Precious Director Lee Daniels Says: “I’d Work with Susan Lucci”

How about them apples!? Red hot Oscar-nominated director Lee Daniels sat down with George Stroumboulopoulos, host of CBC's The Hour and asked Daniels out of his choice of any actor he'd want to work with next, who would it be? Said Daniels, 
I'd work with Susan Lucci from All My Children … You know Susan Lucci? I've met everybody from Meryl Streep to Daniel Day-Lewis. I'd be blown away to meet Susan Lucci. She's sort of hot! She's sort of HOT!!

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    Of course, La Lucci is hot!! She has been hot for fourty years!!!!! I do understand that her performances have–MANY TIMES—been over-the-top, and the stuff that SATIRE is made of, but Joan Collins has built a career around being campy and over- the- top, and many other actors in the 80s did the same thing..

    Does Lucci NEED the money or attention???? Probably not. I’d rather see this opportunity go to Rebecca Budig (Greenlee), Tom Pelphrey (ATWT) or one of the other dozen or so actors under 40 in daytime that have been denied the respect and career advancement that they deserve.

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    Team Lucci. Lee Daniels gets to say who he wants to work with, it’s his choice. He wants the First Lady of daytime and good for him. I hope his dream of working with her comes true.

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    CHAPTER PST! Now that is one amazing compliment. Les Daniels is the man. PRECIOUS star Gabourey Sidibe credits her entire first performance to Les’ direction. I would love to see my love Susan Lucci in a Les Daniels’ film.

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