Luke's 10 Ways to Fix All My Children

No. 5: Keep Crazy Annie front and center

For the longest time Annie Lavery Chandler (Melissa Claire Egan) was just a bad Greenlee clone, that was until All My Children had her go bat shit crazy. Now she balances the fine line between manipulative, sociopathic trophy wife and insecure young woman searching for love. As a result, Annie has become quite pleasurable to watch. Crazy Annie is  a delicious blend of Arlene Vaughan (Olivia Birkelund) and Janet Dillon (Kate Collins).  AMC would be smart to keep her off her meds for a long, long time.


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All I need to keep me glued to the AMC tube is #4 WITHOUT Leo except as a ghost to bless David and Greenlee's love together! :)

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Okay, now this is a good start. No. 10, 8, 3, & 1 are the best ways 2 get this show back on track if Killer Kryzmine doesnt have them sleeping w/cousins or flashlights upside the head.

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I hope they stick with #4 does anybody like Ryan and Greenlee? I'm asking because I've never met anyone (real or internet wise) who likes them.

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I agree with 80% of what you said, except for the whole part about Bianca being the "heart and soul of Pine Valley"......I think that title belongs to ERICA KANE (Susan Lucci)---at least it has for the past 40+years! And I have always said that Stephanie Gastchet and Shannon Kane (Madison and Natalia) are good ACTRESSES stuck in BAD WRITING!!!

Bringing Dixie back ALIVE would be PERFECT----  just make sure they keep her away from pancakes, motorcycles, Mardi Gras parties and David Hayward!!! And give Liza Colby a REAL storyline that utilizes Jamie Luner's talents. Make her a BITCH again.....Jamie is much more interesting as a bitch than she is "playing nice"....(YAWN!!)

I disagree with keeping Annie front and center. She is quickly becoming boring and formulaic for me. I think that Melissa Egan is a GOOD actress, but she is no Kate Collins (Janet from Another Planet 1.Innocent Robin Mattson (Janet from Another Planet 2.Innocent, Cynthia Watros (Annie Dutton, GH) or Cynthia Preston (Faith Roscoe, GH).. For some reason, I just don't really see Annie Lavery as much more than a CARTOON character, and seeing more of her would make my skin crawl!!

I'd much rather see Robin Christopher as Skye Chandler five days a week than Annie Lavery..........

Absolutely, Kendall should be recast. I can't think of any actresses that I could really see in THAT role, even though I did like Jamey's suggestion of Wendy Moniz (ex-Dinah GL), but I am still not convinced that she is going to be great for THAT role......but I could see her going toe to toe with Rebecca Budig!!!

You forgot to mention giving Adam Chandler his BRAIN back.....he has been awfully stupid lately (marrying Annie (twice!)) and letting her walk him like a German shepherd!!)

You forgot the most VITAL key to getting and KEEPING AMC on track: BAN Chuck Pratt, Megan McTavish, Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown from being able to write the show EVERRRR again!!!! I think they have done enough collective damage, don't you?????

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I am totally with you on about half your list...Love Jack being back for Erica and I would love to see them bring back Dimitri - if not with Nader in the role how about DrakeH in the role? giving Erica a real love triangle.  Love the idea of Greenlee and David...maybe they could try giving Ryan a B story for a change, giving us a bit of a break from Ryan and slowly see if he could work with Madison. Natalia doesnt work for me at all and yes to Angie and Jesse driving story - LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  Also agree re: keeping stories balanced - no to air hogs. Marissa - they should beg Alexa Havins to come back, dye her hair and recast.  Love my Annie and really want to see Scott mend her wounds and help her to find true love.  And yes to Skye coming back to AMC instead of GH - GH needs more Qs but Skye isnt the right one to repopulate with long term.  Let her steal her birth right back from JR.

Where I disagree.  UGGH to a Tad/Dixie rehash and the logical way to bring her back - David stole her away to heal her - was just used.  I may not by JamieL as Liza but I love the chemistry between her and Tad.  I think nuColby is coming along...she isnt great, but most dont start that way.  Its too soon to recast Kendall - and if she wont come back to AMC I want to see Zendall on OLTL.  I dont mind the new character that is the baby daddy to Liza's adopted son (I cant remember his name) but they should have him turn out to be Mateo's son Max or maybe a secret love child of Bobby Warner's - they need to tie him to the canvas in some logical way.

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I agree totally ...mce has star power and kendall is too pivotal to be off screen this long

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I agrree with most of what luke says, with a few exceptions.

It seems as if Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams are in the beginning og a storyline center around them (Thank God) Debbi Morgan has to be one of the greatest actresses in the genre.

I like the  New Colby, I think she is a spitfire,

The Naltalia charcter is boring with Brot, I say dump him

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OK, If they are going to keep Annie then she needs to get a job.  Editrix of Bravo would allow her review the products at Fusion and feud with Erica and Greenlee.

In fact my two suggestion are:

(1) Everyone needs a job and they need to be seen working - I'm talking to you JR and Scott Chandler....

(2) Stories should be told from the woman's point of view.  I think Pratt went wrong by making David and Ryan run story and having the women in their lives react to their actions.  Soaps are most sucessful when the women are the protagonist..

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I agree with the poster who said that the stories need to be told from the female point of view. They also need to get back to writing the women as something other than chickenheads who are clawing at men who aren't worth a damn on their best day. The writers seem to have forgotten who their audience is and seem not to have any respect for us if they do know who we are.
I also disagree with Luke: Bianca hasn't been the heart and soul of PV since she decided that it was okay to have her sisters' husband's child (regardless of the means). She's a disloyal, whiny bratt. I like Eden but the Bianca ship has sailed.
One other thing that must be done is to shuttle Ryan over to the role of a supporting player. He is not believable as a romantic lead and hasn't been since Gillian died. He's just a big, muscle bound bully.
I also disagree about Annie. She's becoming the new Babe: She does idiotic and obviously illegal things, gets away with them and is rewarded. I want her gone.

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   Hell if Alicia Minshew decides not to come back full time..... call me crazy but they could have Annie die or leave and have Kendall suffer a tragic facial injury.... little plastic surgery and now you have Melissa Claire Egan as Kendall.

   Take a page outta OLTL's book (Todd Manning style). MCE already has shown she can go toe to toe with RB's Greenlee.... just a thought!

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I agree with Luke especially about Kendall needing to be in Pine Valley. Erica needs family. Amanda and Greenlee are fine with Minshew gone there is a noticable hole in the cast and the characters of Randi and Madison can't feel the space. Egan is ok but they need Kendall Hell bring back Bianca. I also think Zach needs to comeback either Thorsten needs to really think about commuting or the character needs to be recast. AMC needs more strong male character especially with David Canary leaving. While the character of JR can be like his father I still see a boy, Scott is a tool being lead around by the nose by Annie his father would be ashamed of him, Damon who cares. Tad, Jesse, Jake, Frankie and David are fine but there is a hole.

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A good way to bring Dixie back, would be to cast someone like Hunt Block, as her former lover Kevin I believe was his name. Dixie didn't die, she was in a coma, Kevin came in kidnapped her, Dixie doesn't remember anything have her start to regain part of her memory and reach out to Tad. Build a whole adventure to bring Dixie home featuring Tad, Jesse, Angie, Jake.

Also if Alicia isn't going to come back, I wish we could get the "Real Kendall" back, Sarah Michelle would kill again.

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I agree with everything, especially #7... 

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If number 7 happenes I'd glady return. Why are TPTB so dam subborn.

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I agree with every single suggestion except Colby needing to be recast. I like Natalie Hall in the role.

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I agree with most of Luke's list, however I DISAGREE with bringing back Kendall. Luke, if you remember, Greenlee/RB was on her way to becoming a great stand alone character, also, the Erica and Greenlee rivalry was well under way.

It was the re-introduction of the Kendall character that screwed all this up in 2002. Soon the character of Kendall "ate the show", just as Ryan and Zach eat the show.

Right now AMC has some real opportunities to get Greenlee back on track. Bringing back Kendall would throw a wrench in the works yet again.

AMC has a chance without Zach and Kendall. You can bring them back later on, but right now, the show needs to breathe.


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No. 10: Angie and Jesse Hubbard need to drive stories, not support them

I came back in for them  and am not happy on how they were used two rocking storylines eg the train station and the wedding deal

In the meantime I really like Jake also Amanda.  I'm not a fan of Kendall she just swallowed the show for me but have always liked Zach so I put up with Zendall.  

I hear in the podcast how some of the hosts are accepting Jamie L.  not me    she's just there  I have no feelings about her because I don't think she's right for the role even though they reinvented her...I just accept it as a bad decision and move on There are a lot of AMC characters that  are just not a big deal for me eg Ryan, Greenlee the new Greenlee the old the real or whatever...she's a pet as with all their pet projects I tire of them then they are just there  and I expect to see them in stories/scenes they need not be involved in that could be done with other characters.  If they got rid of Ryan tomorrow I wouldn't care.

I'm a Tad fan (also Crystal) ....Huge Stuart/Adam fan so it will be tough when he goes but...

I am willing to step back in this ABC soap (there are many characters I like) even though I just have had enough of FronsTv.  


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Luke-- I think your points are great! 

I think you are spot on with the Hubbards.  They should be driving their own storylines.  I think their should be alot of revisiting the 20 years they were apart.  Jesse had a family - as did Angie.  Maybe even have Darnell play both Jesse and THE CITY's Jacob (Angie's ex).  Just to revist Angie's past marriage.  I would also bring back Cassandra.  I would have Cass- as the bitchy/devilish Hubbard & play up Natalia as the one always striving for good--- and have these two at odds with each other.  Their feuding would also impact Angie & Jesse's marriage--- as Cass has no ties to Jesse & Natalia has no real ties to Angie.  I am also liking seeing Angie's troubles with the pressures of being cheif of staff.

I kinda like this new Colby-- but she does need to grow as an actress a bit more. 

Ross Chandler-- I think with Adam leaving the show they need to bring on an older business man.  I think the original actor is over 70 now-- so they may want to recast with someone a bit younger.  I would love to see Kin Shriner in the role.  Ross could also be a love interest for Krystal.
Speaking of Krystal-- lets bring back some of her trashy gold digger ways-- and what a great way to do it-- then have her go after the rich new man in town!

ANOTHER LEADING MAN--- with TK gone & DC's upcoming exit there is a void with leading men.  I think Ryan, Tad and Jake are good at the softer light hearted romantic comedy stuff-- but they need a dramatic leading man.  I say bring TED KING to AMC.  Maybe as his role in the City/Loving-- as he would have a connection with Angie & Frankie from living in Manhattan together.  Jamie Luner & Ted King may SIZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Give Liza back her edge--- this soft Liza is starting to get to me.

*** or another route would be to bring on Kamar de Los Reys as a hunky gardner type or someone hired help-- we need to see the diverse class structue that would exisit in a town 

Young blood to legacy families---- HECK yeah.  I think Erica is at her finest when one of her children are on the show.  So if AM wont come back as Kendell then we should have Bianca back.  If Ross came back-- they could bring Julie Chandler back too!  Julie is Ross's adobted daughter-- but her real dad is Mark- Erica's brother.  SO if Binks & Kendall arent there-- having her niece on canvas could fill that void in Erica's life.  Maybe whomever they cast as Julie-- should screen test with Frankie, JR and Jake.

Erica Kane----- this woman needs foes on screen-- so having Greenlee back is great & I hope they could have Julia Barr agre to a recurring status wit the show.  I like the WErica/Brooke feud-- but I also love when these women can get over their issues and help each other deal with life's challenges.  Remember how Brooke gave it to Erica for the way she acted when Bianca came out?  She reminded Erica- no matter what Bianca is still her daughter & she should love her no matter what!    I think Erica is at her best when she is dealing with drama.  So can we give her an adult storyline???  A man is also needed.  Maybe Ross if he came back??  What if Ross was going after Erican (she was playing hard to get) -- but using Krystal as a booty call??  How would Ms Kane feel about that????  And maybe the only person who will know of that Ross has KWAK on the side is Opal-- putting her between two friends.  I am also liking the visit to David & Erica's past!  This trip down memory lane is great-- as I think it will only build on the Greenlee/Erica feud!

David & Greenlee- these two work!!!!  I hope the writers work off of their chemistry!  I would also love to see David & Greenlee start to get comfortable & Anna (GH) shows up and throws a monkey wrench in their happy little home!!!!  David & Anna shared a great love-- plus they suffered the loss of a child together.  Their history although limited on air is rich-- so Greenlee could feel a bit uneasy with a visit from Anna- especially if Anna is shoked that G & D would get togther considering Greenlee was married to Leo.  Anna could play with david's mind- by planting seeds that david is just a cheap subsitute for Greenlee's real love LEO!

Crazy Annie-- is great!  Let's have her stay nuts-- and have Scott be her grounding board.  I like Greenlee screwing with her - to stir up the crazy.  Maybe have Greenlee flirt with Scott-- just to annoy & set off Annie.  I think Scott needs to be developed more as a character.  I also think they should bring on an HIV positive child (a tribute in a way to Cindy)  who he becomes a mentor to--and introduces him or her to Emma and Annie does not like this firendship-- as she shows her uneasiness with her daughter  being friends with this child--- like AJ Quartimane acted back in the day with Stone on GH.

Ryan--- I feel Ryan's best love interest was Gillian.  WOuld she come back???  I also think that Ryan and carmen would have been magic.  And I say that cause I think Ryan is great when he is a bit goofy-- not this hero type.  So Cramen"Sugar" and him would have been so cute & funny.  Or just any woman who isnt the damsel in distress.  He needs a woman unlike the typical female characters on AMC right now. 

Jake & Amanda--- lets move past this baby thing and have them have some romance.  Maybe have Liza & Jake grow closer too-- just to put some friction in the marriage. 

Dixie-- I am torn about this one.  Part of me would love to have her back alive-- but I am over the boring little Dixie that was on for so many years.  What I like is the idea of Tad & Dixie becoming the core family of the show the new version of Ruth & Joe.  I also like the idea of her coming back to free up Liza for another romance.  Jamie is a beautiful woman-- and Tad is looking a bit too old and Mr Rodgers like for this sex kitten! 

Krystal-- they need to have her break away from the Martin clan.  Maybe her and JR having sex after a night of remembering Babe.  They try to keep it from Tad & Marissa-- but it comes out.  Leading to the exit of Marissa-- who sues JR for custody of Little A and Tad throws Krystal out!  And JR should become a true bastard after Marissa leaves town!  An example of Adam at his worst-- a man who is broken.  I dont want to see him as a drunk again.  But show the challenges to stay sober- while dealing with loss-- and his way to overcome it is to bring others down. 

Opal-- let her take over Myrtles store or reopen the Glamorama - where we get to see the women gossiping about each other- like what would happen in real life

CUT THE DEAD WEIGHT: bye bye- Madison, Marissa & Randi should get the boot - as well as some others

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Great list Luke,
But I have to disagree about #9, I think that Natalie Hall fits in nicely as Colby, I also agree about #8  people like Randi, Marissa, Madison, and Damon need to go. Bring back Bianca, Laura, Reggie, Sean, Dani, a Courtlandt, and a Santos.

On #6, totally agree about Erica, I would also say either bring back Jeremy or bring in Drake Hogestyn as Dimitri, give Jack a run for his money.

I agree strongly with the rest of your list especially your top two, the problem with AMC is recent years, besides the bad writing has been that one or two characters have eaten up the airtime and rest of the characters are filler. What made AMC great was that it was all about everybody in PV and that has been missed in recent years.

Also #1, I can't see AM coming back full-time so I agree recast Kendall with the right actress. Though I can't see SMG coming back she and SL didn't get along.

Again great list Luke!!!!!!

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I agree with most of what you said, especially about Angie and Jesse, Erica and getting legacy characters on canvas rather than some of the drips the show has on now. I also agree that they need to keep trying new actresses and characters for Ryan until someone sticks.

I'd also bring back Zach and Kendall and finally write them a storyline that doesn't split them up but puts them back in the community as a strong, loving and powerful couple.

I disagree about Annie and recasting Kendall.

Annie ate a great portion of the show with the Stuart murder and her antics need to be in a more supporting role. Crazy front and center 24/7 and Adam Chandler, of all people in love with it is not a good thing. Hopefully the writers can do something with her that don't make me want to throw my tv out the window every time she's on screen.

I don't get the need to recast Kendall. Alicia Minshew is just on maternity leave. Millions of women have children and return to work, even daytime actresses. She said she'd be back and I'm waiting for her. Alicia Minshew is Kendall and has made the role her own and ABC/AMC is smart to wait for her. Kendall is vital to the canvas in large part due to Alicia's portrayal of her, plus if the show fixes their other character and casting issues maybe people wouldn't notice Kendall's absence so much.

I don't think Kendall not currently on screen is AMC's  biggest and #1 problem, jmo.

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I agree about Jesse & Angie, when will they finally get a story of their own, and not supporting Frankie and his boring wife?

Natalie Hall is perfect as Colby, finally AMC gets a recast right (other than Daniel Kennedy as Petey).

Cady does need to return as Dixie

I definitely agree about Erica, but Greenlee as a rival? Puhleeze, give Erica a real rival like Brooke or even Krystal.

Definitely disagree about Annie and that was one of the major problems with Pratt's AMC. The focus on Annie. She's already emasculated THE Adam Chandler and even Scott. Enough of crazy Annie. Bring back Janet Dillon instead, at least she's entertaining. Annie a mix of those two? Uh on what planet? Annie could only hope to be anything like Arlene or Janet.

Eh I agree about Greenlee and Ryan, but with this show, if Leo returned, he'd be nothing but a Rylee pimper/propper. With Frons around that's exactly what would happen.

AMC does need Skye back with Adam/David Canary leaving. What is her purpose on GH? None

Interesting how Greenlee and Annie as airhogs were ignored for #2. Greenlee was a HUGE airhog in 2007/2008 and even going into 2009. So far she's an airhog as are David and Ryan. I think David's been on for over two weeks straight as have Greenlee and Ryan. Ryan has a vocal fanbase? Since when?

A Kendall recast? Now I've read it all LOL. AM made the character what she is. A recast will flop very badly. The character is popular because of AM, not because of the great writing(LOL). Can you see anyone else in the role having a best selling book in real life as the character? The book was a best seller because of AM.

AMC sucks with recasts, the only recasts they've gotten right are Daniel Kennedy as ex-Petey and Natalie Hall as Colby. Jamie Luner is a prime example of a bad recast as is Adam Mayfield. 

Nuff said....

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 I agree so hard with number ten!! I started watching AMC back in 2001, and the reason I stuck with it was Greenlee. Once I started getting frustrated with the way they used her, I stopped watching. Angie&Jesse coming back is what made me tune in again. And it was amazing.

And then it was ruined, just like everything always is :/

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Everything that  Luke said was fine.  But one thing he didn't mention, and quite frankly I was surprised, is that with the departure of Adam there is a distinct wealth void in Pine Valley.  There has always been power brokers in Pine Valley starting with the Tylers, then the Courtlandts, Chandlers, Merricks and Montgomerys.  I intentionally omitted the Cambias family as they have only been used as plot points and they were the beast that ate Pine Valley.  Now lets look at who from those families are still on the canvas:

Tylers:  No one.  The wealth resides with Jamie Martin who is in Africa.  Brooke is coming back for a bit (hopefully longer).

Courtlandts:  No one.  AMC has yet to decide how to handle James Mitchell's death.  They can bring back Petey, Nina or Bobby Warner any of whom can be a force if written properly.

Chandlers:  Adam's not gone yet.  When he is, there will still be JR, Scott and Colby none of whom are in a position to take on the power broker mantle of Adam Chandler.  There is always room to bring back Skye and Haley.

Merricks:  No one.  The wealth supposedly resides with Maria Santos Grey and her children who are all in California.

Montgomerys:  Jackson and Greenlee.  Although I must say that Jackson has never been written like he had real money and Greenlee acts like a Smythe and not a Montgomery.

AMC needs to bring back  some of the wealth and a lot of the conflict that comes with it.

Oh and yes there is Erica Kane.   I'm not sure how wealthy she should be given her divorces and bad business dealings (how exactly is Fusion in financial dire straits I don't know).


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Luke I agree on some of the things on your list Colby needs to be recasted and Madison needs to go because the character has no ties to any core family she just there and Randi needs tobe recasted as will . Having Bianca back be great but I would fix it so that Binks finds out that Zach isn`t Gabby`s father real father and someone else is and he wants to take her away from Binks.Jesse and Angie need to be front and center not support players ,I think everyone should have a chance to lead in amstoryline then be supporting everyone has chance at front burner storyline .

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Luke I agree on some of the things on your list Colby needs to be recasted and Madison needs to go because the character has no ties to any core family she just there and Randi needs tobe recasted as will . Having Bianca back be great but I would fix it so that Binks finds out that Zach isn`t Gabby`s father real father and someone else is and he wants to take her away from Binks.Jesse and Angie need to be front and center not support players ,I think everyone should have a chance to lead in amstoryline then be supporting everyone has chance at front burner storyline .

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 GREAT list!   
I totally agree with most of it.  Notably, the JESSE and ANGIE portion.  I would love to see Darnell Williams portray the dual roles of Jesse and Jacob, just to see him stretch his acting muscles to differentiate them.  The things is the characters were pretty much the same so that might be why they avoid doing that.  With regard to the Natalia character, I still feel that she was invented because the actress portraying Angie's daughter Cassandra didn't work out.  I'd like to see a recast and have Cassandra come back into the Hubbard's lives, perhaps in conjunction with the dual role I suggest above.  The suggestion of Daphne Duplaix as a recast of Randi is great.
 KANE WOMEN: I have often felt that Greenlee and Kendall were redundant in many ways. The frenemies relationship btw the 2 was the writer's solution to the similarity of the characters.  Greenlee can fill the same role as the leading character of her generation in much the same way.  If Minishew doesn't return, I think Pine Valley can live without the character until the perfect recast is found down the line.  But for now, the character can have a rest for awhile. Let us miss her and then she can return even without Zach.  I would get Bianca back on canvas pronto, however.  Erica needs one of her daughters with her at all times.
OTHERS: I would welcome a permanent return of Dixie and Skye.  Recasting Marissa with Alexa Havins (with a return of Jamie Martin as a recast or the last actor), Drake Hogestyn as Dmitri Marrick is perfect.  And hello?  Josh Duhamel has said he'd return as Leo!  DO IT.

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They need good writers who give us character drive stories FIRST and foremost.  

Send Ryan Lavery over a cliff and keep him GONE.   They have tried for years to give this guy a pairing and nothing works because they have totally ruined this character.  He's not a hero at all so stop making him be one.

Bring back Thorsten Kaye.  IA a show should not revolve around one person but they need a leading man and Zach is part of the Kane family so the ties are there.  Actually I'd like to see someone come from Zach's past and we have a rivalry much like the Adam/Palmer one of years ago.   I'm tired of Zach propping Ryan.

Recast Marissa and Scott or get rid of them altogether.   Both characters/actors are terrible.

Give Jesse and Angie and real story they are too good to be supporting anyone.

Erica/David would be interesting. I also want to see Erica have an adult story like maybe an illness.   Stop making this woman act like she's eighteen.  She has brains so let's see them.  I think Dimitri's returning would add the spice to a David/Erica relationship.  

Sorry but Alicia is Kendall.  Yes everyone can be replaced but it would be too soon to replace her and besides her and TK have amazing chemistry.   I would like to see them given a story that doesn't invovle another person coming between them.  Kendall is a legacy character and she's raising the next generation so her character IS important.

Bianca is no longer the heart of this show (thank you Pratt) and I really don't know where you could take the character.

Stop talking about bringing Dixie back.  SHE'S DEAD.  How many times must she die.   She didn't bring in the ratings the last time she was on.

Let Greenlee leave with Ryan.  Sorry but the actress doesn't live up to the hype.

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I dont see the infatuation with the actress who plays Annie..i think she is a horrible actresss who doesnt have chemistry with anyone! She should have been long gone already.

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I agree with everything you said on this list, Luke. It's great!
I would put remembering core famlies and bringing back legacy characters ahead of recasting Kendall though.