DC Exclusive: OLTL’s Farah Fath Previews Custody Battle For Gigi and “Obsessed” Schuyler

The Morasco Fiasco came to an icy end this past week on One Life to Live as Stacy (Crystal Hunt), the little sister from hell, delivered Fish’s (Scott Evans) daughter Sierra Rose before ultimately drowning in a frozen lake. Now the question on everyone’s mind is, with Stacy now turned into a stripper-cicle, can OLTL’s once-star crossed couple, Rex and Gigi (played by real life lovebirds John Paul Lavoisier and Farah Fath) find their way back to one another?

I recently caught up with Fath, at the faboosh party OLTL threw to celebrate moving into their new digs and got the skinny on a possible Rex and Gigi reunion and so much more! I found out what’s next for everyone in Llanview whose lives were ripped apart by Stacy’s lies. I find out who wants to raise Baby Sierra Rose now that the "truth" is out about the baby’s paternity. Does Schuyler (Scott Clifton) even stand a chance with Gigi, since his part in Stacy’s monstrous lies have been revealed? Not to hear Fath tell it. In fact, all Sky has to look forward to from the once and future scrappy waitress is one helluva custody battle, which she previews for Daytime Confidential in this revealing interview.

Daytime Confidential: Now that Stacy’s lies have been revealed, will viewers see Gigi reuniting with Rex?

Farah Fath: If they do it won’t be for a while. She’s very much heartbroken by Schuyler and his lies. Rex is definitely there for her through this situation and you can tell they might want to try to work things out.They have a very open, communicative conversation about their future, which is really healthy. They are very honest with each other about the possibility that they may or may not get back together, because they have so much to work on and they both have to start over and work on their trust issues. So far in the scripts they haven’t even kissed. It’s not like they are jumping back in the saddle together; they’re not. They are rebuilding their friendship, which I think is great.

DC: So then what’s next for Gigi Morasco?

FF: That’s a good question. [Laughs] No more strippers!

DC: And no more blood in bags!

FF: Right! [Laughs] I think we’re going to see her all about her family. She’s wants nothing more in life to be a good mom, though she sometimes gets distracted by her love life. I hope she does win custody of Sierra Rose, because that is her only blood relative, besides Shane. I mean who knows if her parents are alive or not? That’s a subject that might need to be touched on as well. I think for Gigi, 2010 is going to be all about family, being a good mom and rebuilding a connection with Rex.

DC: What’s going to happen to Schuyler now that he’s broken Gigi’s trust? Is there any hope for him and Gigi as a couple?

FF: I don’t think so, not at this point. She doesn’t trust anything he says anymore. She realizes he knew that Rex wasn’t the father before their "I love you’s" were exchanged, before they consummated their relationship. he knew the truth all along and she truly believes that he used this lie to keep her and Rex apart. She can’t believe that he would ever do that.

DC: Will she have time to deal with her breakup with Sky?

FF: She doesn’t have time to dwell on the Schuyler/Gigi breakup, so I like that aspect. She’s just solely focused on getting custody of Sierra, and making sure that her niece is taken care of. She doesn’t trust Schuyler to do so because of everything that’s come to light. So she’s very strong with Schuyler and she doesn’t really shed any tears as far as that goes. She is heartbroken, but the only tears she has been shedding lately are for the baby and the baby’s health.

DC: Speaking of strong women, what is it like working with Erika Slezak, who plays Gigi’s mentor Viki?

FF: It’s really hard for me to explain, because I’ve never met anyone like her. She’s unbelievable. I mean she doesn’t even store her script on set. She’s on point everyday. She doesn’t even have to glance at her lines! I just don’t work like that. I’m scrimmaging through my lines until the countdown. I can’t even fathom how prepared she is and she’s just amazing in every scene. She’s great and the nicest person I know.

DC: Do you have any scenes with Viki coming up?

FF: Not anymore than we have right now.

DC: You’re living at her carriage house; you’d think Gigi would run into Viki more often!

FF: Well, lately its just custody battles, and Viki hasn’t been involved. There’s only one short scene when they are at the hospital and they interact briefly because of Viki’s situation with Jessica, and my situation with Stacy.

DC: So back to this stronger Gigi.

FF: Yes, I really love where she’s at right now she’s much more worried about taking care of her niece and making sure Sierra gets a proper home and a proper parent. She wants to be a mother to Sierra, but she has a lot a work to do as far as that’s concerned legally.

DC: At this point, Gigi doesn’t know Fish is the father?

FF: No she doesn’t.

DC: So with Gigi going to court against Schuyler, will he be a dog about this whole situation? Is he showing he true colors?

FF: Yeah, they go head-to-head. They battle it out, and he’s not backing down. I guess seeing his "baby" makes him realize that he needs to man up. He even has dialogue along the lines of, "I love you Gigi, but I’m going to fight you to the end on this."

DC: Gigi’s not trying to share custody?

FF: She has a couple of weaker moments when she thinks, "Okay, well maybe I should back off a little bit and let Schuyler try this a bit," but then in the next scene she’s like, "No, no I’ve got to stay strong. I know I’m going to be the better parent." She stays focused with the help of Rex.

DC: So Schuyler’s like, "I’m going to take custody"? he doesn’t offer Gigi the chance to be a co-parent either?

FF: He does. They both have moments when they are like, "Maybe we can do this together?" But Gigi’s the one that snaps out of it and realizes, "No wait! You’ve been lying to me for our entire relationship! So no, I’m not going to move in with you. I’m not going to help you raise this baby." Their entire relationship was lies, lies, lies. Schyuler definitely thinks the ideal situation is for Gigi to forgive him and raise the baby together, but Gigi’s not having it.

DC: Do you think Gigi is driven partially by revenge against Schuyler for lying, or do you think she just doesn’t think he’s fit to be a parent?

FF: He’s won’t be a fit parent. She can see his addict tendencies are starting to come out. She realizes now that his current addiction is her. You’ll see when the truth does come out just how obsessed he is with her. I think he’s been fairly good at covering, maybe not so much with Rachel. He kinda lets her know how much he really needs Gigi. It almost gets a little scary how he is with Gigi. You can see how much he’s addicted to Gigi.


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  1. Profile photo of troymcclure

    OLTL is a mess (much like FF’s hair, I wanted sccop on that) 

    They have this big custody storyline going on and there is no mention of Fish whatsoever?  I’m really not that interested in watching Sky and Gigi argue over who should get the baby when that baby belongs to Fish (sorry FF but Gigi shouldn’t raise Sierra, Fish should)

  2. Profile photo of Peaceole

    What a gerat interview! So does this mean that Fish being the baby’s daddy is going to remain a secret? If it goes down to custody that means it must stay hush hush for a while.

  3. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas


    I completely agree!  I don’t wanna see Sky fight for a kid that’s not even his and prolong Fish’s involvement with his baby girl.  He held her so sweetly at the lake…
    I do not want to have to wait forever to see Kish end up with that baby!!

  4. Profile photo of samanthadelayed

    I don’t know, but I am hoping that when Fish sees the custody battle getting nasty that he will step up and admit he is the baby daddy.  I would love to see Kish raise that baby! What a wonderful story that would make!

  5. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I always thought Gigi was a drug to Sky and was really happy that Rachel pointed it out to him as well, I guess they held off on the exploration of that angle until now.
    It’s one of the reasons I don’t like Kim, she enabled and encouraged Stacy (to Rex) and Sky’s(Gigi)  addictions and as Rex asked yesterday what was in it for her? Did she believe that Stacy would end up with Rex, which would make her as crazy as Stacy? And as a friend, did she want her with a man for whom she would always be a consolation prize? I wish Rex had let her jump in that ice hole to die with Stacy, in fact I would have preferred that Stacy live and Kim died. And this is someone who no longer likes Rex and has never liked Gigi.

    As for Fish, I would rather he fight Gigi who could argue that she is the better parent because Sierra Rose is the byproduct of a one night stand and she has the better home life in that Fish lives in that crowded apt. and maybe Kyle’s involvement with Stacy and the blood comes back to haunt them. I don’t see any upside to holding his tongue, at least he should tell Gigi about the possibility and ask for a paternity test, at the very least we should find out blood types, what are the odds Fish and Sky are the same blood type.

    Oh and thank you hair dept. at OLTL for taking the hair out of Gigi’s eyes, that $500 haircut on a $10 an hour waitress makes me crazy everyday but during the storm it was super ridiculous. The fact that her makeup was still letter perfect is another matter.

  6. Profile photo of sunnydays25

    I don’t care what happens anymore to Rex and Gigi…they bore the crap out of me and the actors don’t rank too high in my estimation lately, either. I know they hated the whole Stacy storyline, but they’ve been calling in their performances for months. Or blantantly overacting.

    I do like Schyler, but now they are going to turn him into a stalker/addict mess just to boost the precious Rex and Gigi gruesome twosome.  Neither one of those two dopes should raise Sierra…it should be her father, Fish. Not sure I can stick thru this stupid sl AND the lame one with Jessica and Cris.

  7. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    If Fish can’t even man up and get a paternity test to find out if he is the father, then what makes him fit to raise the baby?

    Nice interview Jillian! That OLTL party must have been fun!

  8. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    Girlfriend needs some extensions. Rihanna can pull off that hair…..FF not so much.

    And I want Gigi to have custudy. Oliver is to much a of coward and Sky is a mess, But why do I have a feeeling Stacy isnt really dead. Ugg!

  9. Profile photo of brie200

    I know people want Fish to have the baby obviously, but if the guy isn’t going to come forward than it’s not the fault of the other characters.  I like Fish and Kish as much as the next person, but it seems like Fish is going to be in deep denial and I can’t blame Gigi, Schuyler or even Rex for not handing over the kid to a daddy who hasn’t even thrown his hat in the ring just yet. 

    As for this custody battle, I’m in wait and see mode.  I like Schuyler.  I generally hate Rex.  I prefer Gigi with Sky, but it’s been a given where the writers were going with this since they had Schuyler keep the truth a secret.   They’ve all made a bunch of dumb mistakes.

    But for the record, I don’t think Schuyler is being trashed for Rex/Gigi.  I get the impression this is a character the show is interested in keeping around and developing.  I think it’s good for the character that they are having him stand up and fight tooth and nail for what he thinks is his kid.  It’s more than what I see Fish doing.

    Plus from everything I’ve heard Scott Clifton say, I think he enjoys playing this part of the storyline more than the white knight stuff.   A lot more for him to sink his teeth into.

  10. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas

    Yeah, I think Rex and Sky are bro’s, too!

    It made me soooo mad today when Fish turned down Kyle on the "secret" paternity test!!  DO IT!!!  That’s YOUR baby and you KNOW it!  Grrrr…..

    I also do NOT believe Stacy is dead.  When the divers didn’t find her body, Kim hung out, left her expensive boots behind and they panned over the PUDDLE(that is one small ass DEEP lake), I told my daughter, "Stacy’s not dead.."

  11. Profile photo of Islandof1

    It sounds like TPTB are not going to rush the Rigi reunion. Those two should have lots of trust issues after the last year. As for Schuyler, he was prepared to leave another man raise his "child" so he could get the girl. I think Gigi should  be wary of him after that. I can see why Scott would be enjoying playing the grays more than the white knight role. With Fish not stepping forward today, I think this might get ineresting.

  12. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Not really watching OLTL much nowadays, but I agree that her hair is lookin’ kinda RIDICULOUS!! I kinda’ get the feeling that she has systematically lost her fashion sense since she started dating JPL…..(hell, he walks around in PAJAMA PANTS!!!!) Enough said!!!

    Some women can pull off the whole "Peter Pan" thing, but I am not sure if FF is one of them…….(awkward chuckle!!)

  13. Profile photo of east.west

    She and her man are lucky I am not Frank. Their arses would’ve been fired last yr. for making a mockery out of my show. I am dissapointed w/them both b/c you can tell w/Farah that she has not been giving it her all and yesterday was proof when she was good. Her storyline sounds promising, but this reeks of getting rewarded for putting up w/a story you were lazy in. JPL is a lost cause now. He needs to go if he is still going to do that.

  14. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas

    Really?  CH was not liked on set?  I haven’t heard that.  I was HOPING she was NOTHING like Stacy.

    I like Gigi when she 1st came on but the writers have ruined her, like everybody else…

    I don’t think JPL helps….
    Still on the fence about Kim.

  15. Profile photo of brie200

    LOL.  Good point on JPL messing with her fashion sense.  There might be some truth to that.

    Honestly, I think FF gets a bad rap.  She’s blunt and direct, but I don’t think that necessarily makes her a bad person.  I also don’t get the impression that she wasn’t trying in terms of acting during the Stacy mess.  To me she’s one of those people that always tries, but sometimes she’s just straight up wrong in her instincts.  She’s a love it or hate it kind of actress, also as a personality.  Always has been.  People were whining about her acting from the day she joined the show (and on DOOL as well).

    I also think Crystal Hunt straight up sucked most of last year and has only started pulling good performances out of her hat since her firing was announced.  What was her excuse?  Sure the writing sucked for her character, but it did for the others as well.

    I’m just not into the whole sainting of poor CH.  Robin Strasser went off on CH in one of her old hotlines and about how hated she was on set, so I’m not sure she’s as wonderful as everyone believes.  But of course she’s LaStrasser so she can say whatever she wants.

  16. Profile photo of brie200

    Well, it’s rumors.  But Strasser went off into a hotline of hers from a few months back and gave a rather obvious "blind" item about an entitled young actress on set that she had to film car scenes with–which would have been the scenes when Dorian and Charlie were trying to kidnap Stacy.  I don’t remember what was exactly said but the actress had a recently broken engagement and also came from money, which could only fit Crystal Hunt. 

    But a bunch of the cast were at her bday party a few weeks back and fans that have met Crystal seem to like her, so who knows.  

  17. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Thanks for the interview, Jillian!
    I love Farah and am not a Gigi/Schuylar fan, but I have to say I don’t think Schuy lied to her through their whole relationship. He’s actually been more truthful to her than Rex or Stacey has of late.
    Oh well, I’m glad to here there’s a big custody storyline coming up. I hope that in the end, Oliver will step up and say he is the baby’s father. I’m glad to hear that Gigi and Rex will work there way back together, but it makes me wonder why they don’t keep Rachael on the show? She would be great paired up with Schuylar!

  18. Profile photo of celticbelle

    [quote=samanthadelayed]I don’t know, but I am hoping that when Fish sees the custody battle getting nasty that he will step up and admit he is the baby daddy.  I would love to see Kish raise that baby! What a wonderful story that would make!

    I TOTALLY AGREE……so it sounds as though Kyle isnt going to tell Oliver that he really is the father after he does that DNA test and thats a shame as they are the one couple who love and trust each other and dont keep secrets……it is obvious that RC is sacrificing Oliver just to prop the re-unification of Rex and Gigi and that makes me very sad……it is utterly ridiculous that Schuylar could take part in a custody battle anyway when a DNA test would exclude him instantly and his history of stealing drugs from the hospital should get him kicked out of medical school……hopefully when the custody battle heats up Kyle will come forward with proof that Oliver is the the baby’s father…..Sierra Rose belongs with Oliver and Kyle….

  19. Profile photo of celticbelle

    [quote=samanthadelayed]I don’t know, but I am hoping that when Fish sees the custody battle getting nasty that he will step up and admit he is the baby daddy.  I would love to see Kish raise that baby! What a wonderful story that would make!



    and although Oliver is in denial now i think he knows in his heart that the baby is his and is just concerned that it would cause problems for her to be raised by a gay parent but with Kyle’s support and encouragement he will eventually reach out to her…….i think that once the custody battle gets nasty. Oliver will realize that Sierra Rose belongs with him and Kyle…GO KISH…..  

  20. Profile photo of jjan

    Must admit once I heard Miss Fath was coming to apart of MY BELOVED show I freeked. Thank god she is, her scenes with her regular acting co’s, rex, shane, Seirra Rose just amazing. 
    Gigi is the gal, I didnt like her giving in to her sister that got ALL the mess started but, she was a mom, her babys life a stake , lost herself over her evil kid sister.
    I’ve also met her the once I went to a OLTL Luncheon Event, shes tiny but just cool.
    Paul is a ham at these events,  funny guy who is as cool.
    Nowers days I cant afford prices of events so I’m just glad for the years I’ve gone  
    5 years in a row.
    Really, some think how stupid but if you watch and you meet them its cool.

    Has anybody else here got to any events? 

  21. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Whatever the case, I hope that Farah Fath manages to somehow GROW as an actress, and perhaps even become HALFWAY decent for a change!! How long has this girl been working on daytime???? You’d think she’s a rookie based on how lackluster many of her performances are.

    Since the show doesn’t seem to want to recast the character of Gigi, WHICH THEY SHOULD, I just hope that Fath finally learns HOW TO ACT through this storyline, which is sure to be emotionally and dramatically charged.

    Seriously, this is the type of story that most actresses would love to sink their teeth into. Why do I get the feeling that Fath is gonna blow it and turn in her usual DISAPPOINTING performances??????

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