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We can finally call him Dante! From now on, in this blog, he will only be called Dante despite my preference to the name Dominic. What’s Dante to do now that he has a daddy and a mommy who has been lying to him all these years? Well as I’ve mentioned here and on the Podcast, he’ll cover for the bullet to the chest and when it comes to his parental units, he’s not happy with either one of them. But let’s revisit the bullet to the chest. Dante knows that as a cop and an undercover one to boot, it’s one of the risks you take. Not to mention the mobly aspects of his undercover work. But what has Dante more upset? The fact that he let the good part of Sonny Corinthos under his skin. The good part? We GH fans know that Guza loves his mobsters with a heart of gold and Sonny Corinthos has been his poster boy for years. Dante may not like what daddy does for a living and how he goes about his business but he can’t deny that he’s witnessed him in action as a father and that he’s not half bad. Really Dante? Are we watching the same father in action?

Will Dante be able to have a father – son relationship with the godfather of Port Chuck? Will his siblings like their new big brother? Will Sonny ever pay for his crimes? It looks like he won’t be serving any time for shooting Dante and trust me; I shouldn’t be the only one saying what the hell is wrong with you Dante? That SHOULD be a running theme around town. Anyone remember when I said way back when that I would love to see Lucky and Dante partnered up on the PCPD? SPOILER has that Mac just may have an offer for Detective Falconari. Is it an offer Dante can refuse?

What about Lulu? We suspected there could be trouble ahead for Luke’s daughter and Sonny’s son. Will Lulu be the only person in PC that Dante can turn to? Lulu stands by her man but at what cost? How will Lulu’s love life affect Luke’s friendship with Sonny?

Has hell frozen over? Elizabeth asking Sam for advice on how to reconcile with Lucky? Oh boy! There are certain people in PC that I can get behind the whole frienemy thing; Sam and Liz are not those people.

The new lady prosecutor… thank Jax for her arrival. He seems to be behind the ace attorney coming to town to prosecute Sonny who will go to trial according to RUMORS. Will Michael come forward and own up to what he did? He dished to the sibs today that he was the one to deliver Claudia’s fatal blow, will he ever get the chance to be Sonny’s hero? More on Jax… and Carly. I mentioned on the latest ABC Podcast that once Carly learns of his involvement she SHOULD be hitting the road Jack. RUMORS say she may be coming back and forth as she struggles with what to do. In the name of honesty, Jax MAY be telling his wife that he’s also behind the prosecutor which COULD put another rift in their marriage.

Stuck in the middle of all this… Morgan Corinthos. He likes Dante who is now his big brother. He has Michael to consider. His dad is going on trial for a crime that Michael committed in defense of Carly and Josslyn not to mention that his mother’s marriage to Jax is imploding due to Sonny’s troubles. Poor kid. Then we have Kristina who has some major daddy issues and a boyfriend that likes to beat her up. These Corinthos kids are in need of some MAJOR therapy. Anyone else think that this would be a really good time to bring Lainey back to the canvas?

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Does Carly want to move into Jason’s penthouse? Are the fans the only ones that remember that there is an empty penthouse right across the hall? Elizabeth returns to the Chapel where Lucky and she exchanged vows many years ago. It looks like she loses it once again and passes out where Lucky finds her on the verge of hypothermia. Lulu does not want to be messenger girl for Dante and Sonny. Mac and Alexis? Will they get closer? When Dante figures out who really killed Claudia what will he do? Carly is of course on Team Sonny throughout his trial. RUMOR has it, they are writing in Rebecca Herbst’s pregnancy.

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    Great spoilers. GH really needs to bring Lainey back for them Corinthos kids. They’ve got too many problems to count. Lord I hope they don’t write Becky Herbst’s pregnancy into the show. A kid is the last thing Liz needs & I don’t want another Who’s the Daddy s/l.

  2. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Please kill me now that I have to endure another Liz pregnancy.  Why can’t she ever get shot in the uterus. If I have to endure this I want this as a Niz baby but because I want that it will be a Spencer child.


    Sorry – thanks Regan for the spoilers

  3. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    NO need to be sorry. I love Elizabeth and I don’t want them to write it in. IF they do though, I think I’d rather see Lucky actually get his child for a change. Nikolas is right up there with Sonny in his fathering skills IMO.

  4. Profile photo of Lilly

    dante will remain the good guy that he is — there may be periods you think otherwise — He is MUCH to popular to have people turn against— he will likely work with PVPD to set Sonny up for bigger and better take downs

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    Spoiler Alert…They’re definitely writing in the pregnancy and it’s who’s the daddy – saw it during a commercial today for soap mag.  Urghhhh  Good news is it leads to some Jason/Liz scenes

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    Regan Cellura

    Didn’t see anything that I haven’t already dished on Jason and Sam. I’ve been strapped to a desk all week moving my office and fast forwarding during any and all commercials so I didn’t see the mags latests ploys. OH wait on JaSam… I mentioned the moving in. V-Day MAY contain some sort of jewels and it is not supposed to be another star necklace.

    I don’t mind Dante being the good guy. Don’t we already have enough bad guys that we’re supposed to believe are good in this town?

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    I totally do not want Guza to ruin the Dante character, he is great and his pairing with lulu will sure to bring conflict into the sonny/luke friendship, something Guza and his idiot team of writers missed, by making Ethan a spencer instead of a scorpio, just imagine the conflict that could have been played out between tristan rogers and anthony geary when Robert found out luke had slept with holly and laura’s anguish over this same betrayal. Let’s hope Guza does not drop the ball this time around, and let Geary and his ego stay out the door.
    As for writing in the herbst pregnancy, I sure hope they don’t, we need no more daddy storylines or more children on this show,and what kind of message would that be sending, that no adult characters no what birth control is, and that would make how many women on this show have children with different men…Carly’s children each have a different father (A.J./Sonny/Jax) Elizabeth (Rick-miscarriage/Zander/Jason) and Alexis (Unknown-Sam/Sonny/Rick). That sure does not show the women of GH in a positive light. So forget about another baby storyline.
    Build back up the Quartermaine and Scorpio Clans, bring back more romance and friendships, less violence. Show Sonny trying to build a relationship with his only daughter, more background on Spinelli and who he really is. play up the rising career of Maxie with Kate has her mentor, etc.

  8. Profile photo of troymcclure

    [quote=lebostout]Spoiler Alert…They’re definitely writing in the pregnancy and it’s who’s the daddy – saw it during a commercial today for soap mag.  [/quote]
    Yep, saw it too. "Liz on Gh is pregnant but who’s the father?" VOMIT!!! I hope Nik is the father.

     Hate the Dante spoilers.  I don’t doubt that he will be all chummy with Sonny at one point but protecting Sonny like a day after he shot him, is way too soon.

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    I’d like to see Elizabeth off the show for a while and Jason be given custody of Jake and Cameron too in order to keep the boys together.  We know how Jason is with kids.  Let’s see how Sam copes with the boys on a 24/7 basis.  Of course, that will never happen.  The boys would go to Steven Lars as the next of kin.  He would of course hand them off to Gram who by now should be exhausted from taking care of Cam and Jake all the time. 

    I am so tired of the tribulations of Sonny and Carly.  He needs to go to jail for all the crimes he has committed, and she needs to try life without Jax, his money, and their baby daughter. 

    Why can’t the show concentrate on something/someone other than mob boss, his egocentric ex-wife, and his like a brother enforcer? I don’t know how much money the 3 actors portraying Sonny, Carly, and Jason, are making but getting rid of them could save the show some money and probably save the show!

  10. Profile photo of Miry

    See, I just don’t understand why Dante & friends won’t tell that Sonny shot him.  Yeah, yeah you THINK that Sonny might go to jail for killing Claudia, but you know for SURE he’d go to jail for shooting a cop.  Dante wasn’t even undercover any more when Sonny shot him.  He pulled out his badge and read him his rights.  Sonny SHOULD go down for that.  I mean, Spinelli (who is also DEAD to me) told him & Jason that the police got the shirt fragment from Sonny’s fireplace ashes from an undercover cop… so Sonny KNEW that Dante wasn’t working alone (& Dante even told him that he wanted to give them all one last nice day before the arrest)… so Sonny poppin’ a cap in Dante’s a$$ made him even MORE guilty. 
    There is no way anyone (read that GH writers?!) will be able to convenience me that no one speaking up isn’t a dumba$$ move.  It just doesn’t make any sense.
    The shooting scene made for some good tv no doubt… but I think Guza & co. screwed up by taking Sonny this far.  He literally has NO redeeming qualities now.  What they should have done was have Sonny almost shoot Dante & then hesitate and THEN Olivia should have came in & told him NOO! that they were father & son.  That way I would still be disgusted with Sonny, BUT not as disgusted (b/c he hesitated & didn’t actually get the chance to shoot) & I wouldn’t have to roll my eyes every time I see him walking around free.  I know they have to keep Sonny out of jail so that they can play all the beats (though the reveals/reactions of EVERYONE were beats that they missed!!) of this story… but its just too much of Guza’s Sonny Love being showcased.  The only 2 things that Sonny could do right about now to make me hate him more than I already do is if he would 1.) Rape somebody or 2.) Slap Morgan across the face.
    Yes the hate is that strong.

  11. Profile photo of Lilly

    I DO doubt Dante will be chummy w Sonny — I have seen several reference in several place he does not want any part of Sonny ~~ It hink he may appear to  be wavering but I don’t think he really will~~~  he is not trying to protect Sonny by saying what happened is part of what comes with his job~~ he hopes to get Sonny on the large charge for Claudia — he has no way of knowing the evidence that indicates Sonny did is wrong~~ he will  be working with Mac and Lucky rather than Sonny ~~ by the time the Claudia case goes to trila Sonny will  do something else stupid— Sonny shgows up at Dantes room yes– doesn’t mean Dante wants him there — it will all take time to play out~~

  12. Profile photo of Lilly

    EVERONE KNOWS Sonny shot Dante~~~~ Including Mac– no one said Dante or anyone else won’t tell  that part. Dante will say possibly it goes with the job and is always a risk — he wants Sonny to hang himself by  the time the Claudia thing goes to trial~~~~    He’ll not switch sides but will work with PCPD  tho you may not realize always what he is doing~~ I have read this several other places

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    [quote=Lilly]Don’t everyone sell dante short or stupid— things are not always what they seem[/quote]
    I sure hope you are right.  Dante is too great of a character to be ruined.

    Regan, I’m like, majorly crushing on Ronnie ever since he went badass on Sonny and today on Jason and Sam.  His eye rolls are made of win and makes me hope for a Carly/Ronnie pairing just to see who can eye roll the most. LOL
    Anyways, is he staying?  I sure hope so.

  14. Profile photo of Lilly

    Something that might make a lot of people feel better: Go and  search on the message board for "Spoilers I can Sink My Teeth In" A couple of my friends referred me to it whe n GH came up when we were talking after work ~~~`

  15. Profile photo of Miry

    Lilly: I understand what you are saying… but Sonny’s attempted murder of a COP IS a large case… just as large of a case as Claudia’s murder if you ask me.  I mean, Diane can claim that it was self-defense seeing as how Claw kidnapped Sonny’s preggo ex-wife, but NO WAY can he squirm out of shooting a police officer who made himself known & who was trying to arrest him. 
    I just don’t see the logic.  Sonny can be tried for 2 cases.  Its been done before.  NOW, if Dante is holding off on this to see what happens on the Claw case b/c he doesn’t want the legal stuff to get too complicated but if Sonny doesn’t go to jail for that crime then he will bring up charges against Sonny for his attempted murder (though the DA doesn’t need Dante to prosecute) since there is no statue of limitations on attempted murder (I think)… then I guess i can let it slide for now.  I mean, it is still stupid, but I could give them a pass as long as that was (or something very similar) was Dante’s reasoning.

  16. Profile photo of samrocks
    …bring up charges against Sonny for his attempted murder (though the DA doesn’t need Dante to prosecute)…

    No, but they *do* need at least ONE eyewitness, so if Olivia AND Dante play dumb then they really don’t have much to go on unless Sonny HIMSELF confesses, which is about as likely as the moon actually being made of cheese.

    The only 2 things that Sonny could do right about now to make me hate him more than I already do is if he would 1.) Rape somebody or 2.) Slap Morgan across the face.

    Miry…The last thing we need is for you to give them more dumb ideas, LOL.

  17. Profile photo of KMRDaytime

     If Dante and Olivia don’t testify to exactly what happened (which it sounds like they won’t) I think GH has completely crossed a line that makes me sick.  

    Yes, this is a soap opera, but it is one thing to portray the cops as idiots and  have the audience behind the "good" mobsters who solve crimes and save people but  it is entirely another to shoot an unarmed cop point blank in the chest without any consequences.  

    It is disgusting to watch every character — Luke, Carly, Olivia, Diane, Michael, Alexis , Jason, Roben, Sam — try to  justify what Sonny did and keep him from facing the consequences. Everyone of them have been diminished and lost the decency that balanced out the "bad" stuff.  No matter what "good" qualities they try to pretend Sonny has does not change the fact that he has proven himself to be a selfish cold-blooded killer and anyone who can even begin to justify what he did deserves to be shot point-blank themselves.

    I only recently started watching GH again — now I wished I hadn’t.  It’s not a mistake I will make again.

  18. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I dont think Samiz are going to be new frenemies.  I think actually its going to annoy fans of both characters when Lizard basically says to Sam how did you get Jason to forgive you because thats the magic that I want to use to get Lucky back.  I think Liz fansare probably going to hate that she is putting her transgressions on par with Sams and Sam fans are probably going to be annoyed with the idea that there was some magic ploy that Sam used.

    BTW I actually think the Niz boinking was worse than the Jake napping because Lizard is spiraling out BECAUSE of the fallout from the bad behavior whereas Sam started falling apart and that LED to the bad behavio but thats just me.

    Now off to enjoy a good long evil laugh at the thought of yet another Eliesalot WTD story. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  19. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    troymcclure – "Regan, I’m like, majorly crushing on Ronnie ever since he went badass on Sonny and today on Jason and Sam.  His eye rolls are made of win and makes me hope for a Carly/Ronnie pairing just to see who can eye roll the most. LOL  Anyways, is he staying?  I sure hope so."

    I feel nothing but disgust for Ronnie.  He is a crooked cop and a criminal acting like a bad ass detective.  I’m not impressed!

    samrocks – Olivia didn’t actually see Sonny shoot Dante.  She came in after Sonny had already shot him so all she saw was Dante lying on the floor bleeding and Sonny standing there holding a gun.  She’s still a witness but not to the actual shooting.

  20. Profile photo of Marezi

    Ronnie is not or at least should not be this "respected police officer". How and why are they letting Ronnie run this investigation on Dantes shooting? When will it come out that he shot a man and let Franco go to prison for it? Will Jason or Sonny find this out and "get to Ronnie and turn him " and use him to fill them on the what the police have on them?

    Still do not understand how or why they are writing Liz as breaking down because she was hollered at or screamed at by two, count them, two people. What does that say about her strengths or weaknesses. Where or how will they fix Liz after this cheap and lame excuse to "breakdown"? Doesn’t make sense even to me, who does not like Liz 

     Hell Sam had five husbands and she didn’t breakdown, charges of prostitution, slept with her stepdaddy, slept with Sonny and had a baby and lost it and she never broke. Or so people keep telling Sam fans even though we saw Sam spiraling  but hey she didn’t break. 

  21. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    Marezi – Ronnie did not shoot a man.  He robbed a liquor store right before he became a police officer and he let Franco take the blame and go to jail for him.  When Franco got out he covered for Franco’s future crimes thereby allowing a serial killer to go free. 

  22. Profile photo of samrocks

    Sassy…While it’s true that she didn’t witness the actual shooting, if she told the truth then the DA’s office WOULD have enough to prosecute even if Dante remained silent.  Here’s why:

    1) She ran into the living room IMMEDIATELY after the shooting, which implies that she heard the shot.

    2) She saw Dante on the floor with a bullet in his chest and Sonny standing there with a gun in his hand, which implies that Sonny was the one who shot him – unless there was some mysterious third person.

    3) She kept yelling "You shot your own son!" and he didn’t deny it.  This is (legally) significant because a reasonable person presented with such an accusation under those circumstances would have denied it rather than simply remaining silent.

    That plus the fact that he had motive (Dante is an undercover cop) AND opportunity (no alibi during an event that several people expected him to attend) provides AMPLE grounds to take the case to trial.  HOWEVER, assuming Dante DOESN’T say anything, by taking away 1), 2), and 3), then the case is weakened SIGNIFICANTLY.

  23. Profile photo of keanna

    As always thanks for the  spoilers, Regan!!!

    Great just what we need another WTD storyline for Liz!! We just went through this!!!
    I feel bad for Morgan, Lainey definitely needs to come back to the canvas.

    Any word on the casting for Mya and Zoe?

  24. Profile photo of Marezi

    [quote=sassysdreams]Marezi – Ronnie did not shoot a man.  He robbed a liquor store right before he became a police officer and he let Franco take the blame and go to jail for him.  When Franco got out he covered for Franco’s future crimes thereby allowing a serial killer to go free. 

    Thanks sassy. I knew there was a killer or killing in there somewhere just had the wrong person.

  25. Profile photo of purplebraids

    hi Regan nice haveing you blo again and thanks for the spilers ,I would like to know how long will the so called fatal attraction  storyline  for Scrubs  will be running and when could we see Lisa Niles gone baby gone and when will we have more Matt Hunter be more apart of the storyline .

  26. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    Marezi–To me I think Liz is breaking down more easily because she is not use to people thinking of her as some slut.  I mean she is perceived as some sweet, nice angel ( which we all know she is not).  So for people to hear what she has down is making her break down.  I think she might have been o.k. with just Lucky going off on her but when Lulu did it at her job it was worse.  It made her co-workers hear how dirty she really is.

    As for Sam she has always seemed a lot stronger to me than Liz has.  She has done alot of stuff but she doesn’t care what people think of her.

    I can’t believe they are going to do another WTD s/l with Liz.  If it does happen which is likely since RH is pregnant I do hope they make the baby actually Lucky’s.

  27. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I realize sleeping on it didn’t work, but how flipping lazy are GH writers to once again do a WTD story for a person who just went through it a few years ago.  I wanted to see angst and Liz having to grovel to regain Lucky’s love and trust.

    How do we accomplish that if she is having his baby, and why oh why do I want Lucky or Nik as a daddy.  One ignores his kid and the other couldn’t get rid of his fast enough when given the chance.


  28. Profile photo of lizznJas4ever

    I haven’t watched much since they broke up liason, but have been checking in since JJs return. Anyway when I turned it on today Jasam were kissing, Jason had to get up to answer the door & LMAO, there was the familiar wiping of the mouth!

  29. Profile photo of Miry

    Haha, samrocks, I wouldn’t put it pass them.
    & I meant it more as normally the state would still persue the case regardless of what Dante & friends say b/c it was attempted murder… & normally cops would not take too kindly to other cops being shot so they would at least investigate the shooting (u know, actually forensic Sonny & his place– hello gun-shot residue on Sonnys hands!)… but yeah, we all know none of that will come to pass.

    lizznJas4ever:  Uh oh, there you go opening up pandora’s box! haha.

  30. Profile photo of lizznJas4ever

    Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself! My girl Liz is a mess thanks to the writers, so I really don’t watch much. But I did get a kick out of seeing Steve Burton wiping his mouth.

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