Lindze Letherman Returns To General Hospital

Entertainment Weekly  is reporting former General Hospital star Lindze Letherman is returning to the show. According to, Letherman’s former alter ago makes an appearance to help big sister Maxie, (Kirsten Storms)  who is need of some guidance.

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    Yeah, they need to re-write history and have Georgie not actually be dead.
    I always thought it’d be kewl if someone who was an enemy of Frisco had her stashed somewhere (with memory loss of course) to keep Frisco in line.  I remember writing about this somewhere… I had a whole story going where Dillion was the one to find her while on film location with Ned.
    I can suspend my disbelief b/c GH needs another young female & sisterly rival for all the guys in PC.

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    I really wish TPTB would rewrite Georgie’s fate and have her be alive. Georgie was an ideal heroine; She was sweet, kind, strong, classy and the moral backbone of the show.  In addition, her character had history.  She was not only the daughter of two legendary characters (Frisco and Felicia) but she also had ties to many other characters on the canvas. It seems as though the writers sacrificed Georgie for the character of LuLu. As soon as Lulu’s character found redemption (after trying to break up Dillon and Georgie), she became the writer’s sole focus (in terms of young heroines) and Georgie was relegated to the sidelines.

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    okay I’ve been to this site for years and never posted before but when I saw this I just had to.  GH has messed up a lot (mostly starting with Georgie’s death) and I’m one of the few people that liked Rebecca (more than Emily at least) and I LOVED Claudia, but I would so be on board if somehow the writers rewrote/retconned this to bring Lindze back full time, or Felicia had another daughter no one knew about, or Mac does, or hell…. Mac put Georgie into protection because of all of the killings and mob stuf.  Like he found her while she was still alive took her to a different hospital then sent her away for safety.  Then they could do the fallout between him and Maxie for keeping it from her.

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    Finally, soemthing to look forward to on GH!
    I have been hoping that DAYS would grab LL as a recast Melanie or even Mia or on Y&R as Abby or Mac.  She can play a wide age range and she can ACT.
    I hope that Georgie does not turn into a "ghost" like Alan; we all saw how much they used Stuart Damon after his initial reappearance. Glad other soaps have recognized his talent.
    They could have a great storyline with bringing Georgie back. 
    Helena could have stolen her body and brought her back to life.
    And she could be holding Georgie.
    Helena comes back to PC and the PCPD finally nail her on some charge; Mac is working overtime to get into Alexis’s good graces. What better way than to put Helena away?
    But Helena has the ultimate bargaining chip: she is holding Georgie hostage.
    So Mac has no choice but to let Helena go. 
    He loses his job for this and his big bro Robert returns to his previous poistion.
    Georgie’s return creates a huge dilemma for Maxi, who has a hard time being selfless.
    She & Spinelli and the rest of PC go out of their way to prevent Georgie from knowing that they are a couple.  Maxi pushes Spinelli and Georgie together. A real triangle ensues (and one that doesn’t involve Sonny!)

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    Let have Diego have Georgie capture somewhere and he is keeping her capture because she got his "beloved" cousin killed.  That would undo her death and bring her back to back onscreen.  I would buy that.

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    Well knowing the writers lack of respect for viewer and their blatant disregard for history they will probably bring her back and say she was away at school and pretend they never killed her off … lol

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    My poor Georgie! That story was the worst serial killer story only to be beat by that AMC mess. What is worse that it was sensless and uncalledfor. They could’ve wrote her off. Lindze would’ve made a great Colleen Carlton, but again that was a sensless killing off. I hope Lindze fund sucess outside of Daytime, but I would love for her to pop back on a soap. Idk where she would fit on the canvas but she could come back as a sorased Maddie Santos on AMC and help the lackluster younger set.

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    I think Georgie would LOVE Dante and HATE Spinelli if she knew that Spin is now a accomplice to a "COP KILLER"! She would be REALLY dissappointed in Spinelli!!
    He is a LOSER & A LOST CAUSE! They should KILL HIM off the show for real and forever!!

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    This is really exciting news!!!  I have missed Georgie on my screen…I’m a huge fan of both Lindze and Georgie.  I couldn’t believe it when I read this.  I’m so happy..even if it is only for a short time.  

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    Now that I think about it I’ll gladly have her back cause she’ll most likely help Maxie realize the great thing she has with Spin and it’ll help Spixie!

    Courtneyfan – What didn’t you like about Georgie?  She was good and sweet.  I am just curious.

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    Now that I think about it I’ll gladly have her back cause she’ll most likely help Maxie realize the great thing she has with Spin and it’ll help Spixie!

                 I hope this is one of the main reason she is back also.

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    Georgie, yes! She and Dillon were the reason that I started watching GH, and her dying was one of the main things that kept me away from the show for a long time. I’d love to see her back full time. I wonder if she and Matt would have chemistry…

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    I have to agree with most of the board on bringing Georgie back. There are ways to do it. There are always ways to do it. And maybe Franco could some how be involved in it. Or even Felicia, this would explain why she had to be gone during certain key moments. Then we could see how Georgie’s reaction to Spinelli being involved with Maxie pans out. Especially if Maxie is pregnant. It could be done but the question is are the writers and producers tough enough to make it happen?

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