Jennifer Bassey Discusses AMC Exit

Last summer All My Children fans watched as Jennifer Bassey’s Marian Colby Chandler suffered a meltdown and was written off the show.  In an interview with Fancast’s Sara Bibel Bassey talks about her time at AMC, Marian’s exit and Stuart’s (David Canary) death.

How did you feel about the way Marian was written off?

They replaced our head writer recently because everything was not the way they thought it should be going. I think it was the writer. Everything seemed to go like bang bang bang. Everybody’s gone.

What do you think of the decision to kill Stuart off?

I thought it was very sad because he’s one of the few characters that everybody loves. He’s kind of like the heart of the show. I could think of other characters it would have been better to kill off than Stuart. But, again, it was the headwriter’s choice. People asked him to please build up Stuart before it happened because Stuart hadn’t been on a lot and neither had I. You don’t get impact if you haven’t seen anybody for a long time and then suddenly they come out and they’re shot. So you’re like, [shrug] “Stuart was shot”, rather then really crying and getting emotional about it.

David Canary and Jennifer Bassey were so great together. Take a trip down memory lane above.

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    TV Gord

    Friends are telling me AMC is coming back a bit, with the return of Greenlee and her apparent pairing with David.  I’m a little surprised as my lack of interest, because I love Rebecca Budig.  Now, I realize why my apathy is so strong.

    It was bad enough that they killed off Stuart (yes, he WAS the heart and soul of the show), but the way they unceremoniously dumped Marian into Oakhaven was rotten.  They promoted that she would be returning and then just sent her away.  Bah!  That’s when I knew I was done with the show. 

    Then, I tuned in for that sham of a 40th anniversary and realized they sent the only other original cast member (aside from Susan Lucci) off the show with barely a mention.  Ray MacDonnell deserved a better sendoff.  Hell, even Lee Meriwether (who hasn’t been on nearly as long) deserved better. 

    I am finally fed up with the disrespect being shown this once terrific show.  I always thought I would stay until the bitter end, but I can’t stand the indignities being heaped onto this show.  I feel as though they are desecrating AMC’s corpse, at this point.

    Jennifer Bassey deserves to be scooped up by a fun prime time show.  Wouldn’t she be great on Desperate Housewives?  She could be Drea DeMatteo’s mother!  Awesome!  :-)

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    I love Jennifer Bassy! AMC really needs to call her right now! She’d be great paired with Adam, Stuart or anyone else! Now *she* and Ryan would’ve made a great cougar pairing!
    If you read further into the interview she makes comments about how she and Stuart were the number on couple one ABC until Brian Frons came into the network and canned it for more young storylines. She also makes comments on Chuck Pratt and the possible ways to bring Stuart back.
    I’ll definitly watch her new series whereve it ends up. Thank you for posting the Stuart/Marion clip as well,  they were my favourite AMC couple at one time.

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