Leven Rambin Going From TV Teen Mom to Real Life Teen Bride?

Congratulations are in order for Grey’s Anatomy star and All My Children alum Leven Rambin. The 19-year-old actress, who recently returned for AMC’s 40th anniversary, announced on her Twitter page that she is engaged to Geoff Clark. Side note: I am re-reading one of my fave book series as a kid, Sweet Valley High and it’s so weirdly cool to see Rambin’s face on the revised covers as twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield!

Second side note: Did you know Sweet Valley creator Francine Pascal originally developed the characters and their universe as a proposed daytime soap opera aimed at teens? Yep,  I read that in Bitch magazine. Carry on!

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    Please don’t get married before you are at least 28.  It is generally not a good idea.  People are still growing into their own "skin" at that age and you have a lot to experience and comprehend first.

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    TV Gord

    In theory, I agree with you, tml.  My best friend in high school, though, married the girl he started dating in grade nine.  They’ve now been together almost 34 years and married for 26.  It can work.

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    Wasn’t there a Sweet Valley High series on Saturday mornings in the late ’80’s/early ’90’s? I seem to remember a live action show using the characters of SVH.

    Congrats to Leven on her engagement. She seems awfully young to be taking such a serious step, so I hope things work out for her.

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