Y&R Caption This: Ashley Confronts Adam

Take your best Caption This shot at this scene from today’s The Young and the Restless where Ashley (Eileen Davidson) confronts Adam (Michael Muhney).

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    Heh. I love that one Smitty. To quote Karen Walker: It’s funny because it’s true.   Mine is:
    How much longer is this storyline going to drag out Michael, because it’s giving me a headache!

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    GOYANKEES…..HILARIOUS!! I am not that good at this kinda’ stuff, but I would say….

    I wonder if this piece of HIDEOUS purple cloth can fit around BOTH of your necks!!!! You know what??? I’ll make it work!!!

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    Phyllis is in the storyline because unlike Skankerella and Ashley, she has a brain!!!  Phyllis is in the storyline along with everyone else, but some are only crying and whining about Phyllis!!  why is no one upset that Neil is in the storyline??? or Nick???  and I am sure others will soon be joining in…but we will still only hear Phyllis bashers whining and crying about her! 

    Funny I thought Phyllis was a character on this soap opera??  it isn’t like suddenly Mitch Lawrence appears from OLTL and says "where is my prophecy child Sharon!!! show me the fruit of my loins!!! the new PROPHET!!"  I swear next Phyllis will be blamed for Sonny shooting Dante! and Elizabeth getting knocked up by God knows who, Liberty having Leukemia and Melanie being Carly and Daniel’s daughter and EJ kidnapping Sydney!!! too funny

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    At this juncture in the story, I kind of see why CE left the role. If the gay aspect of the story was germane to the plot, maybe he could have played it. But it was just a ratings stunt that backfired. Also, they have ruined the character and he probably saw the writing on the wall.

    After all this, I hope Aunt Estella has a lawsuit against Ashley Abbott for false imprisonment, false accusations, etc. Ashley, at the very least, owes that woman an apology.

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