One Life to Live Sneak Peeks

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  Here are a few One Life to Live sneak peeks  for ya! Keep reading for a few glimpses into the week of Feb. 15.

Rex/Stacy/Gigi/Sierra Rose/Kim: Things look bleak for Gigi and Sierra Rose. The diagnosis for the baby isn't good. Rex makes one last ditch effort to save Stacy. He also has it out with Kim.

John/Marty/Natlie: There's trouble in paradise for John and Marty and her name is Natalie.

Dorian takes responsibility for her actions. Charlie comes clean to Viki.

Jessica/Brody: Jesscia thinks Brody is a stranger. Marty has surprising news for Jessica about her condition.

Kelly is desperate to find Adriana. Kelly teams up with David to search for her. Kelly and David make a jaw dropping discovery once they locate Adriana.

The villain may be down, but he certainly is not out.

Langston/Ford: Ford continues to have Langston's nose wide open.