EJ Twirls Mustache, Plots More Revenge Against Sami on DAYS

Poor little rich boy EJ (James Scott) isn't happy because he didn't get what he wanted–Sami (Alison Sweeney) alone and miserable–so now he's plotting to come up with new ways to torture her. If EJ can't have her, no other man can!



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12 February 2010
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GROAN!!!!!!!!!!! I read somewhere that next EJ will make Sami think that her baby is dead just to TORTURE her??? Really, DAYS???? I love the dramatic potential, but Sami already lost one "child" last year......and Dena Higley seems to be patting herself on the back by subjecting us to MORE of this foolishness. Doesn't the show already have ONE Stefano Dimera???? Do they really need to inject his son with "cartoon juice" and turn him into some animated villain??? I know that soaps are losing ratings, and all the head writers seem to be at a loss for creative and innovative storyline ideas, but they really need to work harder!! Being a head writer isn't easy, but if you are gonna get paid seven figures a year, you gotta' earn your paycheck!!!

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28 November 2008
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  •  One of the better surprises in soaps in recent months was that Anna was working for EJ.  (I don't read spoilers anymore..makes soap viewing much more interesting)
  • Let's not forget that Sami hid the fact that EJ was the 'father' of Grace from him.  This doesn't mean EJ is right in his actions, but Sami is not free of wrong doing either.
  • Sami and Rafe are hot, hot, hot!  Maybe EJ's problem is that he hasn't been laid in months...
  • I am wondering, once Nicole returns, if Days won't go the route of Brady/Nicole and EJ/Arianna...wouldn't that piss Rafe off?
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6 July 2008
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I much prefer those days when I do NOT have to see or hear Sami on the tv.  Sami has caused EJ to lose whatever brain cells he had to rub together.  I can't believe that EJ hasn't created a new identity for Sydney, secured a passport and left the country.  There is really nothing left in Salem for him.  The actor is yummy, but the writers have turned the character into an idiot, good for comedic relief like Vivian. 

Would someone please ship the Hernandez family out of Salem.  I just can't stand their nosiness and constant interference. Besides, they are BORING!

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14 December 2008
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So is this whole because E.J. Is jealous of Sami and Rafe? Dumb.
On the other hand, I can't wait to see what happens with Vivian, Melanie and Carly!

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16 February 2010
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I've just about had enough of EJ and his vindictive antics.  For pete' sake, give it up already.  I can't take anymore of Sami's fits and screaming, and crying.  I can't stand Carly either. Why did they bring her back to add to Bo ad Hope's troubles.  All you have suceeded in doing, is antagonize Bo and Hope fans into giving up and quit watching like I'm aready starting to do.  All those Carly fans just want Bo ad Carly together because of the way the writers wrote their storyline.  They say that Hope belittles Bo all the time, but that is the way the writers have written her characture.  The writers need to make Hope more supportive of Bo, not pulling against him all the time.