GH Caption This: Scrub-a-Dub-Dub, Two People Without a Tub

Take your best Caption This shot from these scenes on today's General Hospital.


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15 July 2008
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Scene 1:

No Lizard we told you we wont help you get reinstated til you take your crazy pills.  Now leave!!

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21 October 2009
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 Drake Jr! Do you think I needed to see your red boxers to tell me it's Valentine's Day?

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6 January 2008
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Robin - "Oh wait Patrick, I forgot to preach to Dante today about how great Sonny is"

Patrick - "Shut and take this"

Piffy- "Y'all know I haven't gotten any since disco died so why y'all got to do that here"

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Two words: Man Boobs.

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Patrick:  "Thank god and didn't sleep with Liz when you was in your depression state."

Robin:  "This is so good, Patrick, but did you lock the door?"

Epiphany:  "This is a hospital, not a hook up closet".