Wishful Casting: Nicolas Coster as DAYS’ Bill Horton for Alice’s Exit Storyline

In an exclusive statement to Soap Opera Digest concerning what comeback sudser of the decade, Days of Our Lives will be doing to address the passing of Frances Reid (Alice Horton) on screen, executive producer Ken Corday mentioned how tricky it will be bring back the character of Alice’s son Dr. Bill Horton to help memorialize Alice, since both Ed Mallory, who portrayed the role from 1966-1980 and Chris Stone—the last actor to play the character— are deceased. Allow lil’ old me to offer up a suggestion. Veteran soap actor Nicolas Coster should be tapped to assume the legendary role of Bill Horton.


Okay Santa Barbara fans, you already know where I am heading, but for those who didn’t have the extreme, spiritual pleasure of partaking in the best daytime soap opera ever, Coster appeared opposite the fabulicious Louise Sorel (Vivian) on SB as wealthy cad Lionel to her not-so-long suffering Augusta.

Based loosely on the real-life marriage of SB’s creators Bridget and Jerome Dobson, Lionel and Augusta Wainright Lockridge were without a doubt the most witty, urbane, glamorous, sexy soap couple for grownups daytime has ever seen— and this is coming from someone who fell in love with them as an 8-year-old boy!

Wouldn’t it be a treat for longtime NBC soap fans for Bill, as played by Coster, to stick around after visiting his ailing mother long enough to have a madcap run in with Salem’s resident whackadoodle sociopath, Vivian Alamain? Maybe Bill has changed his speciality to psychiatry and is consulted by his ex-wife Laura (in my wildest dreams, B&B would loan out original Laura, Susan Flannery) who could be back in town and treating Viv after one of her criminally insane plots against Carly (Crystal Chappell) lands her back at a funny farm.

Being a notorious hound, Bill could end up sleeping with Viv, causing Laura to realize that after all these years he still hasn’t changed. Hey, the guy did rape Laura when she was married to his brother Mickey, fathering Mike;then there was his affair with Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) which produced Lucas (Bryan Datillo). Why not have a bit of fun with Bill’s rich, nasty history while he’s in town? Sleeping with one of his mental patients would be child’s play for the Horton blacksheep!

Since an MVID is worth a thousand posts, I will offer the following clip as part of my sales pitch. If you can come away from seeing Coster and Sorel’s particular brand of magic on Santa Barbara without creaming your knickers well then you might better have a doctor take a look at your hormone levels!




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     Nicholas Coster is such a great actor.  He was a favorite of mine on "Santa Barbara" and I am always happy when I catch him guest starring in primtetime or see him in a commercial.  It would be a perfect story arc for the show- and could quite possibly be a strong enough story to bring Bryan’s Lucas back on-screen for awhile.  I think long time DOOL fans want to hear from Bill about Lucas.  I also think Kate would be quite PO’d about Bill hitting the sheets with Vivian!

    I have read, however, that she show is going to cast him a little bit younger (if they do indeed decide to keep him around) with actors like David Forsyth (AW’s Dr. John Hudson), Ben Masters (PASSIONS), and Doug Sheehan (Knots Landing & GH) being considered.  

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    im almost positive we will get Ben Masters to play BIll Horton i thought so from the beginning he would play him.  And he’s old enough to get into bed with Vivian/Kate/Laura.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I would be down with Masters, I suggested him in a Wishful Casting for Bill last year, LOL. I just want my "Lionel" and "Augusta" reunion. Hmm, maybe I’ll write a web soap! ;-)


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    I would love to see the core Horton Family come back..  I think the show should work out something with Missy Reaves  back and work it out that she is recurring..   I think Doug and Julie need to come back on a full time basis and live in the Horton House..   

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    I think the Coster idea is awesome, but I was just thinking the other day how much I miss Ben Masters. Wow, he’d be a great addition as Bill. Maybe they’d even keep him around for awhile…

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    TV Gord

    I’m not a Days watcher, but I’m happy to see there isn’t a big backlash at this idea.  I think it would be a nice tribute to NBC soap fans, because Coster and Sorel were one of the greatest anti-hero couples ever!  I would DEFINITELY tune in to see this happen.  And I would consider sticking around, if Nic did!

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    I’m thinking DOOL won’t be bringing back anyone on a full time basis unless they cut out some of the current characters.  Ugh.  Why does money always have to be a factor?  I hate REAL life.  LOL

    In my world, Bill Horton would return to be with his ailing mother.  He would be reunited with his son, Lucas (Bryan would return on contract).  He would also hit the sheets with Kate and Vivian, but also take an interest in Maggie, who would want nothing to do with him.  

    Eventually, Kate would be murdered and we’d have a great murder mystery with lots of front burning suspects…Roman, who would now be played by Wayne Northrop, would be one of the suspects, so Hope and Bo would be teamed back together to solve the crime…with the help of Spectator owner Jack Deveroux and his wife, Jennifer!  

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    Amen to that, LOL. Please keep Jennifer (and Jack, for that matter) FAARRRR away from DOOL! Nobody’s written a decent story for them in 20 years — and, anyway, Melissa Reeves would be better off with her hubby over at GH. Wasn’t it Jamey who suggested she play Felicia? A Felicia-Mac-Alexis triangle with MR would have loads of (likely wasted) potential…

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    I am just wondering if that is the part  Stuart Damon will be playing?
    I thought i read somewhere that he may be playing a Horton. Maybe he is playing Bill Horton?

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    There’s no point in recasting Bill when the actor has no history with Frances Reid, It’s not like they will recast his brother Tommy either (played by the late John Lupton). I would rather see Melissa Reeves and Jaime Lyn Bauer represent Bill’s side of the family.

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    I really feel that Alice’s funeral/death scenes would be the wrong time to introduce ANY type of recast. A recast would be distracting, and the focus of these episodes during this time frame should be paying homage to Alice Horton and Frances Reid.

    Also, I feel it’s too late for the writers and Ken Corday to pretend like they actually care about the actors over 50 on that show. After all, they got rid of Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall, and they didn’t feel inclined to even give Frances Reid a decent storyline in her final years on the show.

    Ken Corday and Dena Higley seem perfectly happy making us watch Melanie, Will, Nate and all of those other BORING teens, tweens and early twenty-somethings, but they seem to treat characters like Kate and Julie like antiques that they choose to store in the GARAGE because they have too much CLUTTER in their house to use them anywhere else.

    Days has gotten BETTER over the past year or so, but let’s not forget this show’s history of foolishness, buffoonery and character assassination.

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    I agree with everything you said alstonboy, but Frances Reid’s declining health was the reason for her lack of storyline, not the producers.

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    You know…I don’t want to start an argument, but I am so tired of DOOL being criticized for their treatment of actors over 50. On the canvas at this moment is Stefano, Kate, Vivian, Maggie and Victor, all of whom have had ample screentime lately and all of whom are doing very good work.

    The criticism of the dismissal of Hall & Hogestyn is just plain tired at this point. The show has flourished quite nicely without them. While Hogestyn is missed at times, Hall’s stilted, one-note ‘Deidre Hall as Dr. Marlena Evans" vibe was tired out years ago.

    As for the lack of Hortons on the show? Well, Macdonald Carey has been gone over 15 years, John Clarke retired 7 yrs ago and the two Mickey recasts didn’t take; both Bill Hortons are gone and Frances Reid hadn’t been on in two years, only because of her health.

    I am convinced that, if it comes down to it, DOOL will be the last soap standing. They were given a death sentence and have turned things around to the point that they are now one of NBC’s few success stories and that book deal is a good sign of things to come.

    It may not be perfect — actually, it’s far from it — but let’s give the show just enough credit for saving itself and actually attracting new viewers, which is more than GL could accomplish.

    Just sayin’…

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    Wow, Scout, I can’t believe you dissed the legendary Deidre Hall like that. How offensive and rude! Dee’s "and Deidre Hall as Dr. Marlena Evans" credit was her signature place in the credits and affirmed that SHE was the star of the show. Then again, "Melanie" is your avatar so I shouldn’t be surprised by your questionable taste.

    It’s Days’ awful treatment of Deidre and Drake that made this 20+ year viewer give up this show for good. Days has cut out its heart and sold its soul to the devil to keep itself on the air; unfortunately, it’s a shadow of its former self. Days has "flourished" by driving away its long time viewers. The majority of people who watch this drivel have been watching for less than five years and have no idea how much better the show was in the past. This show is no longer Days of Our Lives. It’s just a piece of crap.

    It’s nice that you’re enjoying Days, but just know your pleasure came at the cost of long-time viewers like me losing our favourite soap opera forever.

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    Now I don’t want to add fuel to the fire between Scout & AlistairCrane but let me give the opinion of someone whose avatar is Doug & Julie. By getting rid of John & Marlena’s boring and repeating storylines, DOOL was able to give Maggie, Stefano, Kate, Victor, & Vivian storylines. I love Deidre Hall & Drake Hogestyn dearly, but when they were on the show, Ken Corday seemed to forget all the other over 50 actors, and write strictly for them.

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    John and Marlena’s stories post-James E. Reilly were boring because Ken Corday forced Hogan Sheffer to backburner them, and then Marlena and amnesiac John’s romance in 2008 was set back by behind-the-scenes changes (Edward Scott’s firing, Gary Tomlin’s hiring, Alison Sweeney’s shenanigans, etc.).

    People are raving about Maggie now, but she does not have a story of her own. She has been on quite a bit, but she’s a prop for other characters, particularly the teens who have turned her home into a hotel. Even Mickey’s death was more about them than her. You must give kudos to Reilly: after years of being backburnered, Maggie got her first front burner story thanks to the Salem Stalker and was able to show an entire new generation her talent. 

    People forget Dena Higley wrote this show for almost a year in 2003 and never paid any attention to Maggie. This was also the time that Ken Corday forced John and Marlena onto the backburner the first time, and it was only when Marlena was revealed to be the Stalker in January 2004 that she and John became front burner again.

    I should also point out that Corday backburnered John and Marlena when Days transitioned from Reilly to Sheffer in 2006, when Beth Milstein was the interim head writer. And Corday fired Drake Hogestyn in October 2007 after John spent most of the year in a coma. Just saying, Corday had an agenda to get rid of John and Marlena for years….

    I don’t want John and Marlena to ever come back if it’s to be "shoulders to cry on" like Doug and Julie. Doug and Julie left the show in the early 90s after years of story, and since then they’ve returned for funerals, weddings, and to support characters like Hope and Lucas. Again, the Salem Stalker story was the only time in about 15 years that Doug and Julie were on the front burner.

    It’s good that Doug and Julie can still appear on screen, but I only want Marlena and John back if they’re in a front burner storyline and not merely providing support for Sami or Brady.

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    All I know is that the DOOL that I enjoy now, despite its missteps, is the one that is still on the air. All these changes have done, including the termination of D&D, is increase the show’s audience and its profile. The "classic" version of the show, the one that so many cling to like an old dish rag, almost got DOOL cancelled.

    So much for my questionable taste…

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    You’re wrong, Scout. The things that made Days Days are gone. It shouldn’t call itself Days of Our Lives because it’s no longer the same show. I hope and pray it’s cancelled in September.

  19. Profile photo of Scout

    Facts are facts, Alistair, and I think it’s wrong of *you* (and just plain mean) to hope another soap gets cancelled. And what a waste of prayer. Please send a couple of prayers up for Haiti or something more worthwhile.

    That is all…

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    Sorry Scout, but why is it fair for you to have your show when they’ve done away with mine? Just end Days and put it out of its misery before it compromises itself any further!

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    TV Gord

    I feel your pain, Alistair.  That’s pretty much the way I feel about AMC.  I’ve watched it for 30 years, but I gave it up when Chuckles the Pratt came on board, because he ruined so many characters.  Now that he’s gone, I think too much damage has been done, and I still have no desire to return.  It’s a pale shadow of its former self.  I would rather have seen it cancelled this past year than hear about what has happened to it, so I know exactly what you mean.

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     I have watched DOOL for decades and I think the show is in a great place right now.  I love how the different generations interact with each other.  I like the ways the show uses and acknowledges the history of the show in its current stories and while I enjoyed Marlena and John, I have to say I don’t have time to miss them because I am caught up and interested in the current characters and stories.  

    By the way, I thought we were discussing whether or not DOOL would be smart to bring Nicholas Coster on as Bill Horton?!?

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    Scout, you’re totally rude and out of line. Like I said, I’m glad you like the show, but it’s not Days of Our Lives and doesn’t deserve to call itself that. I am crossing my fingers for Days to be cancelled this year.

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    I just can’t imagine how any self respecting soap fan would actually wish for a soap to be cancelled.  There are a few popular soaps currently on that I don’t find enjoyable but I would never in a million years openly wish for them to be cancelled.  I am a long time Days viewer and I personally think that the show today is better than it has been in a few years.  It still has improvements to make – no show is perfect – but I find it more well balanced than it had been in the past.  I loved Nicholas Coster and I think he would be a great addition to the show.  But I would hope that Mike, Jennifer and Lucas would be short term returns to the show to honor Frances Reid.  They all have history with her.

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    I am sure Melissa Reeves and Bryan Datillo will be back as Jennifer and Lucas.  As for Mike, I would imagine he would return as well, but which actor- Roark or Michael?  I’d like Michael to return, but I enjoyed Roark in the role as well.  I am sure we will see Maree Cheatham’s Marie, of course Doug & Julie, and I am guessing Lisa Trusel’s Melissa will also return.  I am guessing DOOL will ask Deidre, Drake, and Mary Beth to come back, but I am not sure if they will or not.  Patsy Pease’s Kimberly will probably drop by Salem…and perhaps Billy Warlock’s Frankie Brady?  

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