Cynthia Watros on House

Cynthia Watros (ex-Annie Dutton, Guiding Light) makes her House debut on April 19 as Wilson’s (Robert Sean Leonard) first ex-wife Sam Carr. Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello has an exclusive first picture.

Photo by PR Photos

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    I LOVE Cynthia Watros!!! If HER version of crazy Annie were on AMC, I would definitely be open to watching her five days a week!!! Glad to see her back on primetime television, since she basically shot herself in the foot a few years ago with that whole "DUI" thing….(not smart, Cynthia, but I still LOVES YA’!!!!) If she were open to returning to daytime (which I am sure she isn’t), I would say to have her be Annie Lavery’s mother, and then torture Erica, Liza and half the town!!! Bring Kim Zimmer to the show and have her torture her character also—for old times sake!!!

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     Like the way you think alstonboy!

     I was wondering the other day why the talented Cynthia Watros hasn’t done anything more lately. Great news! Glad to see Annie Dutton back LOL

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