Oprah Brings Leno and Letterman Together in Super Bowl Ad!

I did a double take last night watching this ad during the Super Bowl. Leave it to Oprah to bring Jay Leno and David Letterman together in an commerical that plays on the trio’s decades of rumored bad blood. Watch the Super Bowl ad after the jump.

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    Letterman is my fave!!! I love his show. I thought it was very funny and very unexpected to be honest! This was the only one I did a double take last night on the web!

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    I thought it was great, there trying to bury the hatchet, I think people should too. I can’t stand Letterman, but thought that was very noble, I hope they all stop being douche bags. I think we can all agree on how ridicules this is three white millionaires, think that’s what Oprah is tying to point out.

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