Stuart Damon Goes To DAYS

According to the good people over at ABC Soaps In Depth, Stuart Damon (ex- Alan GH; ex-Ralph ATWT) will make his way to Days of Our Lives. No word on what role he will be playing, or how long his stint will be for.

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    I also miss him as Alan..heck I miss all the Q’s.  Maybe Stuart and Wally Kurth will get a few scenes together.

    This is good news for Stuart and it comes out on his birthday to boot.. Happy birthday Stuart Damon!

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    I love hearing this news.  Stuart is a great actor and GH was silly to kill off Alan Quartermaine.  He did a great job on ATWT as a mob boss, so it will be interesting to see what kind of role he will play on DOOL and to see how long he will be the show.  

    Kudos to Stuart Damon for not just hanging around his house and waiting for GH to call.  Good move Damon & DOOL!

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    I don’t think he will be Bill Horton–if they wanted to recast that role they would’ve done it in time for Mickey’s funeral.

    Maybe he will play Justin’s father/Victor’s brother.

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    Maybe he’ll wind up being a love interest for Maggie? I can totally see him paired w/ Suzanne Rogers. I’d also enjoy seeing him as an adversary of Victor’s so having him be Justin’s dad/Victor’s brother would be good, too.

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    Great news, as an early prediction I’m banking that he’ll be a new love interest for Maggie.  Plus I’m looking forward to he and Wally to work together again.

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