Wishful Casting Poll: Who in the World Can Fill Amanda Setton’s Boots on One Life to Live?

For the first time since I started doing Wishful Castings for Daytime Confidential, I am stumped as to who could possibly fill an exiting actor’s shoes, er boots. Amanda Setton has made such an impression as One Life to Live‘s Kim, that my mind is drawing a blank as to who could readilly take on the role following the talented starlet. Setton, in her mid-twenties, has the chops of actresses at least a decade her senior. If Kim were 10 to 15 years older I would have a handful of names who could quickly assume the role with little problem, names like Wendy Moniz, Tamara Braun or Alicia Minshew, but the sad fact is, there aren’t many actresses in Setton’s age range who could do the role justice. What do you think?

Who in the world can follow Amanda Setton as Kim Andrews?

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Wishful Casting Poll: Who in the World Can Fill Amanda Setton's Boots on One Life to Live?

  • Guiding Light's Marcy Rylan could pull it off with a brunette dye job. (11%, 101 Votes)
  • Forget Rylan, I want her former costar Mandy Bruno! (1%, 14 Votes)
  • As The World Turns' Alexandra Chando has the chops to do Kim justice. (9%, 81 Votes)
  • Speaking of ATWT, what is Jordanna Brewster doing these days? (2%, 15 Votes)
  • How about General Hospital and The Young and the Restless alum Adrienne Leon? (7%, 68 Votes)
  • I'd rather see Lindze Letherman. She proved she could play a sex kitten in Life in General. (5%, 44 Votes)
  • Oh who cares?! I'm glad the newbie is leaving! Bring on more airtime for the vets! (19%, 178 Votes)
  • No one! Setton IS Kim, they shouldn't recast. (36%, 340 Votes)
  • Tammin Sursok held her own with TGVN on Y&R, Clint Buchanan should be a piece of cake! (4%, 40 Votes)
  • I wouldn't mind seeing All My Children's Eden Riegel getting her not-so-imaginary bitch on! (6%, 55 Votes)

Total Voters: 936


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42 Responses

  1. Profile photo of troymcclure

    I would never have thought of Mandy Bruno but now that you mention it, I think she could pull it off.  Mandy Bruno was extremely boring as the good girl but those few times that she got to be a bitch, she shone on GL and I believe she is still in NY.

    Marcy Rylan could do it in her sleep but she’s in L.A and I want her on GH.

  2. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    I am in DENIAL! All I have to say is one of those scenes they’ve filmed had better be of her and Clint having sex so that at some point she can come back with a Buchanan baby.

    Oh and Mary Rylan needs to go to AMC as Colby Chandler…you keep her AWAY from GH troy! LOL AMC needs her more than GH does.

  3. Profile photo of Forever8

     I say Marcy Rylan should be Belle Black Brady on Days. Give back Jason Cook they our not using him on GH. I need my Shawn and Belle back and they can soras Claire to be around eleven or twelve. But I do think Heather Lindell would make a great recast of Kim Andrews Soap_Stud great suggestion. Also I have a couple of ideas for Top 5’s 

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  4. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    Snooki told me to tell you all MTV offered her $10,000 an ep for not acting.

    More than a lot of soap vets. Why in the world would she actually have to work when she’s earning all that? 

  5. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I’ll pay Snooki $15,000 a week if she’ll shaddap and go away.  $20,000 if she’ll take that punkass Bituation with her.

    Of course, that would be in Canadian funds.

    (Economic fail.)

  6. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I’m comfortable in the minority so I say with relish:  good riddance to bad rubbish. She was a middling talent in a poorly written role. Her departure can conclude a dark chapter in OLTL’s illustrious history.

  7. Profile photo of dsrbroadway

    This news just ruined my day.

    Part of what made Amanda so great as Kim was that she didn’t fit the "soap mold" and didn’t play the part as a typical soap vixen. If they did feel the need to recast, and I hope they don’t, they need to go for another out-of-the-box casting choice.

  8. Profile photo of BG

    She is a awesome actress. I agree that her sceness by the lake was a dud. I know the DC crew are having a heart attack, if you criticize anything OLTL.

    I think she made a good choice, the speculation is that OLTL is the next to get cancel this year (I hope this is not true) she probably does not want to go down on a siinking ship. I heard this is why Roger Hiowarth is not coming back, he does not want t go from one cancel soap to another on the chopping block

  9. Profile photo of discodan

     Honestly, I’m still in shock. Waking up at 3 PM only to have my heart ripped out with this news is just not fun, but as far as recasts, I like the Kate Stewart idea. She really played the bitch well. That’s who I would choose if it was necessary, but I personally don’t know if anyone else could play Kimmy better than Amanda Setton.

  10. Profile photo of elbugten

    I don’t think the character of Kim is that integral to the canvas. Sure, I’ll miss the Clint/Kim potential, but I don’t think there’s any need to recast. I’d rather see OLTL use characters like Addie or Roxy more often. If they’re looking for a good bitchy character, may I remind them that Catherine Hickland’s Lindsay is still cooling her heels in jail?

    If they do recast Kim however, the idea of Lindze Letherman coming east and working w/ Scott Clifton again would be fun to see.  I don’t know if LL can play seductress or bitchy, though. I’m trying to picture her w/ Jerry VerDorn as Clint and all I get is creeped out. It’d be like watching Georgie date Alan. Ick!

    I think Day’s Heather Lindell could be great as Kim. She can do bitchy as well as seductress

  11. Profile photo of THEBEST

    I enjoy Amanda Setton & Kim, but the role should not be recast. She’s not that integral to the show. Write her out and work on a Clint/Viki/Charlie/Dorian quad…

  12. Profile photo of Analiza

    I can only imagine how upset the OLTLers who may have been asked to take a pay cut might have been upon hearing that Setton was offered a raise.

    I’ve never cared for Kim as a character (actually she always did kinda remind me of Snooki) and if TPTB thought that keeping a scheming stripper is the mix is going to keep OLTL from going off the air, well, I think (hope) they’re underestimating their audience.  As a long-time viewer, I’d much prefer to see Kim gone and Addie, Roxy, Nigel and David on my screen more. 

    If they must recast, Heather Lindell, Katie Stuart and Adrianne Leon are all fine choices but the idea of seeing Lindze Letherman and Scott Clifton work together again is just too good to ignore.


  13. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Sorry, people….I don’t understand the conniption fit!!!! The show still has plenty of comic relief with Dorian, David Vickers and Mitch Lawrence!! When he’s not being absolutely REPREHENSIBLE (trying to rape his own daughter, fondling dead bodies, UGH!!!) he is actually pretty damn funny!!! I actually have not watched OLTL much lately, and only caught a little bit of Setton’s performances.

     I must admit that most of her scenes were with that HORRIBLE Stacy character, whom I LOATHED, so I was so busy trying not to vomit at how silly and contrived Stacy was to really appreciate her performances, so perhaps I am not qualified to judge, but I just don’t get the big hoopla!!

    When Robin Strasser, Erika Slezak, Hillary B. Smith or Gina Tognoni quit, THAT’S when I will freak out!!!!

  14. Profile photo of ro423

    Let’s age the character of Kim to be played by the one and only JESSICA LECCIA!  The character could then interface with a diversity of age groups.

  15. Profile photo of doctormo77

    [quote=THEBEST]I enjoy Amanda Setton & Kim, but the role should not be recast. She’s not that integral to the show. Write her out and work on a Clint/Viki/Charlie/Dorian quad…

    My thoughts exactly!!

  16. Profile photo of mrsa1107

    To tell you I am disappointed to hear this news is an understatement!  BUT I feel Kim is OLTL newest version of TINA LORD.  Heck she reminds me more of Tina then Flash EVER DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This girl has a presence that is undeniable!  She has a spunk about her that is likeable even when she is behaving badly.  This is a trait that is not always found by all actresses.  I think Alexa H had it when she played Babe– but it was lacking by her recast.  So if they recast– which I think they should– it needs to be by an actress who can pull that off!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was also surpirsed to learn that Amanda is only 25 years old– she has a mature look about her.  Those that are saying dont recast and give more time to Renee and Nigel are kinda in fantasy land.  I say that cause these shows are all trying to give older vets less screen time and fill the air time with younger cast members.  So if they dont recast Kim- they will only bring on a newer character who is in her 20’s who gets the screen time. 

    I have a few ideas of possible recasts:
    I agree with the post who suggested Heather Lindell – as a possible recast.  Her and FF (gigi) have played Friendemies in the past!

    I also think Erin Hershey would work in this role- if she dyed her hair.  Erin looks younger then her actual age.  And she has the ability to be likeable even when she is bad!

    And finally – I think one nice thing about OLTL being one of the only shows filmed in NYC is they have a chance to draw some big Broadway stars to the show.  I think EDEN ESPINOSA of Brooklyn, RENT and WIcked could fit the role well also. 

    It’s too bad that this role is for someone in their late 20’s — cause I’m sure ABC would love to find a way to have Alicia M join OLTL in some way– and she could work in this role too.  BUT she is about 7 years too old!  :( too bad!!!  I would have rather seen her join the cast as Kim then have Kendall come to town! 

  17. Profile photo of snizzle

    I love Amanda Setton in the role and honestly don’t think anyone else can do it justice.   I vote that OLTL at this point should just concentrate on writing for the rest of the cast instead of bringing in any other newbies.  I really wanted to see the Kim/Clint storyline.  Despite her age I think AS could’ve pulled it off.  Not sure if any of the other actresses in this poll could pull it off.

  18. Profile photo of inspiron

    Why does anyone care about this newbie?! I’m more concerned that this show get it together and get some real actors back and front and center…….The current airhogs have plummeted this show’s ratings! Get rid of them and let’s see ES, RSW, RS, SH, GT, KDP, HBS, KA. Bring back Todd, RJ, Hank, Vange, Max, Patrick, Joey, Cassie, Andrew.

  19. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Eden Reigel would never happen.  First of all, she’s too closely associated as Bianca (I refer to my hypothesis that ABC waits at least two years before putting well-known actors into new roles, unless their soap is cancelled, as in Kelly Monaco).  Second, Eden left AMC to go to California.  She’s not going to go to the one NY soap left, when he comfort soap is right in her backyard.

  20. Profile photo of soapaddictmama

     She can’t be re-cast.  She brought an emotionally agility and authenticity to the part that I can’t imagine anyone replacing.  Her acting can be funny one moment, then heartbreaking the next.  No re-cast!  Maybe she’ll return one day for a few weeks once she’s made it big!  I’m so bummed out she’s leaving!

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