DC Sneak Peek: Victoria Rowell Previews Appearance on Tonight’s Ghost Whisperer! (VIDEO)

Is former The Young and the Restless star Victoria Rowell about to be diagnosing some ghostly murders? Rowell— who gltized up Genoa City as Drucilla Barber Winters for the better part of two decades on Y&R, in addition to starring for eight seasons on the hit, primetime series Diagnosis Murder— is returning to her old CBS primetime stomping grounds tonight. 

The actress is guest starring on an episode of The Ghost Whisperer, opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt. Never one who likes to wait and see, I contacted the multitasking star (her first novel, Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva is on presale at Amazon.com) to get the skinny!

‘It’s art imitating art," Rowell teases. "Remember the fabulous actress who played Devon’s social worker on The Young and the Restless? Well I’m basically playing that role on Ghost Whisperer tonight! Watch and see!"

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to see Rowell back on the screen tonight where she belongs! Check your local listings, but before you do that, take a look at the sneak peek below, courtesy of CBS Digital:


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    I think it’s idiotic no other shows, not just YR, havet tried to snatch her up. It would be great if she ended up as a villainess who messed things up for Greg and Rachel on OLTL. It would raise the roof on their ratings. That’s for sure.

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    If she would come to OLTL and screw up Rachael and Greg ROYALLY, that would MAKE MY DAY as a fan of Shaun and Destiny.

    And I would want Shaun to come out on top of that s/l!!

    Rachael and Greg make me sick!

    HEART SweetShaun!


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    I just finished watching the 1/29/10 episode of  Ghost Whisperer online at the CBS website and I will admit it was good to see Victoria Rowell on screen again.  I think she did a fantastic job in the role she played. She looked a little tired though; perhaps it was the make-up or that’s the way the character was supposed to look/come across.  Because you know we’ve seen pictures of VR and she looks glamourous.  I know make- up goes a long way – it can cover up a multitude of flaws if applied and done correctly.  I knew I’d see her guest star on something soon so I wasn’t too concerned or obsessed with her coming back to Y&R as most of you are; she’s a very talented actress. 

    I understand that she and and her husband resides part-time in Atlanta where I currently live.  I can’t say I’ve seen her personally around the city as I’m pretty much a recluse myself and VR and my paths would never cross.  Nicholas Rodriguez (Nick Chavez OLTL) was also in Atlanta conducting a workshop not long ago. 

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    I just read the following as being reported by Nelson Branco I suppose @ TV Guide Canada in his 1/29/10 Suds Report that

    Are the Nielsen Ratings finally smartening up?

    Time will tell, but the trigger-happy nets should stop cancelling soaps until at least 2011. Why? The Nielsen Ratings have announced that they are finally including online viewership as well as broadcast views to each serial’s overall numbers. However, the audience must watch a version of the program that includes all the commercials from the television broadcast which excludes Hulu and other video services.

    Perhaps Jamie, Luke have already mentioned this on this blog/website….

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    I just saw it she played a social worker but it wasn’t much it was good to see her though. I don’t think Victoria would fit at FronsTV. I don’t wish to see her there…I don’t know if after her exposure of the backroom politics of Y/R would work now either.  I applaud her for telling it like it is and moving on.

    As for the Suds report I read that last week in Variety …here it is without the spin…

     Nielsen to combine TV, online ratings
    ‘Extended Screen’ will help measure Web audience


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    I was thrilled to see Victoria Rowell do her exciting bit on Ghost Whisperer.  All 2 minutes of it.  Thought she looked a bit haggard though.  Did hear that she did such an outstanding job that CBS is creating a show for her and that she will be allowed to write, produce, direct and be the only star in it. WOW!

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