One Life to Live Spoilers

Here are a few One Life to Live sneak peeks for y’all! Keep reading for a few glimpses into the week of Feb. 22.

Gigi/Schuyler/Rex/Roxy: Gigi is furious at Schuyler for hiding the truth from her and ends up washing her hands of him completely. With a little help from Roxy, Rex helps Gigi through the hard time she’s going through.

Things heat up between Matthew and Danielle. Todd and Tea are none to pleased about Matthew and Danielle’s relationship. Danielle gives Todd a piece of her mind.

Ford makes a play for Langston. Starr can see right through the suspiciously acting Langston.

Mitch: A surprise is in store for Llanview’s resident villain.

A shocked Brody frantically tries to get Jessica remember him.

Bo/Nora/Snoop Dogg: Snoop Dogg returns to Llanview to visit his good friend Bo Buchanan. The D-Oh -Double-G ends up rocking the stage at Capricorn before he leaves Llanview.

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    TV Gord

    I don’t really get what Todd and Téa would have against Matthew, except that they don’t like Nora, but that seems a little silly.  Having mom and dad oppose their daughter’s relationship is a little too boring and predictable in this case.

    Speaking of boring and predictable, this new direction for Jessica is already tiresome.  Couldn’t they have come up with something better than sending her back to her teenage years?  This is Tessica, y’all!  Not Sabrina!

    I’m always glad to see Snoop back on the show.  I look forward to the day that he and David Vickers Fake-chanon find out they are brothers!  LOL!  ;-)

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    TV Gord

    I have a question about the site.  Every now and then, when I Track my messages to see if there are any new comments, in addition to the "new" link which takes me to the latest comments, there may also be the word "update" next to the story headline.  The thing is that I never see any update to the original story.  What am I missing?

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    It’s so…obvious Todd is gonna do his whole ‘there will be no other man before my daughters’.  The ‘new’ Todd is the same ‘old’ Todd, but then again if Todd were to show much growth there wouldn’t be any drama.  Starr and Cole worked because they could play up the whole ‘Romeo/Juliet’ thing.  This time, I don’t know if OLTL would want to go that route again (so soon).

    I hope Mitch’s surprise is Allison Perkins.  Maybe she will reveal that she is Schuyler’s real mother and that Mitch is his father.  Also, Allison was in a lesbian relationship with Dr. Jopplin and that she spirited him away from his crazy biological parents.  Just sayin, as long as Mitch is not receiving messages from ceiling lights anymore. 

    P.S.  Snoop Dogg will add some much needed laughter.  Maybe Vicki and Clint should have him perform at Jessica’s ‘High School Graduation Party’ :) 

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    It’s a little sketchy, but they knew each other from "back in the day", Bo and Snoop have only vaguely mentioned how they know each other, but it’s obvious they are friends!

    Snoop in awesome!

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