Will Oprah's Exit Cause The View and General Hospital to Swap Timeslots?

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Rumblings continue to grow louder concerning what ABC and its affiliates plan to do once The Mighty O exits daytime in 2011. According to the LA Times, one option has ABC Daytime's hit talk show The View swapping timeslots with the network's flagship sudser General Hospital.


Another option, although less likely, would be for ABC would be to swap "The View" with "General Hospital," which typically airs at 3 p.m. on most of its stations. The risk there is that "General Hospital" has been running in the afternoon forever and a move to late mornings could severely hurt the show, which is one of the few remaining soap operas.

Hmm, something tells me mob shoot outs and medical mayhem won't work nearly as well over coffee and bagels as Elisabeth Hasslebeck and Joy Behar hissing at one another like a pair of deranged, combative cobras in a pit, but what do I know?

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