Suzanne Rogers “Stunned” by the Decision to Kill off Mickey on DAYS

In an interview with TV Guide Magazine Suzanne Rogers reveals she was stunned by Days of our Lives’ decision to kill off Maggie’s husband Mickey .

Let’s clear up a couple of things. What was the point of having Mickey drop dead?

I was stunned by that decision. They didn’t want to recast the role, so they needed to tie up that loose end. In the scripts, we kept talking about Mickey being out of town, or being in trial. He was always somewhere else. The audience that’s watched us a while knew who Mickey was, but the new viewers didn’t know who the devil we were talking about. It was hard, because John Clarke [the original Mickey] is still very much alive and well. I called him and said “I hope I do you proud.” There was one good thing about it—we could use those great old Mickey-and-Maggie flashbacks, because in later years when they recast the role with John Ingle, and then Kevin Dobson, we couldn’t go back and use any of my scenes with John. By removing the character from the page, we were able to go into the archives and pull out some really glorious stuff.

Read the entire interview at TV Guide Magazine.

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    Sorry, but it was one of the best decisions that show has made since JC was no longer in the role.  It is a good way to bring ppl together.
    It IS sad that Francis Reed died so we will have lost 2 legacy characters onscreen at the same time.

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    Awww. She needn’t worry about not doing John Clarke proud. Suzanne Rogers is an underrated powerhouse and portrays one of the most realistic and relatable characters in the business. She is, quite simply, awesome and just right in every scene. 

    I’m wondering whether Frances Reid’s passing will be properly remembered when Days celebrates its 45th anniversary. That way they can tie in a celebration of the Day-One vet with the evolution of the show as a whole.

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     It was clear that recasting the role of Mickey wasn’t working.  Both actors who replaced him are good, but they just were not Mickey.  It was getting silly and somewhat insulting to fans of Mickey and Maggie that he was never onscreen with Maggie.  Mickey was always with Maggie, and then all of a sudden, he could never attend a wedding, funeral, or party with her.  Losing Mickey was sad, but I do think it opens many more doors for Maggie storyline wise.

    Perhaps Joe Gallison’s Dr. Neil Curtis will come back to Salem to help Maggie when her myasthenia gravis returns.  :)

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