Luke Confronts Holden; Carly Goes for Broke on ATWT

Luke (Van Hansis) takes advantage of being alone with Holden (Jon Hensley) to chat with him man to man about Damian’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, the ever-impulsive Carly (Maura West) is ready to spill the beans about Janet (Julie Pinson) to Jack (Michael Park). Check out next week’s As the World Turns promo after the jump.

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    Now that the Mick story line is winding down, I hope it gets better, it was just getting better until this story line started, shows in the ratings, I like Tom he did great but the sucky storyline I did like that we saw Susan, Lisa, Bob and Kim. I sure hope they give better story lines with the vets. Sorry I’m just old school.

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    Actually she normally begins to figure things out before the Oakdale PD does!  I think she was wise to Rick Decker, also the guy who tried to shoot Margo, and a few others.  For a while I thought they’d put her on the Oakdale PD.

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