Can Love Change Everything on AMC?

Pine Valley citizens found out that Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) is back in town, but can love change everything and everyone? Watch the promo after the jump.

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    I Love this promo! With the exception of the Ryan and Greenlee stuff, I love the whole concept of it all. I am especially happy that the show is going to have David\Erica scenes. Those two have a very romantic and interesting past!

    I hope the show doesn’t put Ryan and Greenlee back together in the end. They really have something going here with David and Greenlee….Rylee is just UGH!! Greenlee should be with ANYONE but him!

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    I don’t know if “love” can change anything on this show nowadays, but a new set of writers will, hopefully!!! I am hoping that within six months, Chuck Pratt will be a distant memory!!!

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    Yes, love can change everything… GREENLEE AND DAVID’S!!! AMC and Frons need to wake up to the goldmine starring them in the face and end the disgusting, horrible, hell that is Rylee.

    And Cameron needs to STFU. Yes, I know already; EVERY woman is the love of Ryan’s life. His love for Greenlee is as dumb as a box of rocks and vice versa. Ryan needs a new hobby. Go collect stamps or something.

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    I just tried watching today’s episode on YouTube, but I could barely get through half of it. It’s still unwatchable to me because I could care less about most of the characters in Pine Valley. Even with new writers, I can’t see this show getting any better unless they bring in more characters like Brooke and push out awful characters like Marissa.

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     I would consider giving AMC another shot if they stopped trying to convince us that Leo and Greenlee are the love of each other’s lives. It’s a lie.

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    Okay, I admit to a small amount of hypocrisy. I am watching today’s episode of AMC on YouTube as I write this, and while the dialogue is HORRIBLE, and the writing is still GARBAGE, it’s not TOTALLY UNWATCHABLE. I am slightly enjoying the fallout from Greenlee’s return.

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    Truth Hurts

    The writers trying to whitewash all of David’s bad history in one storyline is crap.  The guy is not redeemable, let it go AMC.  And Greenlee being with David is just gross.  The whole cast is doing nothing but pimping David and it still isn’t making him likeable.

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    Rebecca Budig looks a lot like Vanessa Marcil with that dark hair. All she needs is a strategically placed mole and…voila!

    I like most of the couples in the promo, and it was dynamite seeing Brooke, but I really can’t take another round of Ryan and Greenlee. I don’t want them together!!!

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    I loved Greenly and Leo together so much more then I hate her and Ryan together, it’s time to end it with out fake deaths between these two, but it was really entertaining to see Annie and Greenly at eachothers throats over it. Putting Greenly and Scott together could make for another round of fun between the two girls!

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    I’m not sure what I think about Ryan being the major preson in Greenlee’s life, I have to admit that my heart did skip a beat at the end of the promo but I do love David and Greenlee now. I am excited that the show is willing to explore the David and Erica dynamic though, as they used to be one of my favourite couples.
    Erica and Jack should be great too. ButNot to mention how awesome Brooke and Adam will be! But can we please recast Liza? I can’t *stand* Jamie Luner, she’s just not Liza. Surely we can get someone else?

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