Will Alexis and Diane Team Up to Save Sonny on GH?

Carolyn Hennesy (Diane, General Hospital) was dropping hints like they were hot during the premiere of Michael Fairman‘s new podcast. Apparently we can expect "all female lawyers" for Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) upcoming trial, and it looks like Diane and Sonny’s legal eagle baby mama Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) just might team up to save the Dimpled Don! In other Hennesy news, the ever-enterprising entertainer’s latest Pandora novel, Pandora Gets Heart is on sale now!

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    the only time i really like alexis is when she is in a courtroom.  it should be funny as hell to watch Sonny having to depend on her and Diane to save his ass.

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    Hi Jamey,
    When the actors give interviews are they told in advance by TPTB/marketing depts what spoilers they are allowed to release?  Clearly, they are releasing some bits of info.  I’m just wondering if they have loose lips or if this is a more carefully planned activity.  Happy Valentine’s Day too you!

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    Alexis hasn’t proven herself capable of saving HERSELF……much less anyone else. Over ten years of choosing the wrong men, playing the victim and being a topsy turvy MESS hardly qualify her to be able to save ANYONE!!

    Besides, does anyone really believe that Sonny Corinthos will spend more than a day or two–TOPS–behind bars??? Aside from the fact that this character never seems to pay for any of his misdeeds, Guza and Phelps are FAR too obsessed with Sonny Corinthos to put him behind bars for an extended period of time. After all, they seem to put all their effort into writing for Sonny—-while carelessly throwing away other beloved characters like AJ, Alan, Tony, Justus, Maxie, Courtney (I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point!!!).

    Furthermore, while I might enjoy watching Sonny try desperately not to drop the soap while fighting away sexual advances from big guys named "Bubba", I would much rather see him flirting with Olivia, trying to connect with Dante, and trying to convince Michael not to become the next "Don Corleone"……

    Okay, I am a total hypocrite. I love the character of Sonny as much as Guza and Phelps do, so I don’t want to see him behind bars……..but, I do want to see more Diane, and more booze and happy hours between her and Alexis, not that I expect this "legal duo" to get anything done other than crass sexual innuendos and raunchy jokes!!!!

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    I think it’s pretty messed up that Alexis is willingly defending a would-be cop killer. I can understand her not wanting the father of her daughter to go to jail, but it seems that Kristina is more than capable of realizing that her father deserves to go to prison — why can’t the adults around her realize it, too?

    Of course, in a dream would, Sonny would be on trial for the crime he actually committed…

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