There’s Some Black People Coming Over For Dinner on General Hospital

TV Guide Magazine is reporting actress Annie Ilonzeh has landed the role of Maya Ward on General Hospital. Maya will make her Port Charles debut on March 31. According to the article, Maya will be romantically involved with a Spencer  (Think the one with the funny accent!). No word yet on when little sister Zoe, who is rumored to be slated for Michael (Drew Garrett), will make her way to town.

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    Wow I was getting worried that TPTB changed their minds.  She is stunning, let’s hope that the casting dept continues their successful  track record.  Poor Michael the boy is never gonna get any

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    First off, read the title and started laughing my butt off. God bless Designing Women.

    Second, she’s very pretty. I agree with the above poster in that they hopefully actually use her in a storyline that’s worth something. I’ll even go as far as to add "a storyline NOT involving the freaking mob and Sonny "I Can Do No Wrong Even When I Shoot My Own Son and Blame It On The Fact That He’s A Cap" Corthinos. I know at some point it’s gonna cross paths but a girl can dream right?

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    How about her as a love interest for Lucky?  If she’s in medical school, she’s in her mid 20s.  Ethan is supposed to be 19/20. 

    Too bad GH couldn’t create a role for Victoria Rowell as a Ward.  I’d love to see her fight with Tracy for control of ELQ!

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    Jamey Giddens

    First off, read the title and started laughing my butt off. God bless Designing Women.

    :p Glad you got the reference! I was just about to say, if the PC police took offense, blame ME, not Jillian, I changed her headline. LOL

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    She"s pretty. PC needs the Wards around. Wait, wouldn’t Zoe and Michael be related. I’m not sure who these Wards would be related to, they are Edward’s granddaughter"s or great granddaughter’s? I forget.

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    I am VERY excited to finally see some color on GH again. She is pretty… I just hope she can act!
    … & I am not sure about Ethan.  I am going to need her to be paired with someone I actually care about, like Lucky or Johnny.

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    Mobb Ish

    I’m hoping Sonny has a bi-racial son somewhere in the world and he comes and snatches her up…Hopefully she will be NOTHING like Lily Winters! As a black man I have no problem with her dating out of her race, just don’t make her Lily plz GH or I will never watch this show again, no matter who Sonny & Jason are Mobbing On!

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    Great to see some ethnic diversity in Port Charles.

    Hate the title of this article though. I didn’t watch Designing Women (I was a Golden Girls Queen) so I didn’t get the wink.


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    BLACK PEOPLE!!! OMGoodness, I get to turn on GH and see someone who actually looks like someone in my family

    Now I keep reading all these rumors. I originally read Lucky would be running around her than I read (please let it be true) she was going to hook up with Johnny. That she was going to help Johnny when he gets hurt.  Johnny has to get away from Booblivia, get him with the sista.

    Also Maya isn’t Justus’ daughter.  Maya is suppose to be Justus’ sister’s daughter.  Zoe is her half sister.  Zoe is her father’s daughter by another woman.  Zoe isn’t related to the actually Ward/Quatermaine family. According to what Edward said when he was talking about the Wards.

    It’s just like when Keisha came. She was the Ward’s cousin but she wasn’t related to the Ward/Quatermaine side. 

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    I wrote this on another board but pairing someone with JJ’s Lucky isn’t easy since he looks like he is 12 (and I LOVE JJ)

    I’m still hoping that maybe initially she will be testing the waters with Ethan and then move on to Johnny since I believe Ethan and Kristina will be the go to pairing for Ethan.

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    WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

    First, GH is getting a new opening and now we are going to have black people on the show. Hell has frozen over.

    She is very pretty, and I agree hopefully she can act. Let’s hope they actually use them. But I am not worried GH has knocked it out of the park lately in their casting.

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    TC irene

    Let’s hope GH actually uses her the last time they said a Black woman was going to be on GH it was that broad who did nothing but shave Franco and had just enough lines for us to know she was British.

    Anyway, Lucky has a history with the Ward family as they were tight with the Laura and the Spencers so I hope she is for Lucky instead of this fly by night Spencer Ethan.Plus won’t Liz just drop a brick if Lucky has his broken heart mended by a woman this gorgeous.

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    As a black man, I am all about them bringing some black folks back into the fold, but I am STILL waiting to see more of Monica, Bobbie, Tracy, Helena and Diane…..and LESS of Lulu, Maxie, Sam, Robin and Patrick!!!

    By all means, bring on the black people, but give me more of the people I actually WANT to see, and less of these annoying-assed characters that I have been waiting for Bob Guza to completely FORGET about!!!

    To hell with giving soap characters amnesia, can we give the head writer amnesia??????

    And speaking of characters that we need to bring back–WHERE the hell is Laura Spencer??? One of her son’s has turned into the biggest man-whore in Port Charles, the other one is having a nervous breakdown, and her daughter has turned into a crazy little bitch that does nothing but yell, scream, make threats and try to intimidate people!!!! She needs to come back and issue out ass-whoopings to her kids……Joe Jackson-style!!!

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    Siomonstuart2003—I appreciate the shout out, and I am glad you like my style. I don’t believe that Guza should be fired, but some of his decisions do confuse me from time to time. Even with all of it’s flaws, I will still take GH over AMC and OLTL ANY DAY of the week….

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