Ex-DAYS Superstar Hogestyn: “I Offered to Go Back to My 1986 Salary”

TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco has a revealing new interview up with former Days of Our Lives leading man Drake Hogestyn, who among many juicy tidbits, reveals he offered to return to his 1986 salary to stay with the sudser!

TVGuide.ca: Yeah, but you’re not just anyone. You’re Drake Hogestyn — the male lead of the show.

DH: You can’t assume that — even if people tell you that you’ll be on the show until the cows come home. When you look at the show from a fiscal standpoint … listen, we all knew there were budget problems. When NBC cancelled a show [Passions] that they owned outright, we all immediately knew that DAYS was on the chopping block next because NBC doesn’t own our show. Looking at my character, even one as popular as John Black, the cost/benefit wasn’t worth it, obviously. And I can see why they made the decision to fire Dee and me despite the fact that I offered to go back to my 1986 salary.

You mean to tell me Hogestyn would have gone back to the start— no pass go, no collect  $1 million dollars— and Corday couldn’t swing that?! Hogestyn also reveals The Young and the Restless passed on him for the role of Tucker McCall. For more from the man who brought Jason Bourne to daytime click here

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    I love Drake. What a fantastic, eye-opening interview! It’s so unfortunate that we’ll never get a classic John and Marlena love story ever again. They are never coming back.

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    This is a great read. I have a newfound respect for Drake. This and the Deidre interview makesme happy for these two. It was sad to see them go based on their status in Daytime, but they are at peace w/it and the show is much better for it. As for JER never again will I say a bad word. As much of his stuff I liked (early Passions) and hated (2005-06 Days) I can’t deny the force he was. Two words: original and fearless!

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    Personally i agree with jamey  who suggested when drake was fired,he play dimitri marrick.With amc moving to los angeles id love to see drake opposite susan lucci

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    east.west, Days is a shadow of its former self without John and Marlena. Days lost me as a viewer forever when they fired D&D.

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    Daniel St. John

    I don’t know about being Dimitri but I do think it is a no-brainer for AMC to scoop Hogestyn up. Erica needs an age appropriate man in her life  after this dalliance with that himbo Ryan, and Drake would probably have great chemistry with Lucci.

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    While off from work one day and channel surfing, I came upon Drake on Days. He was the reason I bought a vcr and follow Days to this day.  Oh for the days of the Masion Blanc storyline everything happened under the sun and John lost his shirt in a thousand different ways! lol…fun

    Thanks for the memories Drake.

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    I have been a fan of his for years. I would love for Drake to come to AMC as Dimitri or a new character. He and Susan Lucci would have dynamite chemistry together.

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    Drake is the BEST! He is a brilliant actor who was even able to make the often out there storylines that he was given on DAYS believable.  I started watching DAYS in 1986 when Drake was cast and I stopped watching the day John was killed but returned when Drake returned to the show in 2008 and left the day his last show aired.  Drake is a class act and that’s a fact!

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    DAYS is clearly trying to save money, right???? (sarcasm!!!) They fire Deidre and Drake, only to bring on Crystal Chappell, Louise Sorel, Wally Kurth, and now Judi Evans??? These actors could NOT have been cheap!! I ain’t buying Ken Corday’s garbage about saving money!!! There has to be more to the story than we are being told!!! He had to REALLY dislike these two actors to just cavalierly get rid of them….Why, I don’t know!!???????

    If they want to get rid of dead weight, get rid Mia, Melanie and the rest of those teens and 20-somethings!! They don’t deserve paychecks anyway. Most of them are just bad actors who would be more suited to waiting tables than having steady employment!!! At least then they would have more time to devote to taking acting classes!!!!

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