First Impressions: Kelly and Bitchy Bangs Cramer Return on OLTL

  Fresh from playing the popular role of schemer-turned-heroine Dinah Marler on the now-defunct CBS sudser Guiding Light, Daytime Emmy winner Gina Tognoni made her way back to One Life to Live this week as Kelly Cramer Buchanan, alongside guest star Melissa Fumero as Kelly’s cousin Adriana "Bitchy Bangs" Cramer. What were your First Impressions?


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    Jamey Giddens

    EET, I hear Fronsie and Dan do NOT get along. I like him too, although I might try to go for the DAYS/Crystal Chappell effect, and snag one of ATWT’s biggest stars as Kevin when that show goes off the air, in hopes of drawing over lapsed P&G viewers. I think Jon Hensley and Michael Park as Kevin and Joey would  be HUGE.

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    Loved seeing Gina! She seemed to be channeling Dinah, but I’m sure she’ll fit back into the role the more she interacts with Dorian and Blair. I loved Kelly Cramer back in the day (Gina’s Kelly, not Victoria Newman), so this should be great fun.

    Adriana annoys me so I kind of hope, if a Cramer woman has to die, that it’s she who dies.

    Wasn’t it recently reported by SOD that Dan Gauthier is returning full time as Kevin?

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    I didn’t care for the scenes.  Gina seemed to be trying too hard, and I thought it was annoying that all we got was a discussion about what is going on in Llanview.  Is that the best use for airtime in the middle of sweeps?

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    I wasn’t a big fan of either of them, not really knowing their history. GT I liked as Dinah. But I remember Bitchy Bangs from when she socked the hell outta Gigi. I did like her spunk and tude. I’m glad she’s coming back. Can’t wait to see Big Sis Cassie. I didn’t like her as Rebecca Fowler on AMC, and I don’t know her history on OLTL. But if she’s Dorian’s child, whom I love with a vengence, then I expect alot from her.

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    I miss heather tom ..sure its ginas first day but I’m still not convinced she fits in that cast just like Days chappell..great actresses that won’t get fired for being out of place

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    Jamey I think CC was a huge draw for DOOL because she had been on that show before – just like GT is going to pull GL viewers but she also has meaning to the current OLTL audience..  OLTL has tried that route with Hunt Block (I think thats the actors name) and it gained them nothing because he meant nothing to the viewers of that show. 

    I am sure JH and MP would be great additions, but not over DG who has a history with this audience. And I have said my pick for Joey would be Chad Brannon, but I am not sure what kind of a draw he would have after so many years off the air.  I think he is uber talented, easy on the eyes, and shares a similiar look to DG.

    I am worried that the Kramer that they kill off will be Cassie.  I dont see it being A since she is the wife of DF and could eventually come back.  Its obviously not Blair, Starr, Kelly or Langston.  That leaves Addie and Cassie.  If it has to be one or the other, I would rather it see Addie, esp. since that would give powerful material for blair and Dorian – my two favorite characters.

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    Gina Tognoni, as usual, is WONDERFUL!!! Since I had grown so accustomed to watching her as Dinah (sniffle, sniffle!!), I kept expecting her to go psycho bitch on Adriana or pull out a switchblade or something….(LOL, I’m joking in case you couldn’t tell). I have never been a huge fan of Melissa Fumero, but it appears that she has taken some acting courses during her hiatus from the show. Her performances, FOR ONCE, were interesting and entertaining—as opposed to cringe-inducing and painful!!! Hopefully, she can convince her very HOT (physically, but with questionable acting skills!!) husband David Fumero (Christian) to do the same!!!

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    I really wanted to like the scenes because it involved two characters closely connected to my favorite, Dorian, but it fell flat. They have taken the bitch out of Adriana and I do not know who GT was playing, but it wasn’t Kelly Cramer.

    If they kill any Cramer, it will be Melinda, which is really lazy writing as this character has not been significant in any way in decades, if ever. No emotional connection to the threats made to Dorian or to the audience.  

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    I quit watching ATWT about a year ago and found myself tuning into OLTL.  What a Great show.  Now I’m hooked and a huge fan.  The Kish story was played out to perfection in my opinion.  GT is going to be incredible as Kelly, I loved her as Dinah GL. The writers and powers that be certainly know how to run and operate a soap opera.  With GL and now ATWT being cancelled I’m fearful for AMC with the dreadful soap killer David Kriezman headed to Pine Valley to hack things up there a bit.  Good luck AMC you will need it.  Will keep you in my prayers.

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    Joan76  You are talking about Jerry Verdorn right?  If you are then he is playing Clint Buchanen on OLTL.  If your new to the show and just started and aren’t sure who that is in Fridays ep he was waiting at the hospital with Vikki for Jessica to get there.

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     I love my Cramer girls but the scenes with Kelly and Adrianna were way too expositional. Were the scenes written for someone that was watching OLTL for the first time, like matriculated GL viewers? 

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    Said it before, saying it again, Melissa Fumero got the Frons shaft, when Farah Fath came on the show.  The genuine slow build of Rex/Adriana was tossed in favor of instant baby mama who I haven’t given a thought in 10 years and how’d that work out? I like Melissa/Adriana and I love Gina/Kelly. The scene was meant to reestablish the characters for viewers who don’t know them. I found them less jarring than the insertion of Todd, Tea, Starr, and Cole. It would have been a good time to give those actors a vacay after what feels like an eternity on the frontburner.

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    Clearly there are some bitter Adriana fans still around, which is sad because Gigi is an awesome character and a great match for Rex.

    Anyhoo, I hope it’s not Cassie who dies. Or Addie. Or Melinda. With Kelly back full time, this would be a great time for Melinda to come out of her catatonic state. Sadly, it will probably be her, and that will cause Kelly to stick around.

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    I enjoyed seeing both Kelly and Adrianna.  It was a welcome break from the drama that is Mitch.  Looking forward to seeing more of all of the kramer women. 

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     Loved seeing GT as Kelly again. That was the grown up Kelly that was in Llanview before GT left. I never watched GL so I never saw Dinah, but on Fri that was very much Kelly Cramer. For those who only saw HT’s version, Heather T played Kelly very different than GT did. GT plays her a bit quirky, while HT played her more like a stuck up socialite. Totally unrecognizable & didn’t like the character played that way at all. I like HT but not as Kelly. 

    They need to bring Kevin Stapleton back as Kevin so they could have him mixing it up with Cassie & Kelly both. 

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    TC irene

    It was a nice treat to see both actresses pop up together. I know it was bit jarring  for some viewers but it is also natural that the ladies would play catch up with each other and all things Llanview after running into each other so it didn’t bother me. Plus I love that Kelly has been getting the lowdown from David Vickers and Adrianna is still apparently tight with Layla.

    Love me some Bitchy Bangs…wish she’d come back,Gigi may need another good belt in the face in near future..LOL

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     I thought the scenes were okay.  It was helpful for me since I haven’t been watching OLTL for a long period of time.  Filled me in on the characters. 

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    It was sort of a fun diversion from the Llantano mountain drama even though I’m really digging everything (except Ratalie and John).

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    I  absoultely LOVED the scenes. I enjoyed seeing Gina Tognoni, and as usual, Bitchy Bangs.
    For all the HT fans, I wasn’t an active viewer while she was portraying the role, but I don’t think I would have liked her as a Cramer, and would have kept thinking of Victoria, and that will probably be the only role I will associate her with.

    From clips I have scene of HT as Kelly, I hope GT will bring back a more fierce aroma to the role. Also, I noticed that she bears a noticeable resemblance to Kassie DePaiva.

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    To be fair to Gina, she hasn’t played Kelly in almost a decade. And she’s never acted with Melissa Fumero before. I think she’ll slip back into the role once she interacts with Kassie dePaiva and Robin Strasser.

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    I second that AlistairCrane.  Don’t hate on Gina.  It is great to have her back.  It was also a good move to re-introduce Kelly via Adriana while sumerizing the events in Llanview.  Also, Fri.’s ep helped pull the show out of its tailspin.

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    The only thing I haven’t liked during sweeps was Dorian holding Mitch at gunpoint. C’mon, real FBI agents would’ve shot her within the first thirty seconds.

    Adriana’s return reminded me of Marcie and Michael’s re-appearance in Seattle in November.

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    [quote=vicious] Loved seeing GT as Kelly again. That was the grown up Kelly that was in Llanview before GT left. I never watched GL so I never saw Dinah, but on Fri that was very much Kelly Cramer. For those who only saw HT’s version, Heather T played Kelly very different than GT did. GT plays her a bit quirky, while HT played her more like a stuck up socialite. Totally unrecognizable & didn’t like the character played that way at all. I like HT but not as Kelly. 

    They need to bring Kevin Stapleton back as Kevin so they could have him mixing it up with Cassie & Kelly both. [/quote]

    Totally on the MONEY! I hear ya! That was my girl Kelly and I did see some of Dinah in her too which was GREAT!

    I also was happy to see bitchy-bangs until she opened her mouth… all the bad memories came back, although I did love her when she was fighting Gigi for Rex! She was hardcore Cramer and not that spoiled little twit who was still holding resentments toward her mother.

    ANYWAY, I can not wait to see more of GT, she is the waiting worth and believe me, I have been waiting for years.

    HT played a different Kelly, she was good but she wasn’t the same as the Kelly I knew. Glad she has moved on so that GT could reclaim the character.

    Sooooooooooo Happy!

    BTW: I think that Adriana will be the one to bite the dust…

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    [quote=TC irene]Love me some Bitchy Bangs…wish she’d come back,Gigi may need another good belt in the face in near future..LOL[/quote]

    Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee!!!!!!!!! You are so funny!

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    I loved her as Kelly, remember the kooky outfits they used to dress Kelly in and I LOVED her with Joey ….the Joey ..JEFF something Coats …HOT…bring him back as Joey they sizzled.   U know I realize everyone is on the OLTL bandwagon, singing praises on how good it has been for several months but I’m one of  the few that thinks the writing has been perfectly put "sloppy" the last couple of months.  So many characters are "out of character" in their actions.  I CAN NOT STAND THE MITCH STORYLINE, I SWITCH OVER TO TCM ALOT THIS MONTH and been peeking in on ATWT.   Mitch was going to rape Jessica or who is to say he hasn’t and is Jess going to be 15 and prenagant?  Dorian is not Dorian and hope they don’t kill off Addie because I just love how she just tells "Dorie" how it is and the chemistry with Blair is outstanding.  I would love to see Melinda come home and ALL the CRAMER sisters are a force.  Ron and Frank the writing and the direction of the show been very uneven of late and that isn’t a good sign.  They seem to go in hot streaks the writing and the direction is right on target and you can’t get enough and then it takes 180 degree turn into something STUPID…remember "1968" bull shi#!! 

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    sorry..but i wasnt at all impressed with GT and thought she over acted and it came across as forced so i dont understand all the hype about her return…OLTL needs to concentrate on the characters they have now and stop adding others…I want to see more of Kyle and Oliver who are without a doubt the best couple on the show but dont get the airtime they deserve….I hope that GT and the Cramers arent going to dominate the show….

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    Huh….guess I was watching a different episode–I though GT played Kelly far less abrasive than when she was playing Dinah, who always seemed dialed up to the nth degree in just about any and every situation she got herself into.  That said, I think Tognoni was brilliant on GL and I’m looking forward to what she’s gonna do here.  As for Melissa Fumero, I’m neither here nor there on her and from everything I’ve been reading she seems to be the one with the target on her back.  How long before Mitch is gone?

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    Since I’ve only been watching for a little over a year I never saw Adriana on screen only heard of what happened and saw a few clips on youtube from when she found Brody. And I’ve only read a little bit of Kelly’s back story. As a newer fan I think they both did well and I’ve got to say I am so excited to see this whole Kramer Women story line. All of them in Llanview should make for some great scenes!

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