Carly’s In The Driver’s Seat On ATWT

"Juicy" Janet (Julie Pinson) is stuck like Chuck! Check out the promo after the jump.

Thanks to beautreal for the clip!

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    I hope that the Mick storyline is coming to an end. This is just crazy. Does he have multiple personalities? He did great for the crap he had to put up with. They need to focus on the vets in these last few months. I like Tom, I just don’t like this storyline. I sure hope they give it a decent ending.

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     I believe the Mick storyline is coming to an end, as I read in one of the magazines that Tom Pelphrey was exiting the show soon.  I imagine the original story idea was shortened a bit or changed when the soap was given its walking papers.  I, agree, that the actors involved in the story have been doing their very best with this so-so story.

    I love Jack/Carly, Janet/Dusty, Molly/Holden, and I like the current story with Katie involving the new roomie and a jealous Henry.  I am interested in seeing where the show takes Chris Hughes once Daniel Cosgrove begins airing in the role. 

    Man, I don’t want to see ATWT to off the air.  :/

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    Since when does Carly get to play the HEROINE???? Should we review this character’s past????

    I like Janet, but sometimes she gets a little bit too "preachy" for me…..Janet has every right to cheat on Jack, especially since he has been a HORRIBLE husband, and I am tired of watching him make "goo goo" eyes at Carly.

    And, of course, with Molly Conlan as her moral compass, Carly is headed straight for HELL….

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