Ex-GL Star Bradley Cole Heads To GH

According to a tweet by ABC Soaps In Depth, former Guiding Light star Bradley Cole (Jeffery/Prince Richard) will be heading to General Hospital. Cole will play Carlton Bauer and will make his first appearance at the end of March.

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    I love love love this news!!!! Its to bad that he is only on for a few weeks? But, just to see him and I hope with Carley (ex-Cassie) would make my day!!!!!!!!!!! But, I take what I can get and that watching them both on gh!!!!  Thanks GH!

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    When I heard the news, I wondered if his new character would cross paths with Carly.  He and Laura Wright had wonderful chemistry on GL.  It’s disappointing to hear that it is only for a few episodes.  I was hoping we’d at least see him for thirteen weeks or so…similar to Martha Byrne’s stay in Port Charles.

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    Delia Diva

    Man, I loved to see him stay longer!! He would have made a better Tucker.  Love Stephan but just can’t get into him as Tucker, William made the character more likeable.

    GH keep Bradley on!!!

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    I think GH will try to recreate the chemistry between him and LW.

    With Carly and Jax being on the outs and Jax and/or Sonny getting it on with the new DA lady, this could free up Carly.

    TIIC has a history of trying to recreate the chemistry two actors had on past shows. Remember Stefan and Katherine. 

    I think he may be only on for a couple of episodes but he will cross paths with Carly and they will keep him on for a few more episodes.

    There is no way he’s Sam’s daddy. I know her daddy isn’t just going to pop up. She has to at least look for him and track him down.

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    WOW he is good looking.

    But GH hasn’t tried to put Maxie and Matt together. Weren’t they a big couple on DOOL or some show? I remember them putting Alexis and Cameron together. What a waste. They were so great on SB but not GH.

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    I think the whole thing of Alexis pretending to be a butler for the Q’s really put a damper on that romance with Cameron. Also he was too stiff. 

    GH tried to put Maxie and Matt together but I think the fans begging for Spixie (kill me now!) ruined what could have been.

    The ratings for GH are too bad for them NOT to try and get some of those GL viewers. They have to at least try.

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    What??? WHy to GH??  I have been saying AMC needs some more leading men on canvas- now that Adam is leaving and Zach hit the road!  He could have been a new love interest for Krystal, Erica or Liza!  Someone mentioned him as a recast of Cliff— imagine Cliff coming back to town— wanst he married to Angie for a while back in teh day after Jesse died???   That would be a real monkey wrench in the Hubbards life! 

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    Hmm maybe Keifer’s Dad will end up being Sam’s Daddy, and then we can watch GH play out Sam’s sister and brother hooking up, and her innner struggle with a abuser for a brother.  But since he is only on for a short stint, I bet they make him some misogynistic man oh wait all the men are misogynists on this show


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    The Kiefer/Kristana storyline has been simmering for some time now.  I think it is time to turn up the heat by bringing in additional players.  Someone needs to see Kiefer slap Kristina, someone Alexis would doubt.  I don’t think GH should start dealing with Sam’s paternity yet.  If handled right, Sam could be major part of the much hyped but delayed new Spencer/Cassadine War. 

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    I support the line of thinking that since the character is connected to Kiefer, he will be shown to have influenced or inspired Kiefer’s abusive behavior.

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    I am intrigued to see who he plays and how long he sticks around.  GH is on fire now and any thing that can help it bulid rating is worth it.  Not sure if I am for the end of CarJax at the cost of it.  Carly made a good point the other day that she grew up without a father and doesn’t want Jocelynn to do the same and that shared custody just isn’t the same.  That being said I don’t believe CarJax is over completely.  If they were the are only two people on GH that Jax belongs with.  The pairing of Kate and Jax would be interesting as those too always seemed to click, however would be another one of Sonny’s leftovers.  Well so to speak.  The best option for Jax and GH’s ratings would be a rebirth of the Sonny-Jax-Brenda triangle!  Then it would be worth all the hardache of losing CarJax.

    Personally I could careless about the Kieffer Kristina storyline.  While I see it as point to teach young ladies and gentlemen that an abusive relationship is not worth the time it is annoying at how sloth like the pace is on it.  Please let it end!  I am beyond over it.  If he is here be on the show to get that storyline done and over it is all about it.

    As for him being Sam’s baby daddy that would be a waste.  To truly make her a Casadine would be to allow Helena to reveal who the daddy is.  Too bad there isn’t someone on the canvas that would be plausible to be the daddy.  That would be an even better shocker.  Although too much like umm Dante being Sonny’s son or let’s see AJ being Michaels father or wait for it Carly being Bobbie’s daughter.  (On that one I don’t agree with an earlier post that the reveal of Carly being Bobbie’s daughter took too long.  While we all knew for a year or year in a half and Luke kenw about the same amount or longer, it worked.  No one in town knew who Carly’s Mother truly was and that Bobbie had a daughter years prior other than those she told.  It was way out of left field once she finally did choose to reveal it!)  On that as far as the reveal of Dante being Sonny’s son I had totally forgotten that Patrick knew month’s ago and hated that they used it as a plot point to have him get closer to sleezy Lisa!

    I myself wait paitently for this much anticipated Casadine/Spencer feud to be reignited and hope that Lucky is all over it!

    On a closing note let it be February 23rd so we can see the new opening!

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