Agnes Nixon Confirms David Canary’s Departure From AMC

In part three of his interview with All My Children creator Agnes Nixon, Scott K of US Townhall has the legendary scribe confirming David Canary‘s exit. Nixon also speaks about when some of the actors, Susan Lucci in particular, got the news of the big move to Tinsel Town. Hmm, seems like our cracker jack scoopster Jamey was right about some things… For the entire interview with Nixon click here

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    This is very sad.
    When I was a kid and watching AMC with my mom, I remember when he was married to Erica and was hiding Stuart in the house. I have loved him ever since.
    But I understand not wanting to uproot your life. I get it. I don’t have to like though.

    Thank you Mr. Canary for all the memories.
    You are one of the best daytime has ever had.

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    TV Gord

    This seals the deal.  I was thinking of returning when Brooke starts next week, but this is the final nail in the coffin of this show.  What a shame.  I hope DC is happy with his decision, and I hope Frons and anyone else behind the move to LA chokes on it!

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    TV Gord

    Good thought, goyankees.  I’ve always thought he’d be really fun with Dorian!  And they HAVE hinted at a prior relationship.  That could be really good!

  4. Profile photo of naughtytomato

    David Canary is one of a kind. This is SO hard seeing these great actors go one by one. So worried for AMC.
    I hope the spoilers are right and his character leaves Pine Valley with Brook English. So two characters get closure along with the actors.

    Just saw the teaser interview – Agnes said one of the crew asked Frons if he had a job after 37 years on AMC, Frons said no, they are staffing it out in Calif.  You could see she is heartbroken….this is depressing.

  5. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Hate to be the one defending Frons here, but AN also said that it wasnt his fault that this was what he had to do or he would be out of a job too.  Is it better that they dont move and then the show gets cancelled for being too expensive??  I hate that DC is going to leave, but I cant fault Frons for following the orders he gets from those above him.

  6. Profile photo of goyankees

    OMG, TV Gord – "Adam" and Dorian!! THAT would be unbelievable.

    Actually – Scratch my quotes around Adam. Just have Adam Chandler – – no new character – move to Llanfair….David Canary IS Adam Chandler (RIP Stuart, and the writers that coldly killed you – idiots!)

    Love it!

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    TV Gord

    I think they could easily move ADAM (not just DC) to OLTL, goyankees.  Back when AMC and OLTL were crossing over with each other, they established that Adam and Dorian had some kind of past connnection, so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to work Adam into the Llanview scene.  Dorian could pit Adam against the Buchanans, which have been vulnerable since Asa’s death.  It would be great to see, in my opinion.

  8. Profile photo of Pastamom

    How sad that Adam is leaving…Another great one gone, although I can’t blame him for not wanting to commute or move out their.

    I would LOVE to see Adam on OLTL with Dorian – they would have so much fun messing with the Buchanan’s.

    Does anyone know when he’s leaving? – I wasn’t able to view the interview.

  9. Profile photo of Y2Jin99

    I am sorry but I think this is wrong. This interview seems old.  She said Adam is going to LA for sure.  Not leaving the show for sure from what i read.

    He is already in LA and still with the show.

    I really think this is false

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    TV Gord

    Y2Jin99, did you watch the interview?  She says he’s going to LA for a little while, but it sounds as though he’s just going to wrap up his storyline.  From their conversation, it sounded as though DC was being lumped in with Thorsten, as in: pretty much gone.

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    abc soap lover

    This is painfull.  With the passing of James Mitchell, David Canary was the last great 70’s casting holdovers.  I remember when he started on AMC and have been enthralled by his exploits and many wives ever since.  It appears his endgame will be with Brooke (good choice).  I hope that he and Brooke and others will be written into any memorial they do for Palmer (if they don’t, it would be a travesty).  The Palmer/Adam dynamic was special and needs to be laid to rest properly. 

    I have seen DC in public and he is a gracious man.  He deserves all things good to happen to him.

    Now, how can AMC rebound from this?….recast Petey, bury Palmer with proper dignity and rekindle the Courtland/Chandler feud with Petey and Scott as the principals and JR caught in the middle.  

    This is a blow to AMC but they can capitalize on it.  When given lemons make lemonade.

    BTW…the story has gotten better….except for Fusion 

  12. Profile photo of Dariclone

     This is unbearably awful news. Well, I hope Brooke comes back, hooks up with Adam and whisks him away to a tropical island from them to spend the rest of their days together.
    I’d love to see DC go to to OLTL as Adam and hook up with Dorian but I don’t believe Frons will let that happen.

  13. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    People, AMC is going to hell in a handbasket. If David Canary (Adam Chandler) does leave the show, they better be prepared to bring in someone HUGE to replace that void!!! I’m thinking maybe Stuart Damon (ex- Alan, GH), Drake Hogestyn (ex-John, DAYS) or someone equally as well-known in the daytime industry!!!!

    However, first Chuck Pratt ruins the show with his horrible writing, then they have to bring in new writers to clean up his CRAP, and then they are losing all of these beloved actors—Thorsten Kaye, David Canary, Beth Ehlers……It’s almost like ABC doesn’t really care!!! At least they don’t treat their soaps as callously as CBS daytime does, but clearly they are just out to make a buck!!

    They need to recast Adam Chandler, since the character is so instrumental to the show. I can’t imagine them killing him off, and there is no way that Adam Chandler would just LEAVE his family, so I smell a recast!!! How about Charles Keating from AW??? I think he would be so great as Adam Chandler.

  14. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    They won’t recast a character as old as Adam Chandler.  Frons and his cohorts rub their hands together with glee whenever anyone over 40 (maybe 30) chooses to leave.

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