’t want to POTENTIALLY be publicly called out as a hypocrite in front of your friends and colleagues, then don’t act like one

    Liz got called out for ONE of her many many misdeeds.  Not everyone all the time is going to get a verbal smackdown for every mistake that they make, but if you want to improve your chances to never be called out for being a hypocritical lying slut in front of folks I have one suggestion – dont boink your once and future bro-in-law.

    Purple Rocks – so let me get this straight, Lizard was JUSTIFIED in PUBLICALLY calling out Carly on the rape charges because she BELIEVED that Carly was doing something wrong, but Lulu is immature because she PUBLICALLY called out Lizard about something she KNEW FOR A FACT was wrong.  HUH??

    And your initial argument was that poor pitiful put upon Princess Liz was publically embarrassed while no character other than Claudia had ever been subjected to public embarrassment. I just gave you example after example of public humiliation only for you to say that the only ones that counted were  okay because they were justified by how bad those characters behave and in that case then HELLO so would Lizard’s and hopefully Niks because their smackdowns would be justified too.

    Lizard on a pedestal – I dont think she is a Saint.  I dont think she thinks she is a Saint.  I think she works awfully hard to make others believe she is a Saint and that she greatly values that false image.  To me that is such a loser move.  Watching Lucky’s meltdown I actually felt that EliesaLOT was more concerned about losing Lucky’s adoration and having others find out about her bad behavior than she actually was about how much pain she caused this person she professes even know to still love or how wrong her actions were.  I also think that from the perch of that false pedestal she has carefully crafted she looks down on people.

    Back in the day we actually had Lizard fans on this board that insisted that she had the RIGHT to look down on people because" Courtney was an ex-stripper and Liz was a nurse"  "because Sam is a con artist and Liz is a mother"  " because Carly is a liar that destroys people and Liz is a good girl that cares for others"  I TOTALLY believe that the way the writers have written this character, this is exactly the mentality that Lizard has.  There is a reason why the people she shows respect to are all doctors and professionals.   I had the luxury of a great education and before I got sick a great job.  IN NO WAY did my job or education make me ANY BETTER than anyone else and I can tell you that it made me sick at times to deal with people who thought that their so called station in life made them "better than" the mechanic that fixed their car, the waitress that served them lunch and the cleaning crew that tidied their office.  People like that disgust me.

  58. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I wonder whether Jason will reassess should Princess Leia move Darth Vadar into her home.  While Lucky is safer than being the son of a mobster I think being around a Cassadine is almost as dangerous.

    I can just hear Helena now purring about how she isnt going to let Lizards brats turn her legacy, her "beloved" grandson into a common urchin and that their potential influence has to be negated.

  59. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas

    Seriously, all this LISA crap…

    I would rather see FAISON come in and go after Robin and Emma.
    Anna and Robert may come back and you KNOW Patrick would go into, "Oh no, you didn’t." mode!


  60. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Liz has said time and time again that she knew what she was doing when she was having secret kisses with Nikolas and when they started sleeping together.  She said it that night at Wyndemere when they first slept together.  I believe it was something along the lines of " I knew what I was doing when I came over here.  I knew I was playing with fire."  Or something like that.  She was consicously aware of what she was getting herself into, so she deserves to suffer the consequences.  And if that means a public smackdown, then she has to deal with it.  She should be embarassed.  She betrayed Lucky’s trust and she should feel ashamed that everyone found out.  However, I think she will be just fine.  In time, everyone will forgive her, including Lucky.

  61. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Robin really irked me on todays epi.  Just watched.  I usually love her but she was all WHAT when Patrick was saying dont judge cheaters like she wanted to snap her fingers to say HELL to the N.O. I sure will judge you if you cheat on me, but then she goes off to be an apologist for Lizard with Steve. I am curious – if Patty cheated you think she would be well okay you have your needs like she was with her bff OR do you think she would go all Lucky on his ass, shread him, and then turn him over to her parents so that they could deal out the pain.

  62. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas


    Oh, lord!  I can’t WAIT for my girl, Helena to show up!
    I hope she has good scenes with TG, too.
    AND Lucky!!!  The innuendo.

    AND FAISON……….     

    See how purdy my avatar is?

  63. Profile photo of uofmichgrad99

     I loved the Liz smackdown and Julie Berman was clicking on all cylinders.  I’ve never been a big LuLu fan, but she has grown on me since ‘Lante" and now I am a full fledged fan after the Liz smackdown.  I get her anger.  I understand her rage.  Her brother has starting drinking again and it was Liz who basically triggered it (and Nik too..).  
    When LuLu called Liz "The Stairmaster" to Nik I almost fell out my seat.  GH writing has been beyond amazing lately and it is back being the best soap in daytime.  When the Mitch Lawrence Show is over with on One Life…someone please wake me…right now GH is holding down my 1 soap DVR spot…lol

  64. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Someone is going to have to give me the date of this public humiliation Liz inflicted on Carly.  I don’t remember that ever happening.  I cannot remember ever seeing a character get put through a public flogging like Lulu did to Liz.  I don’t think Liz telling Carly that she is a liar in Kelly’s can actually compare to Lulu humiliating Liz at her job while friends and co-workers look on.

    I have always had a hard time with watching people get embarrassed.  It goes all the way back to those horrible speeches English teachers liked to torture students with in High School.  There was always a student who stood up in the front of class with thier paper shaking in front of them.   I hated that and just wanted to make it all okay for the poor kid.  I hate when characters are embarrassed on television even so Lulu yelling at Liz was particularly difficult.  I had just started to like Lulu again.  I so enjoy Dante.  But, she lost me again.  That was horrible and I hope someone tells her or she realizes how bad it was and she apologizes.   It does not matter that Liz has hurt Lucky.  You absolutely do not air family business in public.  She not only embarrassed Elizabeth but herself, Nikolas, and Lucky. 

    Lucky may have opened the door to Carly while he was drunk but would he really want it to be public knowledge that his fiance cheated on him with his brother?  Cameron and Jake go to the hospital all of the time for Daycare.  Why should they have to bear witness to Liz’s co-workers whispering and pointing in an elevator?  Would Lucky want that?  Does Lulu want that? 

    Epiphany, Robin, Patrick, and even Sonny let Liz and those boys down by just standing there.  I am so surprised by how many posters believe that it was justified.  I have always thought that it is a marker of immaturity to lose your cool in public.  I was proud of Liz for standing there and taking it.  Rebecca Herbst has been spot on the last few days.  I wish she wasn’t cursed with Nikolas.  it is so unfair.

    I too was sitting there and thinking WTF when Lulu started talking about Jason’s stairs.  How would she possibly know that?  And, isn’t Jake’s paternity supposed to be a secret for his safety?  Why bring up Liz having slept with Jason?  Why remind folks?  That isn’t good for Jake.  That isn’t good for Lucky either.  Her entire tirade was thoughtless.

  65. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    Even though I really dislike Liz, I know this storyline will end up being good for her in the end.  Hopefully she goes completely nuts and gets carted off to Shadybrook, then she can try to figure out what’s wrong with her mind.  In my opinion, Liz walks around delusional most of the time.  She was totally in lala land when she was chasing Jason around, thinking he would be one of those types to come home at 6:00 at night, have a family dinner, then read to her children before bed.  She actually convinced herself that they could have that kind of life together, no matter how many times Jason told her she was dreaming.  I think this thing with Nikolas is similar to her obsession with Jason, in that she just can’t let go of that bad boy, even when she knows she needs to.  When she’s in the middle of getting swept away by these men, her children and her life don’t even matter to her.  Would a rational Liz really yank her sleeping kids out of bed in the middle of the night just to go beg her lover to stay?  She’s obviously not the best mother in the world, but she’s still not that irresponsible unless she’s in the middle of one of her manic, "I gotta have my bad boy now" episodes.  I think she gave up the dreams she had because she got knocked up twice and ended up with a life and profession she never wanted.  Hopefully she can get some help, realize her issues, and try to make herself happy in a realistic way.  I want to see her come back with her mind together and go after Lucky.  You know he’s not gonna chase her again, so if they get back together, which you KNOW they will, she’ll be the one doing what she can to make it happen.

  66. Profile photo of PurpleRocks

    ITA GHvetfan.

    EET- That’s not what I was saying at all.  Carly came to Liz and started telling her stuff that Liz would have no reason to believe.  I would be pretty pissed too if I thought someone was lying to my face and spreading rumors.  If Liz instigated it all then she would be just as wrong as Lulu. Liz didn’t call Carly out and just go off on her b/c she was having a bad day, Carly came to Liz.  She went off b/c she was being defensive, defending herself and Ric.  She didn’t know what Ric did and when she found out, she should have apologized to Carly.  Liz did not go up to Lulu and say anything.  Lulu started the attack.  Liz was minding her own business just coming to work.  Lulu was not defending herself, she was just getting her anger out.  She was on the offensive.  And yelling at Carly at Kelly’s in front of a few strangers and one or two ppl that may know you is not the same as yelling at someone in front of their boss, their coworkers, their friends, everyone you have to see every day of your life.  I don’t think that’s the same thing at all.  And I’m not even going to get into the whole one person thinks they’re better than the other b/c of their job or whatever else. There’s so many different ways we can go with that b/c there are so many different things that can factor into why someone thinks they are better than someone else, if they actually think that or other ppl think they think that, and if they are actually better than them and if they are justified in thinking that and if they are respected by others or they just think they’re respected by others.  Don’t have the energy to get into that. 

    ashlovesgh- Yes Liz knew what she was doing was wrong and she did it anyway.  And yes she needs to deal with the consequences, but I don’t think a very public verbal smackdown at the place you work should have been one of them.  Lucky’s verbal smackdown was justified and well deserved, not Lulu’s.  And yes, Liz knew what she was doing was wrong and that she was hurting Lucky, but her intentions were not to hurt Lucky.  Sadly, her intentions were just pure selfishness.  Which is pretty bad too. But not as bad as "I want to hurt Lucky so I’m going to go bang his brother."  It was more like "I want to bang Nik and this is going to hurt Lucky but I can’t help myself.  Both wrong, but the first is worse than the second.

    I think I’m done trying to explain why Liz’s public smackdown was just wrong.  I’m tired of talking about it.  Hopefully it’s over and done with and there will be no more public humiliation for Liz.  I think she’s paid enough. 

  67. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Wasn’t the whole town without power the night that Liz and Jason slept together?  If that is the case, then it’s common sense that Liz had to climb the stairs to get to Jason’s penthouse because the elevator wouldn’t be working…right?  Besides, didn’t Lulu know like everything about Liason because of Spinelli?  That’s how she knew Jason was Jake’s father.

    Sam haters-you have to admit that if Sam was the one getting called out in public, that you would be all for it.  If Sam was the one that slept with her fiance’s brother and was the one that lied about it for months, you would be on your feet cheering that someone was finally calling Sam out on her betrayal.  You would think it was hilarious that Sam was getting called all the names that you have thought about her that whole time.  I understand that it sucks that your girl Liz is being berated, I would feel the same way if Sam was in Liz’s shoes, but come on, this is the first time that Liz has ever really been treated that way.  People have said the exact same things about Sam going from Sonny to Jax, sleeping with Ric and "stealing" Lucky away from Liz with her hot tub (yeahhh okay, lol).  Sam has constantly been thought of as trash, a slut and all those other words that have been used to describe Liz as of late.

    Anyway, my point is that right now Liz is getting what she deserves, but in a few months people will grow to forgive her for her transgressions.  She has a solid group of friends and people that care about her.  What is happening right now is an instant reaction from people that are hurt and angry (Lucky and Lulu).  On today’s episode, Patrick said that he wasn’t going to judge her actions.  Robin, however, confused me a little at first with her reaction, but when she was talking to Steven, she genuinely seemed concerned for Liz.  Steven has his sissy’s back.  I’m almost certain that she will bounce back from this and that she will have earned everyone’s trust back.  Even though I don’t think she deserves it!!  Lol, but that’s just me!

  68. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I have said before I have looked for the Liz vs. Carly clip – there were so many smackdowns back them between Journey/CarSon vs. LiRic that I havent dug it up, but as I remember it, Carly went to Lizard out of concern. Lizard took it all in and then went to find Ric. Ric gave her a song and dance and then came back to the diner where Carly was and went off.  Back then Kelly’s was a major hangout spot and I cant remember 5+years later who the heck was there, but lets remember Carly was RAW emotionally from what Ric put her through and of all the characters Lizard should have remembered what it was like to face people and wonder if they would judge or not believe.  She could have ignored Carly, she could have pulled her aside, she didnt.  Lizard was protecting and defending her lover Ric, Lulu was protecting and defending the brother she loves.  You act like Lulu went off because Lizard borrowed her curling iron and didnt return it.

    But its always the case that things that happen to plenty of characters are totally okay unless those things happen to Lizard and then its "SO UNFAIR"


    and for those that twitter – the whole Jason still loves Lizard crap because he told Carly to not call her names is silly.  Jason let Carly go for awhile before he drew the line at the nympho label being applied to the mother of his child.  Its nothing more than that.

  69. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    EET… Sometimes I wish I had the imagination of some of the more rabid Liarson fans.  I swear, I think that as they watch the show, half of their brain is making up a totally different version than what is on TV and they go on boards and pretend their fantasy version is the one everyone saw.  Yes, Jason told Carly to shut it when she called Liz a lying nympho.  Any platonic male friend I have would stand up for me the same way.  Never mind the fact that during the whole time he talked about the Jake/Liz situation, he never once gave any thought to being with Elizabeth again.  I mean, her relationship just fell apart in what seems to be a permanent way, and Jason’s trying to keep hope alive that LL2 will get back together.  Did he ever say, "well, now that Lucky’s out of the picture and I don’t want to be a hitman anymore, maybe I can finally have that family with my long lost love"?  Did he ever mention the possibility of Liz coming along with the deal if he were to claim Jake?  Then he goes and asks Sam what she thinks since she’s in his life and whether or not he claims Jake has to do with her too.  Well, I guess if you just pay attention to the fact that he didn’t want to hear Carly call her names and ignore the rest of the scenes, I can sorta claim on twitter that he someohow still loves Liz.

  70. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Wow May you came up with all that with what some have posted here or somewhere else, because this Rabid Liz fan was just happy that TIIC didn’t have Jason fall into some stupid hole and that he remained true to himself and who he has always been with his ex’s.

    I have no doubt that Jason will always love Liz whether its as the mother of his child or as the friend he has had for years, the same way he will always love Robin.  This fan is just thrilled beyond belief that Liz has her own story and doesn’t care if it involves getting called out I mean even Rabid Sam fans should get their wet dream once in a while.

    This Liz fan would not want to see Sam or any women get reamed out in public unless its Helena because what she usually does affects the entire town. 

    I for one am going on the record, as a huge Liason fan, that Sam can have Jason because he sucks the soul out of his women and they usually take a back seat to him in regards to story.  When Jason decided to leave the mob and have a normal life, I hope him and Sam have a wonderful life, and when Jake grows up Jason and Sam can explain to him how it was much more important for him to be a hitman than a daddy.

  71. Profile photo of Perkie

    Ashlovesgh said: 
    Sam haters-you have to admit that if Sam was the one getting called out in public, that you would be all for it.

    As a Liz fan, but not a Sam hater, I have to say no to this.  Just because you’re glad that your hate was public eviscerated does not mean that we’re all that blood thirsty.

    Although, I supposed I’d be fine with Sonny getting a smackdown every day and twice on Sundays, so I guess I’m just as blood thirsty after all.

  72. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    Ravennite… When I was talking about rabid Liason fans, I wasn’t commenting about anyone on this board.  If you read EET’s post, she was talking about some of the comments on twitter.  I called some of the twitter people rabid Liason fans because some of them harrass SBu and other GH actors because of the fact that Liason aren’t together.  I’ve read some of their tweets to SBu, and they are either delusional, thinking Jason is a real person, or they are just taking things too seriously.  Anyhoo, I like all the Liz fans on this board and always read the postings.  Sure, I don’t always agree with everyone, and I like getting into light hearted debates, but that doesn’t always happen on other boards or over twitter.  Those mean spirited comments that are made elsewhere are what I was talking about.

  73. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Thanks May – just wasn’t sure maybe because I stay clear of twitter but it sounds kind of sad that some take it that far.  I do remember EET commentating once on how bad it gets on Facebook didn’t realize twitter had gotten so bad

  74. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    Just a little thought….  Has anyone here given any thought to the idea that the "rabid" folks on twitter are mostly tweens and teens who don’t have good parental guidance and perhaps are overly invested in certain characters and shows instead of their own lives for various reasons?  I have noticed this a lot on twitter and Facebook.  Anyone else?

  75. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Raven I actually agree with a lot of your post.  I was trying to say that the scene was nothing more than what we saw.  I agree that Jason will always have feelings for Lizard akin to his feelings for Robin.  Some on twitter have interpretted that as the begining of a re-start to J/L and it left me scratching my head.  Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes a dont insult the mother of my child is just that. 

    I also agree that in general we should care more about good story for our gals and not which guy they necessarily end up with.  I actually loved LuSam but it was like storyland pergatory – not enough of it played out on our screens and that left me longing for JaSam again.  I could love down the road LuSam or JoSam or hey if aiden turner came AiSam IF there is good story for Sam as part of it that showcases her amazing talent. I dont expect JaSam to last forever.

    I was also thinking, I think it was Mayjador that suggest how some of this could play out for Lizard and how it might benefit the character.  IF she went to Shadybrook to cover the Becky real life pregnancy and then she comes out and Lucky is with the new Ward girl or Maxie or who ever and we get original recipe Liz I would be so happy to see that. If she said this is why I pulled all that crap with Nik and with Jason, I really love you and I intend to get you back Lucky – I am going to fight for you and then she really went after him the way she did when she was playing tricks on Sarah back in the day I would fricking love that.

    And I want to go on record, I wanted her to get smackdown, but I didnt care that it was in public. I was cheering the words and for me the public aspect of it didnt make me happier or less happy if that makes sense.

    I really wish I could find that scene but it truly was a small scene during the ric rape storyline because the bigger, much bigger part of it was her then trying to kill ric and Sonny finding out that it didnt happen.  For personal reasons it stuck with me but it was actually kind of short.  And really its irrelevant.  My only point was that the writers dont only deal out smackdowns to this character – maybe they didnt all happen at the nurses station but there have been plenty of smackdowns physical and emotional over the years.  I actually love them and in general would like to see more of these payoffs to story. Next up, OLIVIA, pretty please.  Carly gives such good smackdown, I want to see her pick up the baton that Johnny whacked her with yesterday about betraying her son. 

    Perkie, yes thats how Carly felt at the worst moment of her life, she was also lashing out all over the place. She feels differently now. I have said many times I think Jake is safer with Lucky.  I dont think Jason should go for custody as things stand now.  If Lizard moved Nik into the house, my opinion would change.

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