Fashion Week and Cupcakes for Martha Byrne's Gotham

The cast of Martha Byrne's Gotham  has been busy with location shoots lately. Anne Sayre, Byrne and Tamsen Fadal filmed scenes while attending Nicole Miller's fashion show on Feb. 12.  Anna Stuart, Brianne Moncrief, Kurt McKinney and Michael Park shot scenes at law offices in Hoboken.  


Anne Sayre, Martha Byrne and Tamsen Fadal

Anne Sayre, Martha Byrne and Tamsen Fadal


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Great.....but, Briane Moncrief??? Couldn't she have found a BETTER actress than her for her new show?????I saw her "performances" on AMC as Colby, and was NOOOOT impressed. How about Daniel Kennedy (ex- Petey, AMC)?????

Glad to see Martha's success. Wish she was on ATWT now, at least then I'd actuallY CARE about Lily (as opposed to fast-forwarding through all her scenes!!)