Is Michael Muhney Leaving Y&R?

Is Michael Muhney leaving his role at The Young and the Restless? According to TV Guide Canada it may happen.

This just in — Sources inform The Suds Report that one of soaps’ most popular stars and best recasts ever, Soap Opera Spirit nominee Michael Muhney, may be leaving The Young and the Restless after his one-year contract expires soon! The former Veronica Mars star recently auditioned for Hawaii 5-0’s reboot, amongst other high-profile projects. That sound you hear? Y&R fans putting pen to paper.

In other TV Guide Canada news, the online magazine has released its 3rd annual Soap Opera Spirit awards, to see them click here.

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    I like Michael in the role very much and was blessed enough to be able to go to Y&R weekend in August and meet him and he is just a sweetie pie.

    But with the crimes Adam has done, I always knew this might happen.

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    And I said it before and I’ll say it again damn it.
    I know the need for drama on these shows but I WILL ALWAYS BELIEVE that a child raised by Hope would NEVER ACT LIKE THIS.

    Hope is one of favorite characters EVER (along with Alexandra Spaulding as played by the divine Beverlee McKinsey) and a child of hers would never do these things. I don’t buy it. Never did and I never will.

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    Ok, *puff*puff*PASS* please.   Somebody must be smoking that stuff to refer to him as the "one of soaps’ most popular stars and best recasts ever."    That made me LOL!!!!!!  Nelson Branco must have a crush. 

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    Loved him on Veronica Mars but I’m tired of Adam. It’s time for him to go. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s killed off in a murder mystery, but I’d much prefer a "whodunnit" where he’s shot and goes into a coma or goes to prison.

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    I love Michael as Adam, I think he is a shoo in for a best supporting actor Emmy nom, and he is a awesome, funny dude and he is one of my favorite characters, I’ll miss him if he leaves, why can’t Josh Morrow leave instead?

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    I find it interesting that NB says that sources have informed him about this, when MM has been tweeting about it on twitter for a few weeks now.

    He has meet with some producers for a few sitcoms and if i remember correctly the people for Hawaii 5-0 are interested in him for Danno. MM also stated that he wasn’t looking for new work, but that people were asking to meet with him and  He said that it never hurts to take a  meeting…thats how he got Y&R.

    Although I hope he doesnt leave…I do wish him the best in whatever he chooses to do.

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    Mobb Ish

    He should have been exposed and or killed off by now! If he was on GH they would’ve been got rid of him! LOL! No time for disloyalty on the best show on earth….I started off watching Y & R first tho, it’s my mom & grandma’s favorite.  I always dreamt of being  Tycoon like Victor Newman, ended up growing up more like Sason!

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    As it was said nothing against the actor, just don’t like the character Adam will get what he deserve soon. Does anyone here was alive or herd of H-5-0, Had great theme music you can catch the series on go to were it says shows then TV classic series. Those were great times back then. Here is the theme music, it had a hot chick in the credits. That’s what’s wrong with TV shows today, theme indenifies the program, often more popular than the program. No one can replace Jack Lord, it was the CSI of it’s day.

  9. Profile photo of troymcclure

    Since when does an audition equal getting a part?

    Adam is pretty much done with anyways so I’m not surprised if Y&R doesn’t renew the contract.  I said when MM got the job it would last a year tops.

    I want some of what Nelson is smoking as well then maybe I could sit through Adam’s scenes on Y&R.

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    Scott Novick

    JossTheGuy: While it would be sad in this economy if Michael’s contract is not picked up and he doesn’t have a new gig, Y&R’s hands are pretty much tied. If they don’t give him proper notice of their plans to end the contract, they could wind up in Nia Peeples’ situation, where Karen was written off, brought back because of improper notice and written off again at the end of her next cycle. They could offer to keep him on recurring status once the contract is up, but then it depends on whether Michael wants to work on those terms.

    As is, it’s possible Y&R is being flexible. Michael has been tweeting about a number of auditions and meetings, including the role of Danno on the Hawaii 5-0 reboot, but he’s still working on Y&R. If Y&R is working around his auditions to let him find a new gig, that’s probably the best they can do other than decide to keep him on. With fan reaction mixed at best on Adam, they may want to write the character off to get out of that quandry.

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    Michael Muhney is better than Chris Engen as Adam. But Adam himself has only gotten crueller since MM’s been in the role.

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    Scott Novick

    Alistair, I think the cruel streak might be tied to the difference in attitude between Engen and Muhney. We saw with his exit how Engen was displeased with the direction Adam was taking, while Muhney seemed to not only embrace that same direction, but say "where can we go next?" That and his acting ability probably inspired TPTB to keep the story going, but now a lot of fans are fed up.

  13. Profile photo of Scout

    One more nail in this show’s coffin…

    Muhney has made the role his own and I love him in it, unlike Darius McCrary and especially Stephen Nichols, who has brought nothing to the role of Tucker but sheer boredom.

    I have fallen out of love with this show, with the return of Victor, who just swallows the show whole when he’s on it. And this is the guy that supposedly brings in the ratings? He makes me want to see if there’s a Nash Bridges rerun on WGN.

    With this latest news, along with Bell and Rauch obviously smoking crack, before that Fairman interview, I am just one more crappy recast or moronic "story twist" from being done with this shit for good.

    This show’s starting to look like Guiding Light — and, friends, that ain’t a good thing…

    [Adam] should have been exposed and or killed off by now! If he was on GH they would’ve been got rid of him!

    Oh, yeah? Those nitwits at GH kept Claudia around long enough for me to leave that crapfest behind as well…

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    I am most upset about the corner that they have writtent the character into.  I enjoyed Engen’s Adam for his subtle sarcasm and thinnly veiled resentment.  I came to enjoy Muhney’s for his duplicitness.  Adam has been and is a great foil to his father, brother, sister, Jack, Phyllis, and Billy.  He would have been perfect to carry on a new generation of Newman v Abbott with Billy.  But, when Ashley’s baby died as a direct result of his actions, and all that he did to cover it up, there is just ultimately no redemption for that.  The baby swith would have been fine if at the end of the day there was a live baby out there somewhere, but by killing it, he has no where to go.  Other than someone (Ashley or Sharon) shooting him, I see no other ending for this character.  Even if he survived he would not be a viable scheming nemesis, he would be on the Sheila Carter level of character.  That is sad because he could have battled with his dad/Nick/Jack/Billy for years to come.  Muhney leaving is no surprise seeing as he has primetime experience and so I suspect he has further primetime aspirations, which I do not begrudge him, but I will miss the character.  Even with him being so far gone, he is still the most interesting part of the show to me these days.

  15. Profile photo of season1217

    I really can’t say who’s the better actor. I haven’t seen Michael’s previous work and I only know what Chris had done as Adam. I do think that Chris was better in the role of Adam, at least, toward the end of his run. I believe Chris’ reluctance to seeing his character become so diabolical is what helped to add more layers to the character. Adam as played by Michael seemed to relish more in the havoc he was causing and whenever he seemed to feel guilt it didn’t ring true. Although, I think Michael adapted to the role quicker than Chris.

    It’s funny because a lot of us criticized Chris for complaining about his character becoming so dark and the gaslighting s/l. Considering everything that has happened it looks like Chris was a little right.

  16. Profile photo of reggyreg

    I have mixed feelings about the character of Adam. On the one hand I think Michael has done his best with the role and when I heard he might be leaving I was a little disappointed. However, I am tired of this storyline and I would like the truth to come out. In the same vane, I am sorry that they wrote Sheila in a corner. Now when you see her she has to hide half the time and she only stays for a short stint. I would have liked it much better if she was not written so evil, that way she could have mixed it up with more than the characters of Lauren and Michael. I would have liked her to be in scenes with Jack, Victor, Jill and maybe Katherine.

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    Chris Engen was a lame duck in the role and also a homophobe. Plus he was never as hunky as Michael Muhney, who has a lot more charisma.

    Adam is just as cruel and evil as Muhney’s Sheriff Lamb role.

  18. Profile photo of Scout
    Adam is just as cruel and evil as Muhney’s Sheriff Lamb role.

    Sheriff Lamb was neither cruel nor evil. He just didn’t particularly like Veronica Mars or her dad — but he almost always helped her when she needed it.

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    Lamb was evil. He didn’t believe Veronica when she came to the police station after she’d been raped. That’s pretty damn evil.

  20. Profile photo of Analiza

    Maybe I’m biased because I always liked MM on Veronica Mars but I always thought it was kind of a strange re-cast.  It’s too bad Chris Engen had his personal issues because I thought he had more of an edge than Michael, who I think has more of a boy-next-door thing going on. (He’d probably make a good Dan-o.)

    But, regardless of who plays him, the character of Adam is long overdue for a reveal.  The writers must be at a loss for story ideas because they’ve been dragging the Adam and the Patti stories out so long that hardly anyone cares anymore how they will end as long as they do.

  21. Profile photo of ldylkng

    Have to agree with Scout about Nichols being Tucker, William Russ made this story believable, and I wish he still had the role.
    The dead baby & switch was really not thought out well.
    I can’t imagine now,  that it has been so long, How Ashley will show her mourning & how Sharon and Nick will react.
    It has gone on too long, and it won’t be nearly as interesting as it would have been, had it been wrapped up sooner. I think writers got desperate for a s/l.

  22. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    I thought the recast was weird, too.  Chris Engen was definitely better in the role and his personal conflict with the storyline definitely helped to add layers to the character that have been missed.  There’s no way Adam should get away with what he has done.  They need to expose him for a fraud… find out that he is not Hope & Victor’s son after all — that Hope was delusional from the pain of her cancer when she was dying and didn’t recognize it.  TPTB went way tooo far in that dark storyline and I don’t see myself getting over that. 

  23. Profile photo of reggyreg

    So many people keep saying Michael Muhney needs to go but as soon as he is gone they are going to be the same ones hollering about him coming back. Just you watch!

  24. Profile photo of RealityCheck 33
    RealityCheck 33

    Micheal Muhney has done a terrific job as Adam. He has made the character one of the best on the show. The Adam storyline keeps Y&R watchable.(Please get rid of the Emily/Patty switch ASAP, terrible writing.) Adam is a believable character. If I had siblings like Nick and Victoria, I’d be evil too. By the way, Josh Morrow is a terrible actor, just terrible.
    However, if MM leaves the show, I fear the Adam character is a goner. They’ll probably kill him off because that’s what Y&R writers do. Then all of the legacy of Hope’s character will be gone forever. Very sad. That’s when I’ll turn it off.

  25. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Why do people keep begging CBS not to "let" Michael go??? If an actor wants to leave a show after he has fulfilled his contract obligation, the networks can’t say or do anything!!!! What are they gonna’ do??? Put a gun to his head and FORCE him to stay on the show???

    With that being said, I find the debate on whether Chris Engen or Michael Muhney is a "better" Adam ridiculous!!!! In my opinion, they were both good in their own way, and they both understood how to balance the humorous side of adam with the malicious side of Adam. Ultimately, the character of Adam is wearing thin for me—-regardless of WHO is playing the part!!!

    I would recommend that Muhney keep his day job, because I DOUBT very seriously that many people will feel inclined to watch ANOTHER resurrected version of Hawaii 5.0!!! Considering how many new shows FAIL every season, he should not be quick to jump ship!!! Many other actors have done so in the past and regretted it!!!

    As much as people complain about daytime being a "dying artform," I doubt that Y&R is going to be cancelled anytime soon, so he should stay PUT!!!!!

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