Dante Takes the Stand on GH

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) takes the stand this week on General Hospital, but will he figure out the truth about Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) secret? Watch this week’s promo after the jump.

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    just finish this story already i like it but now its warm it used to be HOT and then sizzling when sonny shot dante but now its kind of luke warm. i do hope dante finds out the truth that michael killed claudia.Then we will see what he chooses to cover for the father he hates by lyeing on the stand or not care because of all the bad things sonny did in the past and want him to go to jail anyway.

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    Sonny Corinthos in jail???? Spare me. We all know how this will play out…Dante will spend the next few months HATING him, until he performs some GRAND gesture (like saving Lulu’s or Olivia’s life). By Thanksgiving, Dante and Sonny will be watching football and scratching themselves while Olivia and Lulu are in the kitchen washing dishes, thanking God for the wonderful men in their lives……….(cue the sappy music, or in this case, gunshots—THIS IS GH after all)!! This story is completely PREDICTABLE, but it is still intriguing. I love all the actors involved, and most of the characters—with the exception of Lulu!!!

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    you know, i feel bad for Dante. either way he comes out looking bad on one side or the other.

    if he figures out the truth. and lies to protect his brother, and to prevent sonny from going to prison for the one crime he DIDN’T commit, then he looks like a traitor to the policw department.

    if he figures out the truth, and goes ahead as planned, to get sonny off the streets any way, then his whole family hates him even more.

    this guy is screwed no matter which way he goes.

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    My dream scenario –  Dante finds out that Michael killed Claudia and tells the truth on the witness stand.  He also tells the truth that Sonny shot him.  He is an undercover cop who just found out that the man who shot him is his biological father.  He decided to lie about his shooting to gain the trust of his new found family.  Michael has confessed to him and Carly or Sonny fills in the rest of the story.  He gets up on the stand and lays out the entire night of Claudia’s death and the plot to cover it up.  He tells the judge and jury that his brother will be better off if their father goes to prison for shooting a cop and  Michael gets some much needed therapy.  Michael was a minor at the time.  The adults in his life dropped the ball for covering it up.  Jax, Carly, Sam, and Jason are arrested in the courtroom on conspiracy charges.

    I think Carly would get off for the cover up because she wasn’t really in very good condition because she had just given birth.  There may not be any proof that Jason was even there.  Jax might get a slap on the wrist but he wasn’t there and only participated in the cover up after the fact.  Sam, on the other hand, lied in her official statement.  She might face a stronger sentence but the kids involved would be shown that crime doesn’t pay.  Bobbie could take them all in while the adults face charges.

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